144 McMenamins Beers I Have Tried
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77) Ruby’s Sunshine
4.1% ABV • 4 IBU • 
“The beer you’ve been enjoying for the last 30 years just got a little makeover! We’ve taken Ruby and turned it into a lager! For the last 40 days, this little gem has been fermenting away on German lager yeast, awaiting the sunshine to peek it’s little head out. This limited-​edition Ruby release was made in exactly the same way, with exactly the same ingredients, the yeast being the only exception. Try Ruby and Ruby’s Sunshine side-​by-​side! We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”
  1. 1 Aug 2017Mill Creek Brewpub, Mill Creek, WA
    One of six beer flight samples. Unfortunately, I was not pleasantly surprised. It tasted like a slightly-sour fruit punch with some weak beer poured in. Definitely not my style!
143) Pau Hana Gold
5.2% ABV • 5 IBU • 
“Pau Hana, meaning ‘work is finished’ in Hawaiian, is the very first brew to come out of the Kalama Harbor Lodge Brewery now that construction is officially over! This light, balanced Gold is crisp, easy-drinking and perfect for whatever you have planned when the day is done. Or is your adventure just beginning? Whatever your plan, this beer is sure to keep you balanced on the path you travel.”
  1. 30 Jun 2018Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    Not very hoppy .. a bit fruity, but not overly much ... a bit bland ... fairly good but not great ... average.
6) Purple Haze
4.0% ABV • 5 IBU • 
“As a beer named after the most recognizable of Jimi Hendrix tunes, it’s interesting to note that the song’s colorful imagery came to Jimi in a dream. In a 1969 interview, he said ‘I dream a lot and I put a lot of my dreams down as songs.’ Sixteen years later, McMenamins dared to dream and became the first brewery in the U.S. to legally use fruit in the creation of ales. We still craft our flagship Fruit Ales exactly as we first did. We aim to make them light, crisp and refreshingly fruity. Purple Haze, a favorite and often requested recipe for over twenty years now, is brewed using locally malted 2-Row and 42 pounds of Oregon boysenberries in every batch.”
  1. 17 May 2016Rock Creek Tavern, Hillsboro, OR
    It was OK, a bit watery ... what do you expect from such a low-IBU, low-alcohol beer? It was a bit fruity, like it is supposed to be.
3) Ruby Ale
4.0% ABV • 5 IBU • 
“One of our most popular standards, we still make Ruby with the same aims we had when brewing the first batch back in March of 1986: To create an ale light, crisp and refreshingly fruity. Great Western Premium 2-Row and 42 pounds of Oregon-grown and processed raspberry purée is used to craft every colorful batch. Simple but delicious.”
  1. 25 Oct 2015Honors Bar @ Kennedy School, Portland, OR
    It was OK, but not great ... I would not get it again.
  1. 20 Jun 2016Lucky Staehly's Pool Hall @ Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    One of six samples in a beer flight.
  1. 20 Jun 2016Tea House Bar @ Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    Gosh, it was the least bad choice!
107) 50/50 Wheat
4.1% ABV • 8 IBU • 
“50/50 Wheat is made with 50% wheat and 50% 2-Row malt, balanced with a light addition of Northwest Chinook Hops. This is a typical American Wheat ale that’s light in color and body and great with a wedge of any citrus. Here lies a great spring into summer beverage.”
  1. 7 Dec 2017Cedar Hills Pub, Beaverton, OR
    A bit bland ... not bad, but there are better wheats, like Widmer.
141) Black Velvet Hazy CDA
6.5% ABV • 8 IBU • 
“Inspired both by the New England-style IPA and Cascadian Dark Ale, Northeast meets Northwest in this mind-blowingly aromatic and flavorful regional brew-style lovechild. This tasty hop bomb was brewed with four pounds of Simcoe, Citra, Ekuanot and Cascade hops per barrel.”
  1. 1 Jun 2018Little Red Shed @ Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    Not so great ... too much on the sweet and fruity side and not enough hop bitterness ... well, it does say 8 IBU ... I would definitely not get it again.
106) Flurry New England IPA
5.8% ABV • 8 IBU • 
“Hazy, juicy, and excessively dry-hopped, Flurry is Edgefield Brewery’s take on the incredibly popular New England-style IPA. Flurry was made with unmalted wheat and flaked barley to assist with haze formation, dry-hopped with huge amounts of Citra, Simcoe, and Mosaic hops, and the water chemistry was tweaked to lessen bitterness and let hop flavor shine.”
  1. 7 Dec 2017Cedar Hills Pub, Beaverton, OR
    Pretty good ... reminds me of their Sunflower IPA ... the sample was so tasty that I got a whole pint of it ... pretty nice ... I like it! I would definitely get it again.”
132) Flurry New England IPA II
6.8% ABV • 10 IBU • 
Hazy, juicy, and excessively dry-hopped, Flurry is Edgefield Brewery’s take on the New England-style IPA. Flurry was made with unmalted wheat and flaked barley to assist with haze formation, dry-hopped with huge amounts of Citra, Ekuanot, and Idaho 7 hops.”
  1. 21 Apr 2018White Eagle Saloon @ White Eagle Hotel, Portland, OR
    A bit hoppy-fruity, but way, WAY less than the various cans of New England IPAs I bought at John’s Marketplace. I’m not sure I would get it again ... this version has a different recipe than the first one I enjoyed at Cedar Hills the week it reopened.
92) 96 Degrees in the Shade
4.8% ABV • 11 IBU • 
“When it feels like 96 degrees in the shade, cool back with this lightly colored American Wheat. With more body and flavor than your typical domestic lager, this malt-​forward beer hits all the requirements for an ice-​cold thirst-​slayer.”
  1. 10 Aug 2017McMenamins on Monroe, Corvallis, OR
    It’s OK, but a bit bland ... what do you expect for IBU 11? I like Widmer Brothers Hefe MUCH better, or even some other McMenamins wheats, like Farmstead Wheat or Reaper’s Wheat.
66) Reaper’s Wheat
4.9% ABV • 11 IBU • 
“Reaper’s Wheat is an easy-drinking golden colored ale, arriving just in time for the sunshine. Reaper’s Wheat has a soft mouthfeel and malty sweetness. There’s just enough background hop flavor to balance the profile without taking over the show.”
  1. 3 Jun 2017Pat's Corner @ Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, OR
    A pretty good beer ... I would consider having it again in the future.
75) Creekside Cream Ale
4.6% ABV • 12 IBU • 
“Need a refreshment? This cream ale is the color of the sun, shining through thin clouds with a fluffy white head. Enjoy the faint scent of flowers blowing in the breeze as you take a sip of this full-bodied and oh-so-clean brew. Breathe out and repeat. Brewed with lactose and Gambrinus Pilsen malt.”
  1. 15 Jul 2017Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, Hillsboro, OR
    Not so great ... kinda like a Pilsner with a bit of milk flavor added, just like the description says. I would definitely NOT get again, even though it wasn’t terrible.
104) Safeside Wheat
4.2% ABV • 12 IBU • 
“A classic American wheat ale, not cloudy like the more common hefeweizen. This brew is delicous with or without a lemon slice ((I like it without). A barley to wheat ratio of 60%/40% makes this beer a challenge to brew. The gluten that makes wheat great for bread can cause difficulty in the lautering process. The golden ale with its crisp clean finish always leaves you on the safeside.”
  1. 5 Oct 2017Sunnyside Pub, Clackamas, OR
    It’s OK, but fairly bland ... not exactly watery, but bland ... what do you expect for IBU 12? Sometimes in life the safe side is the boring side. At least there is no German yeast banana taste! I would not get this beer again. I like Widmer Brothers Hefe MUCH better, or even some other McMenamins wheats, like Farmstead Wheat or Reaper’s Wheat.
129) The Middle Bell Wheat
4.5% ABV • 12 IBU • 
“The middle bell rings out, bekoning you to sit back and relax, unwind and enjoy a pint.  This light American style wheat beer is the perfect choice for any occasion, a touch of floral hop aroma intertwines with fruit and fresh baked bread. A light body that is easy to drink but not bland, truely a splendid light beer.”
  1. 7 Apr 2018McMenamins on Monroe, Corvallis, OR
    As the description says, it’s definitely light. But contrary to the description, I would say a it’s a bit bland as well. No Wheat beats my favorite Widmer Hefe! It probably wouldn’t be worth getting again.
19) Cerberus Wild Ale
6.2% ABV • 13 IBU • 
“Tart and funky, this three-headed beast is a blend of a mild wheat ale, a Dunkel­weizen, and a Berliner Weisse. All three wheat beers were aged together for four months in a former Hogshead Whiskey barrel from the Edgefield Distillery. It was then in­oc­u­lat­ed with a Belgian yeast, Brettanomyces Bruxellensis, to create a pleasant and earthy tang that pervades this balanced wild ale. The whiskey barrel has its own singular character that’s been home to generations of tasty wild ales over the past three years.”
  1. 16 Jul 2016Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, Hillsboro, OR
    It’s OK ... it’s pretty lemony-sour ... great if you want alcoholic lemon drops!
91) Dave’s Dunkle
4.4% ABV • 13 IBU • 
“We’re taking a break from American Wheat beers to showcase a German-style Wheat. Dunkelweizen literally translates to ‘dark wheat’. This beer has a small amount of dark malt for a touch of color, maintaining its sense of drinkability. Think of this beer as a much gentler, subdued porter.”
  1. 10 Aug 2017Corvallis 3rd Street Pub, Corvallis, OR
    It was OK ... not bad, not great ... slightly bland while citrusy at the same time ... more of a lemon juice citrusy than hop citrusy. I’ve had better, and I’ve had worse. The IBU 13 seems accurate ... I would not get it again.
20) Orange Sunshine
5.1% ABV • 13 IBU • 
“Orange Sunshine is a Kölsch style beer with a small amount of blood orange added after fermentation. This small addition brings a new dimension of flavor and aroma to this classic German style, both increasing the golden color and adding orange flavor with a slight raspberry note in the aroma. This is a refreshing and flavorful brew.”
  1. 16 Jul 2016Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, Hillsboro, OR
    Brewfest sample ... I don’t generally like fruit beers, but it’s OK ... pretty orangey, duh!
16) Black Rabbit Porter
6.0% ABV • 14 IBU • 
“Black Rabbit Porter is a semi-sweet ale with a roasty chocolate malt tone. This ale is defined by it’s toasted nut flavor and a sweeter, softer finish than McMenamins’ Terminator Stout. Named after the elusive black rabbit who roamed freely on the grounds at the Edgefield Manor, this ale has been an Edgefield staple for years.”
  1. 21 Jun 2016Little Red Shed @ Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    Pretty good, not too intense.
  1. 25 Jul 2016Boon's Treasury, Salem, OR
    Got a whole growler full ... half a gallon ... that’s way too much of this beer ... I don’t want to drink this again!
18) Golden Penny
5.2% ABV • 14 IBU • 
“Presenting a crisp German Kolsch with a slight English twist! A gin-soaked oak spiral has been mingling with Penny’s Golden for one and a half fortnights, leaving a very refreshing beer with a unique spice and juniper-fueled dryness. Cascade hops pro­vide flavor and aroma, while the gin and oak infusion provides a “zip, tang, pow!” (highly technical brewing terms) of botanical goodness. This combination of ingredients was inspired by my home-brewing partner’s favorite drink, the gin and tonic.”
  1. 5 Jul 2016McMenamins on Monroe, Corvallis, OR
    Interesting and different beer ... almost like a weak gin and tonic. I guess it tastes pretty much along the lines of the stated ABV and IBU. Not too hoppy, but not much malt taste either ... a bit bland, but I guess that is sometimes the case with a Kölsch.
47) Sleepy Hollow Nut Brown
5.0% ABV • 14 IBU • 
“It’s time to start burning wood in the fireplace to drive the cold from the extremities. It’s also the time of year to savor the soul-​soothing beverage of your choice, and one can’t think of anything better than the McMenamins classic seasonal brew, Sleepy Hollow Nut Brown. This longtime favorite has a chestnut color and medium body that will cast a festive spell over you, and a hint of toffee on the palate will gently warm your bones as an English brown ale should. The complex malt character, well-​balanced with Chinook hops and US Golding hops, will have you walking in a continual reverie.”
  1. 24 Jan 2017John Barleycorns, Tigard, OR
    A nice beer ... similar to my favorite Moose Drool, but somewhat milder. It went great with my meal ... I would order it again.
  1. 11 Feb 2017Ironwork Grill Restaurant @ Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, OR
    It’s still good, but I think I liked the Hard Days Red better.
  1. 28 Feb 2017Power Station Pub @ Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    Probably my last chance to have this until next year ... tasty as usual, went good with my steak sandwich.
  1. 19 May 2017Mall 205 Pub, Portland, OR
    After trying samples of three other beers at the Mall 205 Pub and not particularly liking them, I had this beer for the fourth time in five months. Pretty good, but not one of my favorites.
121) Winter’s Hollow Nut Brown
5.0% ABV • 14 IBU • 
“This familiar seasonal boasts a rich chestnut color and lacy off-white head. The extensive malts provide an aroma of graham crackers and hazelnuts, with flavors of toffee and a slight roastiness. The hops contribute a lightly spicy floral aroma, and balance for the malty sweetness. This easy-drinking English-style Brown Ale has a clean, crisp finish that may create a warm desire to order another.”
  1. 17 Mar 2018Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    Pretty good ... a typical brown, thankfully without much coffee taste ... not sure how this is different from Sleepy Hollow Nut Brown.
62) Chocolate Cream Ale
4.9% ABV • 15 IBU • 
“Is this the beer list or the dessert menu? Sometimes I don’t even know. But, what I do know is that this beer is delicious, smooth and sweet. And with twelve pounds of Ecuadorian cocoa nibs and twenty five pounds of chocolate malt, this beer will make you go cuckoo for cocoa beer.”
  1. 9 May 2017West Linn Pub, West Linn, OR
    Tasted more like coffee (which I don’t like) than chocolate ... I would not want an entire pint of it.
42) Philosopher’s Stone
7.0% ABV • 15 IBU • 
“Legend has it that a great alchemist, or philosopher, once turned lead (or maybe dirt) into gold using a magic crystal. This crystal became known as the Philosopher’s Stone. Many quests were launched to acquire this stone, but it was never recovered. Over the years, the phrase ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ came to mean ‘that which is pursued but never obtained’ or ‘unobtainable perfection’. This particular Philosopher’s Stone is an English Strong Ale, brewed to emulate the beers of the Dark Ages.”
  1. 8 Nov 2016Imbrie Hall @ Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, Hillsboro, OR
    Tried only a small sample (but forgot to take a picture, so I “borrowed” this one) ... OK, but a bit watery ... pretty malty ... too British!
29) Firefly Kölsch
4.6% ABV • 16 IBU • 
“For those who have been fortunate enough to witness the wonder of fireflies, you know that for a few months during summer evenings, this tiny critter can fully capture the imagination. Unfortunately, almost none are found here in the Pacific Northwest ... until now. Both radiate a bright golden glare and both are symbols of summer, with magical qualities that can fascinate and captivate. Firefly Kölsch is a true summer beer. It’s a crisp, thirst-​quenching golden ale made as true to this unique German style as possible. Using only German malts, this beer provides a flavorful, yet surprisingly subtle malt profile. Tettnanger hops impart a distinct, yet extremely smooth hop character. Collect Firefly Kölsch in a jar, glass, pint or pitcher and add a little brightness and magic to your summer evening.”
  1. 8 Aug 2016East 19th Street Café, Eugene, OR
    Slightly watery, but pretty good for IBU 16 ... the Confessional Kölsch is much better.
5) Haymaker Gold
5.0% ABV • 16 IBU • 
“A bright, crisp golden ale named after a piece of farm machinery once used on the Imbrie property. Enjoy the rich, nutty and toasty flavor and aroma profile of the malt, hidden beneath Cascade hops with grapefruit being the noticeable fragrance.”
  1. 17 May 2016Imbrie Hall @ Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, Hillsboro, OR
    It was good ... I would try it again!
43) Kind Sister Wheat
4.0% ABV • 16 IBU • 
“American Wheat beer is a totally different product than the traditional German Wheat brew. The main difference is that we use a traditional ale yeast, where our German friends use special strains that leave banana and clove flavors in the finished beer. This version is a clean, crisp, refreshing beer that pairs well with a slice of citrus. This brew is named after my kind sisters, both here in Oregon and those further away.”
  1. 9 Dec 2016Corvallis 3rd Street Pub, Corvallis, OR
    Pretty good ... light and refreshing without being watery. But I like Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen better. Thank goodness it’s not a German wheat beer ... NO bananas!!! Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture, so I “borrowed” this one.
128) Kieran’s Red
4.3% ABV • 17 IBU • 
“This is a traditional Irish Red Ale made with an Irish Ale yeast. A gentle hop bitterness combines with the sweetness of British pale malt to deliver a balanced sessionable brew. Crystal malts were expensive for Irish brewers to use, so the color and roast flavors are derived from small additions of roasted grains. Here’s to hoping the luck of the Irish is with you. Slainte!”
  1. 7 Apr 2018Corvallis 3rd Street Pub, Corvallis, OR
    Sweeter and way less hoppy (so it seems weak and watery) than my favorite NW Reds: Laurelwood Free Range Red and Lompoc Proletariat Red. I guess that’s why they called it a traditional Irish Red. It’s not horrible, but I don’t think I would get it again.
135) Spring Away Lager
5.2% ABV • 17 IBU • 
“Our summer is only one spring away! This German-style lager has a pleasant honey-​like sweetness up front, balanced with a dry and crisp finish. With every sip, close your eyes and smell the air, infused with green meadows and wildflowers, thirsty for the sunshine. With every sip, summer is getting closer. So don’t be shy. Wish for it and enjoy every pint of this delicious brew. Prost!”
  1. 7 May 2018Cloud Bar @ Kalama Harbor Lodge, Kalama, WA
    This one is a bit floral like Pakalolo Pale Ale, but I liked it better ... I would probably get it again.
21) Summertime Dark Farmhouse Ale
6.5% ABV • 17 IBU • 
“A dark ale, light in body, smooth in taste. A balanced ale made with organic malts and hops, keg-conditioned with honey.”
  1. 16 Jul 2016Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, Hillsboro, OR
    OK, but I wouldn’t get it again... maybe a bit too hoppy, even though it has a low IBU. Good thing I had a pulled-pork sandwich and chips to help it along!
95) Giving Up the Ghost Wizenbock
6.5% ABV • 18 IBU • 
“For multiple generations, our yeast works to make the great beer made here at Anderson School. But eventually, every yeast chain comes to an end. So let’s celebrate this little yeast strain that’s been making our ‘Fields of Gold’ Hefeweizen all summer long. Giving up the Ghost is a Weizenbock, or strong Hefeweizen, chock full of banana and clove aromatics. A light and fruity flavor balances out the hearty body of this traditional Bavarian Weizen. So, enjoy and let this beer warm your bones as we enter the colder months.”
  1. 12 Aug 2017New Tourist Bar @ Olympic Club Hotel, Centralia, WA
    Definitely a German weizen ... distinct banana flavor! Bah! I for sure would NOT get it again!
7) Pole Ax (high gravity)
7.5% ABV • 18 IBU • 
“ This is an old-school recipe brewed up for a long standing tradition! This big Amber Ale is full of great malt character and balanced out by a Cascade Hop profile. True to its name, it is strong and ready for consumption!”
  1. 23 May 2016Boon's Treasury, Salem, OR
    For the type of beer it is, it was good!
86) Bob Loblaw’s Blonde
4.6% ABV • 19 IBU • 
“This beer has no time for double-​talk and gets that inspiration from Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog: a stalwart source for judicial musings. In that vein, this brew is simple, but has a strong personality. This light blonde ale has a remarkable maltiness, from rolled oats and Vienna malt, that balances well with a refreshing hop finish. It might just be the perfect summertime beer.”
  1. 2 Aug 2017Queen Anne, Seattle, WA
    One of six beer flight samples. Kind of like a pilsner, on the boarder of watery, but not quite ... I like it, but I probably wouldn’t get again ... a bit too weak.
58) Scot’s Harp Scottish Export 80
5.2% ABV • 19 IBU • 
“This Scottish-style session ale maintains a malt complex all its own. Semi-sweet tones meld with notes of baked bread. The hops add just the right balance to the overall performance. A dry finish and a low hop bitterness come through at the end of this melodious quaff. This is definitely an easy-drinking beer for 80 shillings!”
  1. 6 May 2017Fireside Bar @ Old St Francis School, Bend, OR
    This was pretty good, I suppose I would get it again. I ordered it at the Fireside Bar but drank it at O’Kanes Bar at the other end of the property because O’Kanes has a very limited tap selection. This beer went great with the stuffed bacon wrapped jalapeños I enjoyed on the O’Kanes patio.
60) Boysenberry Semi-Sweet Tart
5.6% ABV • 20 IBU • 
“An old favorite has finally returned, and better late than never I always say. As the cousin to the popular Purple Haze, this tart beer will have you begging for more. With a nice, subtle tartness and a clean fruit flavor, it’s the perfect pick for an almost summer day. All you’re missing now is a catchy haiku, like ‘Boysenberry tart / Refreshing beer with some fruit / Now I’m good to go.’”
  1. 9 May 2017West Linn Pub, West Linn, OR
    A so-so beer ... a bit bland, like the other McMenamins fruit beers ... I would not want an entire pint of it.
  1. 19 May 2017Mall 205 Pub, Portland, OR
    I forgot that I had already tried a sample ten days previously. It is not bad ... maybe the best McMenamins fruit beer, but I still wouldn’t want a whole pint.
113) Feel Good Country Lager
4.3% ABV • 20 IBU • 
“Named for one of the Crystal Brewers' favorite sub-sub-genres, Feel Good Country Lager is a crisp and light-bodied beer meant to help you make memories at the Crystal Ballroom. Memories like that time you met your future sweetheart working in the cornfields, or the time you took that old truck for its last drive, or listening to your grandpa’s stories, or strawberry wine...”
  1. 3 Mar 2018Ironwork Grill Restaurant @ Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, OR
    A good lager ... not watery ... enough hops to make it tasty ... I would get it again. This is what a lager should be ... not like that American Budwiser, Coors, etc. crap!
68) Guld Chainz
9.4% ABV • 20 IBU • 
“The Crystal Ballroom Brewery brings you a light-bodied, floral and complex Belgian Strong Golden Ale. With the power of a Strong Ale, the fruity and spicy aromas from Belgian yeast, and the soft, subtle texture of Pilsen malt, you’ll be flossin’ with a glass of this liquid gold at your side.”
  1. 6 Jun 2017Ringlers Pub @ Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR
    Yes, seemed pretty Belgian, like other Belgian-​style beers I have tried before. I didn’t like it very much ... it was floral and fruity just like the description said. The waiter told me that because of the high alcohol content, this beer would be served in a snifter. No matter, I wouldn’t drink this beer in any kind of glass!
134) It’s a Brown Ale
5.2% ABV • 20 IBU • 
“Hey. You like Browns? I got a Brown. It’s tasty. It’s rich, decadent and bone warming for cold spring days. It has a touch of lactose that contributes a candy bar sweetness and a light citrus flavor from the Norwegian yeast that we used. Give it a try. Don’t say we never gave you nothing.”
  1. 7 May 2018Cloud Bar @ Kalama Harbor Lodge, Kalama, WA
    Pretty much along the lines of other brown ales I’ve had ... too much coffee taste for me.
17) Nebraska Bitter
4.5% ABV • 20 IBU • 
“This golden bitter uses fresh Cascade hops in modest amounts to create a more subtle hop flavor and bitterness than its big brother, Hammerhead. It’s named after Southwest Nebraska Street in Portland, where the Fulton Pub and Brewery is located and where it was first brewed. This crisp and flavorful ale has become a standard attraction at McMenamins taps everywhere.”
  1. 28 Jun 2016Greenway Pub, Tigard, OR
    Pretty good, I need to try it again ... the pool game was distracting my taste buds!
  1. 5 Jul 2016Corvallis 3rd Street Pub, Corvallis, OR
    Pretty good, perhaps just slightly bland ... maybe I like stronger beers after all! I don't know why it’s called Bitter, because there doesn’t seem to be anything bitter about it.
89) Midnight Porter
4.9% ABV • 21 IBU • 
“Rich notes of cola, vanilla, and chocolate swirl together in this dry Robust Porter. Each sip fades to a dry, chewy finish with a lingering roasted malt character. Midnight Wheat ensures a deceptively drinkable dark ale with a rich, creamy head on every pint. Grab a glass and immerse yourself in a world of rich, malty goodness with Midnight Porter.”
  1. 9 Aug 2017Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    Tastes like a typical porter ... pretty coffee-like ... not my cup of tea!
140) Sunny Day Golden Ale
4.8% ABV • 21 IBU • 
“This golden ale uses Horizon hops to add a mild bitterness to the beer. Then we added small amounts of Centennial hops throughout the boil to bring out small hints of spice and citrus, and the addition of Crystal 15 Malt provides a beautiful golden color. Whether it’s winter or summer, you’ll have a sunny day in your pint no matter what.”
  1. 17 May 2018Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    It’s OK, but a bit bland. After a few more sips, I suppose it’s OK, but there are better beers to get instead.
65) Super Ligero Mexican Lager
4.8% ABV • 21 IBU • 
“Dreaming of sandy beaches and blue skies? This may not actually deliver you to Mexico but it’s pretty darn close. This dark Mexican lager is light (ligero), crisp and the perfect refresher on a hot, sunny day. It has a solid, malty base and a light hop kick to round everything out. Salud!”
  1. 26 May 2017St. Johns Theater and Pub, Portland, OR
    Darker than I thought it would be ... pretty good, pretty dry ... a decent taste, but I don’t think I would get again.
9) Bagdad Ale
5.0% ABV • 22 IBU • 
“Bagdad Ale is a benchmark beer for McMenamins. Inspired by the Pilsner style, our Bagdad Ale is one for the lager lovers. Its fine hop aroma and quick, light finish makes this a good ale for hot weather. It has become a favorite at McMenamins Bagdad Theater in Portland.”
  1. 6 Jun 2016Tavern & Pool, Portland, OR
    Was kinda weak and watery ... don’t think I would get it again.
122) Foggy Dew Irish-Style Lager
5.6% ABV • 22 IBU • 
“A few McMenamins brewers found themselves working away to a traditional Irish tune, dreaming of Black and Tans. Inspired by the sounds of fiddle and fife, they crafted Foggy Dew — a crisp, straw-colored lager that’s balanced, but low in hop bitterness. Whether this beer finds you for St. Patrick’s Day or any day, we hope the wind is always at your back and may the sun shine warm upon your face.”
  1. 17 Mar 2018Undercroft Bar @ Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    Bought this limited-release can to try at home. Since they didn’t have it on tap I didn’t know what it tasted like, so I got only one can. It was not so great ... somewhat bland, and for sure too sweet. Good thing I didn’t buy the four-pack! There are much better lagers, like HUB Lager, one of my overall favorite beers.
70) Hawthorne Kölsch
5.0% ABV • 22 IBU • 
“This light, summery ale is a perfect blend of soft malt and a touch of spicy hop character. A light, bready flavor leads into a smooth, crisp finish. Have a pint and enjoy this classic German-style beer!”
  1. 17 Jun 2017Bagdad Theater Pub @ Bagdad Theater, Portland, OR
    A pretty nice Kölsch ... has a good taste ... I would get it again!
  1. 21 Jun 2017Loading Dock Grill @ Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    Not sure if I liked it as much the second time. The first sip or two was a bit off, but then it was fine as I kept going.
38) Monroe Oktoberfest
5.8% ABV • 22 IBU • 
“Traditionally, Oktoberfest beers are brewed in the spring and cellared until the fall harvest festivals. This version was fer­ment­ed with a Kölsch yeast for three weeks at 58 degrees. Most ales ferment closer to 70 degrees and for a shorter period of time. Copious amounts of Vienna and Munich malts provide the rich malt aroma. The balance is malt-forward with a moderate hop bitterness.”
  1. 8 Oct 2016Corvallis 3rd Street Pub, Corvallis, OR
    Pretty good, not bland, not too hoppy ... I would have again next Oktoberfest.
131) White Eagle Polish Pilsner
5.6% ABV • 22 IBU • 
“White Eagle Polish Pilsner is a clean, light-bodied lager that’s loaded with great hop aroma. The grassy, spicy hop resins from Sterling and Golding hops shine through the Pilsner malt while the Bohemian Lager yeast used in fermentation contributes a clean ester profile. Enjoy this honorary brew, made to celebrate the White Eagle Saloon and the Polish heritage in it’s history.”
  1. 21 Apr 2018White Eagle Saloon @ White Eagle Hotel, Portland, OR
    Pretty good ... it has a taste I can’t quite place ... maybe it’s those grassy hops ... I would get it again, especially with another Polish Kielbasa sausage!
85) World Wide Wheat
4.8% ABV • 22 IBU • 
“WWW is an American Wheat beer with a focus on balance. It balances 2-Row with wheat, and a small dose of hops to keep it intriguing. It’s sessionable and thirst quenching. The hops used are American varieties and provide subtle, refreshing grapefruit and citrus flavors and aroma, all without any bitterness.”
  1. 2 Aug 2017Six Arms, Seattle, WA
    It’s not bad ... fairly good, even though it has more of a citrus taste than most wheat beers. But I definitely like Widmer Brothers Hefe better.
  1. 2 Aug 2017Queen Anne, Seattle, WA
    One of six beer flight samples. I needed another beer to make up the six, and it tasted fairly good an hour before, so I got it again.
136) Corn Fed Common (nitro)
5.5% ABV • 23 IBU • 
“A hefty addition of flaked corn adds a slight hint of sweetness to this Old World hybrid of ale and lager.”
  1. 7 May 2018Kalama Harbor Lodge Pub @ Kalama Harbor Lodge, Kalama, WA
    Nitro smooth, but a bit on the sweet side, and a bit watery/weak due to less hops. I probably wouldn’t get again ... however, a bland beer was a great counterbalance to the fairly spicy meal.
41) Farmstead Wheat
5.2% ABV • 23 IBU • 
“This crisp, easy-​drinking American Wheat beer is comprised of fifty percent malted wheat that’s rounded out with Pilsen and Vienna malts. Generous flavor and aroma additions of citrusy hops give this beer a bright nose with flavors of fruit and bread.”
  1. 8 Nov 2016Imbrie Hall @ Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, Hillsboro, OR
    Good! Nice! Very nice! Would definitely get this again!
  1. 9 May 2017Oregon City Pub, Oregon City, OR
    Nothing else on the tap list seemed interesting, and my notes reminded me that this was a good beer, so I enjoyed it a second time. I like it!
  1. 15 Jul 2017Imbrie Hall @ Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, Hillsboro, OR
    Third time was delicious as well ... a good way to start the Brewfest!
110) Longest Night of the Year 2017
10.7% ABV • 23 IBU • 
“Longest Night of the Year 2017 Barrel-Aged Barleywine Ale. Crafted by the Edgefield Brewery, this beer celebrates its name­sake: the longest night of the year, or winter solstice. After aging in Hogshead Whiskey barrels, this beer is a true example of a classic, barrel-aged English Barleywine. Already a formidable ale in its own right, it has matured into a flavorful, complex behemoth. It offers flavors of toffee, caramel, and a warming alcohol character that’s been rounded and accentuated by notes of raisin, vanilla, and oak from its aging.”
  1. 21 Dec 2017Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    I bought this 500ml bottle at the Edgefield Gift Shop on the 2017 winter solstice, and saved it for New Year’s Eve, ten days later. It was pretty bad ... it tasted like barley malt syrup mixed with wine and a touch of whiskey ... quite sweet ... it reminded me of cough syrup. I will absolutely never get this, or anything similar, ever again!
57) Wildflower Wheat
5.0% ABV • 23 IBU • 
“This American Wheat ale has all the basics for a great tasting wheat beer. Clean crisp body and a mellow hop flavor with a touch of malt chewiness. To put a unique twist on this beer we added wild chamomile flowers to enhance the flowery aromatics and herbal flavor. This enhances the overall mellow sensation that a wheat beer can be about. A wonderful combination to a sipping wheat beer!”
  1. 6 May 2017Fireside Bar @ Old St Francis School, Bend, OR
    This was pretty good, with a nice floral flavor, as the description said. It was definitely my first chamomile beer! I would get it again.
112) Crystal Hammer #2
5.8% ABV • 24 IBU • 
“We’re constantly looking at our beer recipes to ensure that we’re making the tastiest brews possible. The Crystal Hammerhead is an example of this examination. This beer will be a work in progress, changing slightly each time we brew it. We want you to be a part of this exciting process! Feel free to fill out a comment card or find us on Untappd.”
  1. 3 Mar 2018Ironwork Grill Restaurant @ Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, OR
    Pretty good ... similar to Hammerhead, but perhaps a bit less hoppy, at least up front ... somewhat more hoppy finish. I would get it again.
101) Eazy Brii-zy Kölsch
5.0% ABV • 24 IBU • 
“Kennedy School Courtyard manager Brii loves a good Kölsch, so she was thrilled when we told her she could name the next Kölsch! We brewed up this summertime thirst quencher using only German malts, yeast and noble hops. The result is an easy-​drinking ale with a nice tangy finish. Prost!”
  1. 15 Aug 2017Courtyard Restaurant @ Kennedy School, Portland, OR
    The color is a pretty, light, translucent yellow. As the description says, there is a bit of a tang finish. It’s fairly good ... pretty good ... tasty but not strong. There are probably other Kölsch I like better — such as Confessional Kölsch and Occidental Kölsch and Ordnance Kölsch — but this isn’t bad. I liked this one better than the Ships Ahoy Wheat that I had 90 minutes before.
108) Golden Autumn Wheat
4.8% ABV • 24 IBU • 
“This American Wheat ale uses 2-Row and pale wheat to provide a golden color and haze to the beer, almost like that of a German Hefeweizen. These malts provide a light malty flavor with a bit of sweetness. It was brewed with Chinook, Sterling and Tettnanger hops to provide a slightly citrusy hop flavor. Fall is in the air, and what better way to enjoy the leaves falling than with a crisp fall beer?”
  1. 7 Dec 2017Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    OK, but not great ... a bit watery ... would probably not get it again. There are better wheats, like Widmer.
80) Tzigane Pilsner
4.9% ABV • 24 IBU • 
“Tzigane Pilsner (pronounced si-gahn ) is the very first lager to be brewed at Mill Creek, and it was made with traditional German malts and a wonderful mix of two different types of European Pilsner yeast. The name of this beer is derived from the Hungarian word meaning gypsy, in honor of the nomadic work schedules that so many of our staff members have. Whether it’s summer shifts on the coast, daily deliveries up and down the interstate, or that random trip to our northern-​most outpost to brew a batch of beer, we‘re always moving to keep the machine running.”
  1. 1 Aug 2017Mill Creek Brewpub, Mill Creek, WA
    One of six beer flight samples. Not so great after Liberal Conservative SMaSH Lager ... a bit of that German wheat yeast taste.
55) Raging Leprechaun Irish Red
6.5% ABV • 25 IBU • 
“Just in time for St. Patty’s Day, this malt-​forward ale displays notes of biscuit, caramel, toffee and a hint of rum raisin before fading to a dry, crisp finish. Behind this rich malty foreground dances the faint notes of Goldings hops, while a robust white head hides a radiant amber-colored body below. Thanks to the use of brewing salts, Raging Leprechaun Red uses the same brewing water as Dublin, Ireland to simulate the authentic taste of a true Irish ale! Sure to calm even the angriest imp, expect this malty easy-drinking delight to pair well with any variety of savory Irish dishes.”
  1. 22 Apr 2017Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    With the way it is described and how it tastes, this seems closer to a porter than other red ales I have had. It was OK, but not great ... I don’t think I would order it again. There are better red ales, and better porters.
37) Blue Rider Pale (on nitro)
5.3% ABV • 26 IBU • 
“Blue Rider is pale ale very similar to Hammerhead with a few adjustments to make it the perfect pint off of the nitro tap. Flaked oats were added to give the beer nice body and a creamy head. To complement the mouthfeel, we added layers of toffee- and biscuit-​flavored malts and a bunch of late-​addition Cascade Hops, resulting in a simple, silky pale ale with more malt flavor than hop bite.”
  1. 15 Sep 2016Murray & Allen Pub, Beaverton, OR
    The beer wasn’t that great ... it wasn’t anything like Hammerhead ... I definitely wouldn’t get it again ... I should have gotten the blackberry cider!
71) Jam Session ISA
4.8% ABV • 26 IBU • 
“Summer is in full swing and its song plays the soundtrack to a beautiful season. In an inspired effort to add our instrument to the collaboration, we produced Jam Session ISA: a light, easy-drinking beer that embodies the spirit of summer. Being an India style, expect our quartet of hops to be the front man of this band, providing strong floral and pine riffs with a beat of citrus. A majority of the hops are added in late additions, which provides full flavors and aromas without the bittering astringency. Whether you’re a hard-rockin’ IPA drinker or a classic golden ale fan, you’ll find the essence and song of the season in every pint.”
  1. 1 Jul 2017Market Street Pub, Portland, OR
    Because it was the beer of the week in honor of Oregon Craft Beer Month, it had a reduced price and a special Passport stamp. Beer was pretty good, a bit citrusy and hoppy but not too bad. It reminds me of Sunflower IPA. I would possibly get it again if there was no better choice.
  1. 8 Jul 2017Black Rabbit Restaurant and Bar @ Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    It was the last day of being beer of the week, so I decided to get it again, at the reduced price.
63) Sgt. Pepper’s Porter
5.6% ABV • 26 IBU • 
“About twenty days ago today, a beer was brewed that guarantees to raise a smile. So may I introduce to you a deliciously light, coffee-​toned porter with slight hints of chocolate and smoke. So sit back, enjoy a pint, and let the evening go. Just remember, it’s wonderful to drink it. It’s certainly a thrill. It’s such a lovely porter beer, I’d like to take it home with me. Fill a growler and take it home.”
  1. 19 May 2017Mall 205 Pub, Portland, OR
    Almost like a stout ... too much of a coffee taste ... yuck!
51) Sin Nombre Lager
5.0% ABV • 27 IBU • 
“A clean palate of slightly bready notes with an easy-going outlook fill this no name lager. It’s time for the spring window to keep opening up on Oregon and as it does, we can start enjoying the light, easy-drinking beer styles.”
  1. 14 Mar 2017Thompson Brewery and Public House, Salem, OR
    Tasted like a good Pilsner ... flavorful without being too hoppy, and not watery or weak. I would get it again.
35) Vanilla Terminator
5.8% ABV • 27 IBU • 
“We’ve added real Madagascan vanilla beans to a batch of Terminator Stout and put it on a nitro tap to create a whole new creamy, liquid dessert experience!”
  1. 8 Sep 2016Chapel Pub, Portland, OR
    Tried a sample (but forgot to take a picture, so I “borrowed” this one) ... too ‘special’! Yuck!
90) Vulcan IPA
6.1% ABV • 27 IBU • 
“The brother to Romulan, Vulcan IPA presents a similar yet different profile to your usual IPA. With a lovely light body, it contains just two malt styles and one hop variety. Mosaic hops were used throughout the boil and to dry-hop in tank, and their unique flavor profile delights the palate in what is a very balanced IPA.”
  1. 9 Aug 2017Boon's Treasury, Salem, OR
    Not the most tasty IPA I’ve had ... I like Sunflower IPA much better. As the description says, it’s different from a normal IPA ... perhaps it’s more floral than citrusy. I love the Vulcan name, but would not order it again.
32) Confessional Kölsch
5.3% ABV • 28 IBU • 
“Brewed in honor of the Old Church’s birthday, Confessional Kölsch boasts a light malt body, a mild hop spice and dry grainy finish. Great by itself or paired with your favorite entrée or appetizer, this light refreshing ale is a great alternative for those seeking the light color of a domestic lager with the flavor and richness of a craft brew. It’s not a sin to like something light, so go ahead and confess your love of thirst-​quenching and crisp beer with a pint of Confessional Kölsch!”
  1. 12 Aug 2016Undercroft Bar @ Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    Really good ... nice taste, and not watery at all. It was so good that I got a whole growler for a special birthday (theirs, not mine!) price of $8.
  1. 11 Oct 2016Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    Second time confirms that it’s a winner!
  1. 17 Mar 2017Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    Third time is delicious as usual!
27) Lizbie Browne (nitro)
5.1% ABV • 28 IBU • 
“This light English-​style Brown Ale pours on the nitro tap and tastes smooth and nutty. Don’t hesitate to order a pint now before the opportunity passes you by! ‘But Lizbie Browne, I let you slip; shaped not a sign; touched never your lip with lip of mine, lost Lizbie Browne. So, Lizbie Browne, when on a day men speak of me as not, you’ll say, “And who was he?” Yes Lizbie Browne!’”
  1. 1 Aug 2016Hillsdale Brewery and Public House, Portland, OR
    OK, but a bit on the watery side (28 IBU) ... I don’t think I would have it again.
1) Stephen Weizen
5.5% ABV • 28 IBU • 
“The part that makes this ale so unique is the yeast. The strain used is called Weihenstephan (one of the oldest yeast strains in the world). It produces flavors that include spicy clove and fresh banana. This weizen has medium body but suspended yeast may increase the perception of body. The texture of wheat imparts the sensation of a fluffy, creamy fullness that may progress to a light, spritzy finish aided by high carbonation. This style is always effervescent and always satisfying.”
  1. 22 Sep 2015Ringlers Pub @ Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR
    Pretty good ... went well with the pretzel sticks and cheddar fondue.
97) Vanport Gold
4.6% ABV • 28 IBU • 
“Between Portland and Vancouver was a small city called Vanport, once the second largest city in Oregon. Part of the dike on the Columbia River broke and flooded the entire city in 1948. This golden ale remembers the fallen city with a bready sweetness and full mouthfeel. Centennial hops add a slightly fruity flavor to this tribute brew.”
  1. 15 Aug 2017McMenamins on the Columbia, Vancouver, WA
    Very malty and sweet ... for someone who doesn’t care for IPAs, I can’t believe I’m wanting MORE hops!
40) After the Gold Rush
5.2% ABV • 29 IBU • 
“Baker City is home to Gold Rush Malt, a craft maltster working with locally grown barley. We brought back 300 pounds of the prettiest malt we have come across to brew this delightfully simple ale. Bready, tart malt notes shine alongside the classic floral and citrus balance of Cascade Hops, illustrating how a few quality ingredients can delight the palate and buoy the spirit.”
  1. 8 Nov 2016Imbrie Hall @ Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, Hillsboro, OR
    Just tried a small sample (but forgot to take a picture, so I “borrowed” this one) ... kinda weak ... was this Budweiser?
118) Behind the Sun ISA
5.3% ABV • 29 IBU • 
“The sun is shining somewhere and what better way to enjoy it than with this ISA. Using Ekuanot hops early in the boil contributed a nice tropical papaya flavor, then flavors and aromas of citrus, pine and tropical fruit were imparted by small amounts of Citra and Simcoe hops in the boil and a dry-hopping with Citra and Simcoe hops. Take a few moments to enjoy what’s behind the sun!”
  1. 17 Mar 2018Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    Based on the description, I’m surprised I like this ... it’s is pretty good ... nice balance, not too strong ... I would get it again.
54) Griff’s Porter
5.0% ABV • 29 IBU • 
“This porter is a kinder, gentler beer than the more aggressive Terminator Stout. The Blackprinz malt is dehusked before it is roasted. This removes the astringent bitterness, and leaves in the dark color and sweet flavor. I named this brew after a good friend of 35 years. Porter is his favorite beer, so cheers Glenn.”
  1. 28 Mar 2017McMenamins on Monroe, Corvallis, OR
    It was OK, but nothing great ... slightly watery ... perhaps too kind and gentle!
102) Puffer Pale Ale
4.9% ABV • 29 IBU • 
“Light in color, Puffer Pale is easy-drinking. You’ll notice that the Ekuanot hops provide a slight citrus flavor on the front end, complemented by a grassy finish on the back end. This is a beer you can enjoy any time of day.”
  1. 15 Aug 2017Barley Mill Pub, Portland, OR
    I don’t taste the citrus flavor very much at all, but it seems quite grassy. I don’t think I would order this again.
45) Spearhead Molly
5.7% ABV • 29 IBU • 
“Molly is the fictitious matron of the Roseburg Railway Station Pub. The short, stout woman lavished employees and patrons with decadent pies and tarts that were second to none. Molly’s tarts and temperament were as sweet as her wrath was fierce. Many illegal games of boxcar poker came to an end with a brawl between players, but Molly would step in to knock the unruly offenders over the head with her rolling pin. It was her sweet disposition and smooth character that earned her respect, but it was her sharp and powerful presence that earned her the nickname “Spearhead Molly.” Like its namesake, Spearhead Molly has both sweet characteristics and a powerful bite. It’s an American Brown Ale with a smooth, nutty palate and a crisp hop finish.”
  1. 28 Dec 2016Roseburg Station Pub and Brewery, Roseburg, OR
    A brown ale much like my favorite Moose Drool, but a bit lighter. Nice ... I would get it again. Brewed on site.
96) Summer Soulstice Wheat
5.0% ABV • 29 IBU • 
“Summer is finally here. Now beat the heat with this Wheat! Summer Soulstice was brewed with a simple but rich malt build, with hop additions lending spicy, floral notes with fruity esters in every refreshing sip. There’s plenty of soul to go around this season, so enjoy the glass in hand, whether you’re on your own or in the company of good friends.”
  1. 12 Aug 2017Hillsdale Brewery and Public House, Portland, OR
    Came with a slice of orange ... a nice variation on a lemon slice. This wheat beer is pretty good, and as you might expect, the orange slice adds a bit of orange taste. It is WAY better than the banana wheat I had at the New Tourist Bar earlier in the day! I would get this again.
33) Sunflower IPA
6.7% ABV • 29 IBU • 
“In the 1790s, English sailors needed an ale that could withstand the long sea voyage to the colonies in Asia. Knowing that alcohol and hops are natural preservatives, English brewers developed these strong, highly-​hopped ales known as India Pale Ales. McMenamins Sunflower IPA was first introduced in the summer of 1995 at our West Linn brewery. Inspired by the bountiful sunflowers grown in the pub’s beer garden, our IPA has a deep golden color and distinct yet subtle citrus flavors that satisfy both the diehard IPA drinker and those who prefer a lighter palate. Sunflower IPA is truly a beer for the masses.”
  1. 25 Aug 2016Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, OR
    Bought a 22 oz. bomber bottle and drank it in my truck ... a bit IPAish, but really pretty good! I think the IBU is more like twice the stated 29. Still, I liked it so much that I bought a $60 case of 12 bomber bottles!
  1. 15 Jul 2017Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, Hillsboro, OR
    Bought a 4-pack of 16 oz cans to enjoy at home.
105) Wissler’s Wheat
5.3% ABV • 29 IBU • 
“Named after Ezra Wissler and the property along the North Umpqua River where he settled in 1852 (now known as Whistler’s Bend Park) this refreshing American Wheat ale is light bodied with notable wheat and Munich malt flavors, and modestly hopped for balance. Try it with a wedge of lemon or orange.”
  1. 26 Nov 2017Roseburg Station Pub and Brewery, Roseburg, OR
    Pretty good ... a bit like Widmer. I would get it again ... a very enjoyable beer!
50) Mam Tor ESB
5.4% ABV • 30 IBU • 
“Ay up, Surry! Named for the highest peak in Derbyshire, England, our Extra Special Bitter was made with London ESB yeast and British barley and rye. A slightly fruity nose gives way to flavors of caramel and spicy hops layered over a bready malt body, finishing with a balancing bite on the tongue.”
  1. 11 Feb 2017Ironwork Grill Restaurant @ Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, OR
    Had a sample ... not the greatest ... a bit watery ... a bit bitter ... would not get again.
36) Mojave Trail Finder Pale Ale
5.2% ABV • 30 IBU • 
“This light American pale ale is easy-drinking and refreshing. It has a complex malty base of spiciness from the rye, and smooth, creamy notes from the oat malt and rolled oats. US Goldings hops help mute some of the spiciness and balance out the complex maltiness. Think of this as a breakfast pale ale. This brew will lift your spirits and send you down the right path.”
  1. 15 Sep 2016Cedar Hills Pub, Beaverton, OR
    Better than the Blue Rider Pale Ale I had right before it, but still, pretty weak and not much taste ... it’s OK, but I wouldn’t get it again.
76) Pamela Amberson
4.9% ABV • 30 IBU • 
“This American amber is smooth, balanced and dreamy. It starts with a nice foundation of five different malts that are offset by some citrusy, piney American new world hops. Cheers to the summer and those lifeguards we all fondly remember.”
  1. 1 Aug 2017Mill Creek Brewpub, Mill Creek, WA
    One of six beer flight samples. Can’t really find the words to describe the taste ... perhaps their “citrusy and piney” is accurate ... not so great.
44) Redshirt Session Ale
4.3% ABV • 30 IBU • 
“Like the wearers of it’s namesake, this beer goes down quick! As an away team of bready, toasty malts beam down to your palate, mild floral hops maintain the balance of power from high orbit.”
  1. 12 Dec 2016Broadway Pub, Portland, OR
    The name and description refer to Star Trek ... I didn’t realize it at the time! I really liked this beer ... similar to my beloved Lompoc Proletariate Red, but not as hoppy ... I would definitely get it again!
15) Terminator Stout
6.5% ABV • 30 IBU • 
“Black as the darkest night and as rich as the most decadent dessert, Terminator is for the true stout lover. This is a full-​bodied and flavor-​packed ale which draws its robust complexity from kiln-​baked specialty grains. Look for a wide array of toasted, chocolate, nutty and coffee-like flavors in every pint! The devoted swear by it, and it remains one of our top selling ales, year after year.”
  1. 20 Jun 2016Lucky Staehly's Pool Hall @ Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    One of six samples in a beer flight ... pretty stoutish!
  1. 2 Aug 2017Queen Anne, Seattle, WA
    One of six beer flight samples. I needed another beer to make up the six, so I thought I would give this another try. Yep ... pretty stoutish ... it will be interesting to taste the McMenamins Terminator milkshake ... I didn’t finish the sample because it has too much of a coffee taste, or whatever.
48) Deep Sea Baltic Porter (high gravity)
7.4% ABV • 31 IBU • 
“This beer pours with a deep black color and a creamy, dark-tan head. Upon the first sip you’ll enjoy huge roasted malt flavors along with a slightly spicy hop aroma. This porter has a deceptively-high alcohol content and was fermented with Kölsch yeast to produce lager-like characteristics which are traditional in Baltic Porters.”
  1. 24 Jan 2017Raleigh Hills Pub, Portland, OR
    A nice beer to have on its own, without a meal ... porters and stouts seem better stand-alone. To my taste buds it seems slightly sweet ... could be a good dessert beer. I would definitely get it again, under the right circumstances.
133) Pakalolo Pale Ale
5.8% ABV • 31 IBU • 
“This pale ale is a balanced brew with a very special ingredient. Chalice Farms of Portland, Oregon provided us with cannabis terpenes derived from a crop of Blueberry Kush that they grew and harvested from start to finish. This contributed big aromas of citrus, fresh berries and flowers without any additional impact. A soft body with subtle sweetness precedes a crisp but mellow finish.”
  1. 7 May 2018Kalama Harbor Lodge Pub @ Kalama Harbor Lodge, Kalama, WA
    Like the description said, it does seem a bit floral and /or grassy. It’s an OK beer, but I don’t think I would get it again. It was better with the meal than by itself.
69) Ballroom Blonde
4.4% ABV • 32 IBU • 
“If many of the beers you try are ‘too hoppy!’ or ‘too dark!’, give the Ballroom Blonde a go. With a mere touch of premium malt and only a whisper of Northwest hops, this original recipe is compatible with any palate that’s ever enjoyed a beer.”
  1. 6 Jun 2017Ringlers Pub @ Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR
    Pretty good! Nice balance and taste ... not watery, not too hoppy, not too malty ... I would get it again. Here’s my highest compliment for a beer: I wish they sold it in bottles!
88) Big Bertha’s Bitter
4.9% ABV • 32 IBU • 
“This Best Bitter showcases all of the hallmarks of British brewing: Maris Otter Pale Malt, Goldings hops and Crystal malts. The taste is bready, biscuity and full of caramel with some hop bitterness to balance it all out. It’s a beer that’s easy to drink, so feel free to have a few in one sitting. Cheers to Bertha.”
  1. 2 Aug 2017Queen Anne, Seattle, WA
    One of six beer flight samples. A bit bitter and a bit watery at the same time ... I wouldn’t get it again.
67) Southern Belle White Wheat Ale
5.2% ABV • 32 IBU • 
“This wheat ale was made to be light-bodied, crisp and flavorful. Using a small amount of Munich and Crystal malts gives this White Wheat just a little more color than the norm in this style. An early addition of Citra hops, as well as two later additions of Sterling and Centennial, make this ale burst with flavor. Inspired by a true Southern belle, this ale will leave your palate longing for another sip or two.”
  1. 3 Jun 2017Rooftop Bar @ Hotel Oregon, McMinnville, OR
    Not bad, but I don’t think I would order it again.
142) Top Sider ESB (nitro)
5.7% ABV • 32 IBU • 
“Do you like sailing on the seven seas, traveling with the wind at your back, as you squint sternly towards the horizon at full nautical speed? Top Sider ESB on nitro will help you along your mythical conquest. Full-bodied with a deep copper appearance, it offers a fine balance between the floral notes of the hops and the sweet biscuity malt flavors.”
  1. 30 Jun 2018Power Station Pub @ Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    Nice ... a good balance with a definite malty taste and a nice hoppy bitterness. I would get it again.
81) Brexit Deux Strong Bitter
6.1% ABV • 33 IBU • 
“An alteration to a lighter recipe, this one is a malty, hoppy specialty. It’s composed of six different kinds of malts and one hop variety: Goldings. Goldings are known as a floral hop, but are very subdued. You could call this hop an elder, as it’s been cultivated since the late 1700s. Although this style is named strong bitter, the malts and slight hop character don’t impart a huge amount of bitterness. Cheers to the Brits!”
  1. 1 Aug 2017Mill Creek Brewpub, Mill Creek, WA
    One of six beer flight samples. A bit like a red ale ... it’s OK, but I woulnd’t want a full pint.
93) Brussel Stout
6.1% ABV • 33 IBU • 
“For this stout we blended a clean-​fermenting American Ale yeast with a fruity, ester-​heavy Abbey Ale yeast to create a very unique dark ale. The Brussel Stout (get it?) draws its lighter body, complete with hints of clove, from its Belgian side and its deep, dark roasted flavors from its American side. It’s a yeast collaboration in a glass.”
  1. 12 Aug 2017Spar Café, Olympia, WA
    After repeated attempts over the past couple of years, I finally realize that I’m just not into stouts anymore ... too stouty.
144) Pilsner Krystel
4.9% ABV • 33 IBU • 
“This Pils is light and crisp. Pleasant flavors of honey present themselves, tastefully complementing herbal and grassy notes of noble hops towards the finish. Enjoy this classic on any day and at every occasion.”
  1. 30 Jun 2018Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    Nice ... enough hops to give it a tasty bitterness, but less than Sunflower IPA ... easy drinking ... somewhat like HUB Pilsner ... I would get it again.
61) Brew Hawaii Pale Ale
6.0% ABV • 34 IBU • 
“Sometimes the Oregon weather can be dismal and depressing. Lots of Portlanders have been known to take refuge on the islands of Hawaii. Well, I figured I’d bring the islands to y’all! And what better guide than the King himself? Elvis. Freakin’. Presley. Dreams come true in Brew Hawaii if your dreams include a hoppy, blueberry and pineapple pale ale. The night is young, and so are we, so grab a pint, while the moon is on the sea. Elvis has left the brewpub. Thank ya, thank ya very much.”
  1. 9 May 2017West Linn Pub, West Linn, OR
    A so-so beer ... a bit bland, like the other McMenamins fruit beers ... I would not want an entire pint of it.
22) Snow Fly Honey Rye
4.9% ABV • 34 IBU • 
“This tasty beer’s namesake refers to the best kept secret in Montana fly fishing. This brew is the perfect libation for summer. It’s light-bodied and crisp with gentle citrus notes and a mellow dryness for the palate. Combined with Honey Malt, the unique spicy rye flavor gives this beer that little ‘something different.’”
  1. 16 Jul 2016Imbrie Hall @ Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, Hillsboro, OR
    Citrusy like they said ... pretty good.
84) Egyptian Cotton IPA
6.6% ABV • 35 IBU • 
“Oh man, this IPA is so soft. It’s like drinking a cloud of hops and malt. Like a basket full of kittens that smell like citrus and candied fruit. Like the inside of a snuggle. It’s so soft....”
  1. 1 Aug 2017Tavern On the Square @ Anderson School, Bothell, WA
    This is the first time I’ve ever seen a beer compared to a basket of kitten! Pretty good ... I would get it again ... it is soft, like they said, which is normally not a word used to describe an IPA.
25) Ryeled Up: Whiskey Barrel Aged Brett Rye
6.2% ABV • 35 IBU • 
“Tart, spicy and funky, this garnet-hued rye ale is was brewed with 50% Crystal Rye Malt from Thomas Fawcett for a pleasant spice character. Noble hop varietals round out the brew and complement the flavor of the rye malt. Six months of aging in a whiskey barrel with a Belgian wild ale yeast strain, Brettanomyces Bruxellensis, created a pleasant, earthy tang that permeates this complex wild ale.”
  1. 27 Jul 2016White Eagle Saloon @ White Eagle Hotel, Portland, OR
    Pretty strong tasting ... almost like medicine! I think it’s the rye, which I generally like, combined with the barrel aging. This is the second or third barrel-aged beer I have had, and in general I don’t think I like them. I want to keep my beer and my spirits separate!
46) Seaside Porter
6.5% ABV • 35 IBU • 
“Ebony-colored with soft chocolate notes. Softer than a stout, but it still has the malt flavor of a porter.”
  1. 6 Jan 2017Lighthouse Brewpub, Lincoln City, OR
    It was good, especially with my clam chowder supper … just what a porter should be.
111) Square & Compass Cascadian Amber
5.3% ABV • 35 IBU • 
“The Grand Lodge is nearing its 96th Birthday, and the Crystal Brewery has concocted a unique beer for the celebration. ‘Square and Compass’ is a Cascadian Amber Ale. Cascadian implies that the hops are a large part of the flavor and aroma profile. Amber refers not only to its color, but its hop balancing, malty sweetness. Thank you for celebrating this wonderful event with us!”
  1. 3 Mar 2018Ironwork Grill Restaurant @ Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, OR
    Really good ... malty, but with enough hops to give it a nice balance ... I would definitely get it again. I wish I could have it in cans/bottles at home!
52) Liquid Sunshine Wheat
5.2% ABV • 36 IBU • 
“This easy-drinking wheat beer displays a prominent Northwest hop aroma and a gentle touch of bitterness. Aromas of citrus and straw swirl above its dense head. The addition of unmalted wheat to the grist adds a smooth and creamy malt character to the beer, resulting in greater complexity and layering. While hoppier than a standard wheat beer, Liquid Sunshine exhibits superb balance and drinkability. This beer is ideal for those seeking something on the lighter side but who demand more out of their wheat beers.”
  1. 17 Mar 2017Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    Tried a sample ... it was OK, but a bit bland ... not worth getting a whole pint.
  1. 9 Aug 2017Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    I forgot to take a picture of this the first time I tried it earlier in the year, so I ordered a sample just for the photo. But they were out of the Confessional Kölsch that I wanted to order, so I got a whole pint of the Liquid Sunshine. It’s not bad, but a bit bland. I squeezed the juice from the lemon slice into the beer and let the slice float in thee beer ... that helped the blandness a bit.
100) Ships Ahoy Wheat
5.2% ABV • 36 IBU • 
“Ships go up and down the Columbia River constantly, carrying loads of various materials. Shipments of rye and wheat were sent just for this batch. A chewy, spiced texture comes from the rye and that blends nicely with Amarillo hops to provide a hint of fruity hops. Enjoy watching the ships and they might just bring you your next pint.”
  1. 15 Aug 2017East Vancouver Brewpub, Vancouver, WA
    This is the 100th different beer I have tried at McMenamins! An OK wheat ... pretty good, but not great ... somewhat bland. It has a bit of a weird, astringent aftertaste ... maybe that’s the rye ... I haven’t had much success with rye beers. Widmer Brothers Hefe is still my favorite wheat beer.
24) Spring Wheat Fever
4.6% ABV • 36 IBU • 
“This full-bodied version of an American Wheat ale adds a bit of a Pacific Northwest twist. Munich malts give this ale a nice full-bodied mouthfeel up front as well as adding a little more color than your standard wheat ale. A small amount of orange peel adds to the flavor profile and Chinook hops give it a nice citrusy hop punch in the finish that leaves you thirsty for more.”
  1. 23 Jul 2016Rooftop Bar @ Hotel Oregon, McMinnville, OR
    A bit on the weak side ... I probably would not have it again.
127) Tony’s Beer
6.5% ABV • 36 IBU • 
“Official full name: This Is A Beer For A Superhero Named Tony. It’s Called Tony’s Beer. If only our beer descriptions came equipped with a theme song! Pixie fans will get the reference. This one goes out to Tony Stiltz, one of the handful of folks who work on fixing all the things in the [McMenamins] Kingdom. After saving the day by fixing the Thompson Brewery’s water heater, we had to make a beer for him. It’s a dry-hopped, copper-hued lager to honor all you superheroes!”
  1. 31 Mar 2018Boon's Treasury, Salem, OR
    A good red ale ... along the lines of the others I like, such as my favorites Free Range Red and Proletariat Red ... it is a bit hoppy, but nicely balanced. I would get it again.
30) Reed’s Red
5.8% ABV • 37 IBU • 
“Much like its namesake, this mildly-​malted beer is always on point! The spicy Centennial hops are reminiscent of his snark. The smooth reddish, caramel hue is enough to put you at ease, much like his golden pipes. Bubbles? Yep, lots of those. One for each thought that this great man is willing to share with you. So chillax brahs and bettys, you’re in good hands with The Reedling!”
  1. 8 Aug 2016North Bank, Eugene, OR
    I don’t know who Reed is, but this beer is really good ... it kind of reminded me of my favorite Lompoc Proletariate Red ... I would definitely get again!
124) Burgundy’s Red Ale
5.0% ABV • 38 IBU • 
“This beer was made for the lovers of leather-bound books and rich mahogany. This red ale is a glass full of malty joy and hoppy goodness. With a nice balance of hops and malts, this brew has a medium body that’s complemented by a toasty, caramel-like malt flavor and subtle hop bite. Anyone holding a pint of this is definitley a ‘Big Deal’, and must be the life of the party.”
  1. 28 Mar 2018O'Kanes @ Old St Francis School, Bend, OR
    Really nice ... very balanced, not too hoppy ... seems to be along the lines of Laurelwood Brewery Free Range Red that I like so much ... I would definitely get it again! Very good!
72) Ekuanot Single Hop Pale Ale
5.9% ABV • 38 IBU • 
“We brewed this single-hop pale ale to showcase Ekuanot hops in all their hoppy glory. These hops are a fairly new variety and you’ll notice hints of melon, orange, berry, pine and even fresh green pepper. We used most of these hops late in the boil and as dry hops in the fermenter, so while the aroma is all hops, hops, and more hops, the flavor is only mildly bitter. Enjoy!”
  1. 8 Jul 2017Power Station Pub @ Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    Not bad but not great ... the 38 IBU seems accurate ... not worth getting again, but good to try once.
2) Hillsdale 30th Anniversary Ale
4.5% ABV • 38 IBU • 
“In celebration of three decades of small-batch brewing, a 30th Anniversary commemorative batch of Hillsdale Ale will be poured at every McMenamins location across the land for one day only. This revisited brew is based on careful studies of the original brewing records from Hillsdale and Cornelius Pass Roadhouse as it evolved during its 13-month run. It has been parsed and adjusted with enough poetic license to translate what was historically a malt extract brew to a modern all-grain in­ter­pre­ta­tion. We believe that the aim of the original concept of that first company standard can now be poured into your pint on this special date.”
  1. 25 Oct 2015Courtyard Restaurant @ Kennedy School, Portland, OR
    Very nice, a light, blonde ale ... very good!
4) Irish Stout (nitro)
4.9% ABV • 38 IBU • 
“This is our halfway to Saint Patrick’s Day seasonal beer and will pour exclusively on our nitro taps for the occasion. Mc­Men­a­mins Irish Stout is our interpretation of the internationally-​renowned beer style that originated in Ireland, made as traditionally as possible with our own little twist. It is a very dark, ebony-colored stout with a thick, creamy and long-lasting head. The flavor is a fantastic fusion of coffee-like roasted barley bitterness and semi-sweet chocolate. A moderate hop bitterness balances pleas­ing­ly with this hearty backbone, while tiny nitrogen bubbles enhance the sensation on your taste buds with a smooth, silky cream­i­ness. One sip will have your head in the Emerald Isle clouds. A touch of the Irish, the blessings of St. Patrick and a pint of McMenamins Irish Stout to you!”
  1. 28 Nov 2015Rams Head, Portland, OR
    This beer was good with the meal, as it was not too thick for a stout.
  1. 20 Jun 2016Lucky Staehly's Pool Hall @ Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    One of six samples in a beer flight.
  1. 17 Mar 2017Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    Yep, this is a good beer ... went great with the Irish stew!
  1. 20 Mar 2017Boon's Treasury, Salem, OR
    Gotta enjoy it while it’s still available!
  1. 11 Apr 2017Boon's Treasury, Salem, OR
  1. 17 Mar 2018Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    Tried a sample. No, no, no! Way too much coffee taste! Yuck! I raved about this beer last St. Patrick’s, but obviously my taste buds have changed a lot in the last year.
78) Old Growth Double Brown
8.3% ABV • 38 IBU • 
“Inspired by the vast woodlands of the Cascade Range, we made a brown ale and put our own high gravity twist on it. This transformed the beer into a strong ale, and more specifically, an old ale.  Which, given the name, has been around for very long time. This ale features flavors of deep caramel, brown sugar and toffee.”
  1. 1 Aug 2017Mill Creek Brewpub, Mill Creek, WA
    One of six beer flight samples. It didn’t taste so much like caramel or toffee (which I like) as it did coffee (which I don’t) or something along that line ... not so great.
12) White Rabbit Pilsner
5.3% ABV • 39 IBU • 
“Pilsners are generally light colored, clean-flavored beers with a distinct hop aroma and this beer is no exception. The grassy, spicy hop resins from Sterling and Tettnanger hops really shine through the light, smooth flavor of Pilsner malt while the Bohemian yeast contributes a clean lager ester profile.”
  1. 20 Jun 2016Loading Dock Grill @ Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    A good pilsner, tasty and not watery ... I would definitely try it again!
39) Atonement Amber Ale
5.2% ABV • 40 IBU • 
“This tasty creation displays an impeccable balance of citrus hop character and rich malty goodness. Beneath its off-white head hides a complex world of flavor where hops and malt live in perfect harmony. A medium malt body gives the beer a backbone without overshadowing its delicate hop aromas. Great paired with food or by itself, this amber ale is a great option for those looking for something rich, flavorful and balanced.”
  1. 11 Oct 2016Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    Tried a sample ... OK, but not great, a bit hoppy, not sure if I would get it again.
  1. 9 Aug 2017Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    The first time I sampled this I didn’t really care for it, but I forgot to take a picture. So I ordered a sample this time just for the photo!
26) Bricktop ESB (Extra Special Bitter)
5.4% ABV • 40 IBU • 
“This Extra Special Bitter is a balanced offering in the deep-orange to copper color range. The first flavors that wash over the palate are of mellow burnt sugar followed by a citrusy hop bitterness. The bitterness evens out with a bready malt quality. Neither flavor threatens to overwhelm the other as they glide together towards a pleasant, lingering, flowery hop finish.”
  1. 1 Aug 2016Fulton Pub and Brewery, Portland, OR
    It was extra special! This beer was pretty good ... a nice taste without being overpowering. I would definitely get it again! Really good!!! One of the best McMenamins beers! Only at this location!
83) Bobcat Pale
5.2% ABV • 41 IBU • 
“The first beer made at Anderson School is in fact a re-creation of the very first beer made by McMenamins. We decided to produce it again to celebrate the one year anniversary of the doors opening here in Bothell, Washington. Back in October of 1985, a liquid malt extract was used to create our first bona fide flagship ale that predates all of the others. We think this current version, with its straw color and mild hop profile, does the original plenty of justice. Sit back, enjoy a pint, and raise your glass to the first of many years in our newest home.”
  1. 1 Aug 2017Tavern On the Square @ Anderson School, Bothell, WA
    Notice the sunbeam through a window refracting into a rainbow. I don’t like this sample very much ... a bit too hoppy or something. Good thing I didn’t get a whole pint. I think the Hillsdale 30th Anniversary Ale re-creation was much better.
10) Pilgrimage Pale Ale
4.8% ABV • 41 IBU • 
“The Pilgrimage Pale is full-bodied and low in alcohol with bread and toffee malt flavors upfront. It finishes with nice, light hop flavors on the back end. Most of the bitterness is dulled by the residual sugar, creating a balanced, refreshing pale ale.”
  1. 15 Jun 2016Greenway Pub, Tigard, OR
    Pretty good, I would get it again.
  1. 8 Sep 2016Barley Mill Pub, Portland, OR
    I’m not so convinced this time! I had forgotten that I had tried it before, but last time I liked it better. It’s OK, but not great ... different ... and you know what that means!
53) Cantankerous Coot Old Ale
9.2% ABV • 42 IBU • 
“This ornery high-gravity old ale boasts complex notes of caramel, plum, molasses and hop spice. A robust malt body supports a balanced hop presence before fading to a warm finish. At nearly ten percent alcohol, this rich autumn warmer is perfect for shaking off the cold and putting a smile on even the grouchiest face!”
  1. 17 Mar 2017Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    Tried a sample ... definitely not my style ... a bit like medicine ... I would NEVER get a pint!
117) Cascades on the Horizon Irish Red
5.4% ABV • 42 IBU • 
“This Irish Red Ale uses Maris Otter Pale Malt to impart a bready biscuit sweetness to the flavor profile while Melanoidin Malt provides notes of honey and toffee. Cascade and Horizon hops contribute a nice mild spice that complements the malty sweetness in this beer.”
  1. 17 Mar 2018Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    Tried a sample. I didn’t like it ... too much coffee taste. I think it is more like a Brown Ale than a Red ... the waiter agreed.
115) 3 Cents ESB
5.7% ABV • 44 IBU • 
“Three large boil additions of Centennial hops provide a hoppy contrast to this Extra Special Bitter’s biscuity malt bill.”
  1. 10 Mar 2018New Tourist Bar @ Olympic Club Hotel, Centralia, WA
    Pretty good ... but I would have liked a bit more hops ... seems less than IBU 44.
11) Copper Moon
5.0% ABV • 44 IBU • 
“Copper Moon has a coppery-orange luminescence radiating out of the pint glass, originating from three different organic malts that impart a flavorful yet summery smooth sweetness that quenches your thirst while tantalizing your taste buds. The upfront hop bitterness of Copper Moon is relatively low, complementing the malts without being overpowering. The hop flavor and aroma are another matter, as the Perle and Chinook hops used in the latter stages of each batch intermingle to generate a daz­zling, citrusy, floral experience, in addition to slightly spicy notes. All of these qualities blend into a refreshing, flavorful organic summer pale ale.”
  1. 20 Jun 2016Black Rabbit House @ Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    I like this beer, one of my new McMenamins favorites.
  1. 28 Jun 2016Broadway Pub, Portland, OR
    Yep, I like it!
  1. 12 Aug 2016Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    Always a winner!
  1. 8 Sep 2016Chapel Pub, Portland, OR
  1. 13 Sep 2016North Bank, Eugene, OR
  1. 11 Oct 2016Market Street Pub, Portland, OR
    Good as always!
  1. 8 Aug 2017McMenamins, OR & WA
    I’m so sad that McMenamins seems to have given up on their seasonal Copper Moon this summer ... I was looking forward to it for months.
23) CopperHead
5.5% ABV • 44 IBU • 
As part of their Oregon Craft Beer Month celebrations, McMenamins was featuring a week of “make your own half / half beer blend.” Happy to participate, I choose two of my favorites: a blend of half Copper Moon (see above) and half Hammerhead (see below).
  1. 23 Jul 2016Hotel Oregon Pub @ Hotel Oregon, McMinnville, OR
    Pretty good!
8) Hammerhead Ale
6.0% ABV • 44 IBU • 
“A classic Northwest pale ale and McMenamins standard. This rich chestnut-colored gem is a model of harmony between hops and malted barley. Hammerhead’s signature Cascade hop nose and intense hopped flavor blend nicely with the caramel tones from the crystal malt. This beer has a vocal following; to run out is an unforgivable sin.”
  1. 6 Jun 2016Rams Head, Portland, OR
    Really good, perhaps my favorite McMenamins beer.
  1. 20 Jun 2016Lucky Staehly's Pool Hall @ Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    One of six samples in a beer flight.
  1. 23 Jul 2016Hotel Oregon Pub @ Hotel Oregon, McMinnville, OR
    Bought a $51 case of twelve 22 oz. bomber bottles to enjoy at home.
  1. 23 Jul 201623rd Avenue Bottle Shop, Portland, OR
    Bought a $10 four-pack of 16 oz. cans to enjoy at home.
  1. 25 Aug 2016Pat's Corner @ Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, OR
    Had two pints with two bags of popcorn during the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie outside. Bought a $60 case of twelve 22 oz. bomber bottles to take home.
  1. 16 Dec 2016Power Station Theater @ Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    Had two pints with hummus plate during the Star Wars: Rogue One movie.
  1. 5 Jan 2017Sand Trap Pub @ Gearhart Hotel, Gearhart, OR
    Had with supper ... good as always, glad they always have it on hand.
  1. 19 Jan 2017Bagdad Theater, Portland, OR
    Had two pints with hummus plate and popcorn during the Star Wars: Rogue One movie.
  1. 3 Jun 2017Ironwork Grill Restaurant @ Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, OR
    When nothing else on the beer list sounds good, it’s a blessing that Hammerhead is always there!
  1. 17 Jun 2017Barley Mill Pub, Portland, OR
    Like I said last time, when nothing else on the beer list sounds good, thank goodness Hammerhead is always there!
  1. 26 Jun 2017Highland Pub and Brewery, Gresham, OR
    Yet again, Hammerhead saves the day!
  1. 2 Aug 2017Queen Anne, Seattle, WA
    One of six beer flight samples. I needed another beer to make up the six, and Hammerhead is always a winner!
  1. 8 Jul 2017Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    Bought a 24-pack case of 16 oz cans to enjoy at home.
  1. 25 Oct 2017White Eagle Saloon @ White Eagle Hotel, Portland, OR
    Goes great with Mexican food!
  1. 21 Dec 2017Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    I’m glad that Hammerhead is always available.
  1. 10 Mar 2018Elks Temple, Tacoma, WA
    Had two pints during the Cosmic Tripster Party #7 in this unrenovated seven-story historic building ... an awesome sneek-preview with some great beer!
34) Spirit of 77 Breweries CDA
6.1% ABV • 44 IBU • 
“#Spiritof77Breweries is a collaboration between homebrewer and filmmaker John Lovegrove and McMenamins’ Crystal Brewery. In August of 2015, with a film crew in tow, John visited 77 Portland-area breweries in a single day, ending the epic mission at the Crystal Ballroom Brewery. This CDA reflects the achievement. Two percent of this beer is made up of 77 different specialty grains, one for each brewery. Mosaic Hops cap off this roasty and aromatic Cascadian Dark Ale.”
  1. 25 Aug 2016Ironwork Grill Restaurant @ Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, OR
    It was dark like a stout, but not quite as thick or strong ... pretty good.
59) Alienator IPA
6.5% ABV • 45 IBU • 
“This beer is sure to make a believer out of any skeptic! Orbiting above the Alienator IPA are tropical, fruity aromas provided by a thorough dry-hopping using Mosaic and Citra hops. This tasty recipe yielded a fascinating orange hue complete with luminous hop flavor. Alienator’s lush aroma and distinct hop character is perfect for those who prefer their ales strong, hoppy and a little out-​of-​this-​world. As the second in our Limited-​Edition IPA Series — and to commemorate the upcoming UFO Festival in McMinnville in May — we’re releasing cans of our Alienator IPA. Look for this alien-labeled 2017 version in 16-ounce cans to go. Each is $3.75, or get a four-pack for $14 — before they’re abducted.”
  1. 6 May 2017Old St Francis School, Bend, OR
    Bought a can to try once I got back home. It was OK ... I’ve had IPAs that were hoppier, so this wasn’t too bad. But I definitely like their Sunflower IPA better, if I’m going to go the IPA direction. In the end, I bought it for the can and not the beer, so I’m content!
82) Cascadian Common
4.5% ABV • 45 IBU • 
“Adopted from a historic style traced back to the California Gold Rush, Cascadian Common is a blend of old world brewing techniques and new world ingredients. Having used components entirely from the Pacific Northwest, this brew puts a new twist on an old style that really lets it shine. Chinook hops from Oregon and Cascade hops from Washington provide great aromatic qualities with just a touch of bitterness. California Lager yeast fermented at ale temperatures brings it all together with a crisp malt body.”
  1. 1 Aug 2017North Shore Lagoon @ Anderson School, Bothell, WA
    I forgot to write notes at the time, but I think that it was pretty good, and that I would get it again.
49) Hard Days Red
5.3% ABV • 45 IBU • 
“Everyone who puts in a full days work deserves a ‘Hard Days Red’. The Grand Lodge property in Forest Grove is opening a new hotel wing and this classic American red ale was brewed as a tribute to the hard work put in by all involved in the construction. Dry-hopped with more than a pound per barrel of Falconers Flight hop blend, Hard Days Red offers a perfect balance of premium barley and classic Northwest hops.”
  1. 11 Feb 2017Ironwork Grill Restaurant @ Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, OR
    I really like this beer … similar to Hammerhead but not as hoppy … I would get it again.
56) Red Riser IPA
6.5% ABV • 45 IBU • 
“To celebrate the changing of seasons, McMenamins brewers have handcrafted a delightful India Red Ale. At the time of year when sun and rain are in the forecast in equal quantity, Red Riser IRA peeks over the mountaintops to bring warmth and remind us that summer is just around the corner. Made from the finest Pilsner and Crystal malts, this red giant is generously hopped late in the boil with a heavenly blend of aromatic varieties. The glorious garnet hue illuminates the way to a wonderfully complex beer. The tropical, juicy hop notes hit the nose in a prophetic burst of awareness that something wonderful is to follow. And it does in fruity, citrusy hop flavor. Enjoy this seasonal while you wait for the summer sun to rise again.”
  1. 6 May 2017Fireside Bar @ Old St Francis School, Bend, OR
    It was OK, not too hoppy, but it was the least favorite of the three samples I tried, so I decided not to order a pint. For a red ale, I don’t think you can do better than Lompoc Brewing’s Proletariat Red Ale.
116) Roy Street IPA
5.7% ABV • 45 IBU • 
“Made right under the Space Needle on Roy Street in Seattle, this well-balanced IPA has notes of citrus and a mild bitterness.”
  1. 10 Mar 2018New Tourist Bar @ Olympic Club Hotel, Centralia, WA
    This is really good ... I like it better than 3 Cents ESB ... nice balance. Bought a quart mason jar full to enjoy at home, where I took this photo.
109) Leafhound IPA
6.2% ABV • 47 IBU • 
“A light straw color greets you in the glass and gives way to a balanced mouthfeel of soft citrus and bready malt. We feature flavors and aromas of pine, mango, and grapefruit for all the freelance fiends like us.”
  1. 21 Dec 2017Ironwork Grill Restaurant @ Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, OR
    I like IPAs that are not too hoppy ... this one is good, similar to Sunflower IPA.
  1. 3 Mar 2018Bob's Bar @ Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, OR
    Still pretty good ... maybe a bit less hoppy and a bit more malty than Sunflower IPA. I would not hesitate to get it again.
103) Path of Totality IPA
6.2% ABV • 48 IBU • 
“It was forty years ago that the last solar event of note occurred and I saw it far from the path of totality. Enjoy this straight­forward aromatic brew and look forward to August 21st, when you’ll have the chance to see the awesome spectacle that results when the planets get in each others way.”
  1. 21 Aug 2017McMenamins on Monroe, Corvallis, OR
    I wasn’t exactly longing for an IPA after photographing the eclipse, but I did want to try a special McMenamins beer brewed just for the occasion, and I for sure wanted to get the one-​day-​only Total Solar Eclipse 8/21/17 stamp for my McMenamins Passport. Mission accomplished on both accounts in nearby Corvallis! I‘m not much of an IPA fan, but this one was fairly mild, so it was OK.
73) Zapatron IPA
6.5% ABV • 49 IBU • 
“Here to zap your taste buds is our new IPA! Bright and balanced, this beer offers a tropical blast of flavors thanks to the Mosaic, Amarillo, Citra hops, along with the special HBC 342 Experimental Hops. Notes of pineapple, citrus, and berry play a role in the aroma and flavor profile that complement the light malt character. So sit back, get amped, plug in, stay current and enjoy!”
  1. 8 Jul 2017Power Station Pub @ Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    It is OK, but nothing special ... seems a bit hoppier than IBU 49 ... I would not get it again ... the Ekuanot was better.
14) Influential IPA
6.6% ABV • 50 IBU • 
“This light, crisp IPA was inspired by the warmer, long days of summer. Citra hops provide aromas of lemon, lime, and grape­fruit. US Goldings and Amarillo hops lend flavors of tangerine and mild, delicate floral characteristics from their time together in the whirlpool and kettle. Finally, we fermented it with Imperial Barbarian yeast to impart esters of fresh strawberries and stone fruit.”
  1. 20 Jun 2016Lucky Staehly's Pool Hall @ Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    One of six samples in a beer flight ... too fruity for my tastes!
125) 33rd State IPA
7.0% ABV • 51 IBU • 
“Welcome the first-ever company-wide spring seasonal IPA from McMenamins! Yes, you heard it here first: we’ve chosen our first-ever spring seasonal IPA, 33rd State IPA — chock full of flavors and aromas of pine, tropical fruit and berries. It’s a testament to the game-changing hops of the Pacific Northwest; we crafted this using Mosaic, Cascade, Citra and Chinook. A light straw color makes way for aromas of grapefruit, mixed berries and fresh pine, thanks to a thorough dry-hopping. A medium body welcomes a bready sweet­ness and flavors of citrus and tropical fruit. The finish is crisp, with an adequate bitterness. 33rd State took second place (out of 107) in Willamette Week’s 2018 Blind IPA Tasting. Ask about it on tap this spring, and raise a pint to the institution that is the Pacific Northwest IPA.”
  1. 28 Mar 2018Old St Francis Pub @ Old St Francis School, Bend, OR
    A fairly fruity IPA ... I’m not a big fan of IPAs, but the ones I like best are the bitter IPAs rather than the fruity ones ... I would not get this again.
99) Dungeon Master Red
6.5% ABV • 56 IBU • 
“This deep red brew glows the same shade as the fire-​breathing dragon that’s hoarding all the hops in the land. Go deeper into the dungeon to find treasure, weapons and armor! A pint will surely guide you to places undiscovered for centuries. The body is light and crisp and while the fruitiness from the hops are the main focus, they’re balanced with a sweet mouthfeel. Here’s to the next adventure!”
  1. 15 Aug 2017McMenamins on the Columbia, Vancouver, WA
    This is pretty good ... a bit milder than Lompoc Proletariat Red, but still very tasty. It was the beer of the day, with a happy hour price all day, and I like the sample, so I got a whole pint. As I keep sipping I’m finding that it’s really good ... maybe one of the best reds I’ve ever had!
74) Squirtie Pale Ale
6.2% ABV • 57 IBU • 
“It’s a bear! It’s a dog! No, it’s Squirtie! Whatever he is, Squirtie is most definitely the beloved mascot of the Fulton Pub. Then-manager Paul Hehn sketched his likeness 25+ years ago and he’s been coming around ever since to celebrate the Fulton’s anniversary on May 5th. Squirtie 2017 is a single-hop pale ale chock full of Mosaic hops from start to dry-hop! A malty body and assertive hoppiness carry this annual offering into hop-fueled bliss. This is a great beer to toast this year’s anniversary of the pub’s opening back in 1988.”
  1. 15 Jul 2017Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, Hillsboro, OR
    It was pretty good, just slightly hoppy, but not very much ... I would get again ... a bit like Sunflower IPA.
98) Let Love Rule IPA
6.5% ABV • 58 IBU • 
“It’s summer and love is in the air, so drink ’em up and let love rule your world! This brew has a light body and crisp finish, with floral and citrus notes to balance out the sweetness of the grain. This IPA will charge you up with summer flavor to remind you that ‘all we need is love.’”
  1. 15 Aug 2017McMenamins on the Columbia, Vancouver, WA
    This is pretty good ... not overly hoppy ... an IPA just for me, who’s not normally into IPAs. Too bad I can have a whole pint of only one sample, and I chose Dungeon Master Red instead.
79) Liberal Conservative SMaSH Lager
5.4% ABV • 58 IBU • 
“When it comes to brewing and its constant innovation, brewers sometimes come across a style or idea that doesn’t seem to make sense. However, when it comes to brewing a hoppy lager, it just seems to work. Those two things may seem to be contradictory, or a paradox, but we can live with that. For this lager, we utilized two amazing things: traditional German Pilsner malt and Oregon-​grown Centennial hops. With them, we found a simple but effective way to make light, flavorful beer with a great citrus hop edge.”
  1. 1 Aug 2017Mill Creek Brewpub, Mill Creek, WA
    One of six beer flight samples. Really good! Maybe along the lines of a Kölsch, but with a bit more hop finish, but not too much. SMaSH Beer: Single-Malt and Single-Hop brewing. The best of the six samples!
138) Silvercone India Pale Lager
6.8% ABV • 58 IBU • 
“Silvercone India Pale Lager is the latest testament to our love of hops. In choosing a strain of lager yeast that ferments exceptionally clean, we allowed the spotlight to fall squarely on the hops. The resinous, multi-layered aroma wafting up from your glass and tongue-tickling citrus notes flirting with your taste buds combine with a crisp lager finish to quench your thirst like no ale can.”
  1. 17 May 2018Imbrie Hall @ Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, Hillsboro, OR
    It seemed fairly bland after tasting a sample of Eyetooth IPA ... I should have tried this one first.
31) The Casey Kelly Sessions
5.8% ABV • 58 IBU • 
“With the summer days as long as Casey is tall, I thought it would be a good idea to brew something up to celebrate good times with good friends. Brewed with three malts, 2-Row, Munich and just a touch of Crystal, this summer-​time session ale has a very light body with a dry finish. Citra hops were then added, and added, and added again before finally adding one more round in the dry-hopping stage, making for a slightly bitter, very aromatic ale with heavy notes of citrus fruits and summer.”
  1. 8 Aug 2016North Bank, Eugene, OR
    Had a sample (I forgot to take a picture, so I “borrowed” this one), but I didn’t care for it ... too hoppy, or whatever. I had Reed’s Red instead ... I liked that much better!
87) Livin’s Easy IPA
6.3% ABV • 59 IBU • 
“It’s summertime, and the livin’s easy. This IPA uses bold, fruity hops to bring out a refreshing flavor. Smoothness and drinkability are enhanced with some unmalted wheat and Munich malt.”
  1. 2 Aug 2017Queen Anne, Seattle, WA
    One of six beer flight samples. Yep ... just like an IPA ... it reminds me of Sunflower IPA ... actually it was probably my favorite of the six even though I am generally not a fan of IPAs.
64) Skeletor Wins! IPA
7.0% ABV • 59 IBU • 
“Finally, the battle for Eternia is over. Spoiler alert! Skeletor wins. He-Man put up a good fight. His tiger sidekick and friends like Man-E-Faces gave it their best, but the evil one and his minions now have control of Castle Greyskull and the rest of Eternia. He may seem brass and thin-skinned, but he’s supposedly a pretty good negotiator, so I’m going to hold back my criticism for at least the first 100 days. Either way, this beer is delicious, and the extremely goofy beer names have now come to an end. Good riddance, I say.”
  1. 19 May 2017Mall 205 Pub, Portland, OR
    I have NO idea what this Masters of the Universe description has to do with this beer. Good riddance, I agree! This beer is too hoppy for me!
13) Hopline Bling Double IPA
8.8% ABV • 60 IBU • 
“You know when we have that Hopline Bling, it can only mean one thing: there’s an aggressively-​hopped, golden-​colored monster of a double IPA on draft. This nearly-​nine-​percent-​ABV behemoth was hop-bursted in kettle with a slew of hops like Citra, Simcoe and Centennial and finished with Falconers Flight pellets in the dry-hop addition for a blisteringly-​tropical, citrus-​hop character. The body was lightened with a touch of brewer’s sugar to keep the mouthfeel fresh and crisp, while Munich malt and flaked barley balance the hop assault with lighter bready notes and a nice fluffy head.”
  1. 20 Jun 2016Lucky Staehly's Pool Hall @ Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
    One of six samples in a beer flight ... too hoppy for my tastes!
94) Good Guy IPA
6.9% ABV • 62 IBU • 
“This beer here is for the good guys. Those flawed, Bruce Willis-​esque guys who do good with a gruff attitude. It’s as complex as any good guy should be, with five different malts. And this beer does good. Huge amounts of flavor and aroma contribute to this bad boy to make it a good guy.”
  1. 12 Aug 2017Spar Café, Olympia, WA
    Not bad ... a good choice for brunch time ... a bit citrusy, not not too much ... actually it’s pretty good. I’m not so much into IPAs, but I like this one! I would get it again.
28) Rye Baby Pale Ale
5.4% ABV • 62 IBU • 
“Don’t let the use of rye scare you! This is one exceptionally-​refreshing pale ale. Rye adds a distinct spicy malt character along with aromas of toffee, allspice and caramel. A special blend of Northwest hops complement the beer with notes of evergreen and pine before fading to a smooth resinous finish. This radiantly golden-​colored ale is light in body and big on flavor. Take a break from your standard pale ale and try a pint of this delicious quaffable creation. Don’t be a cry baby, it’s just rye, baby!”
  1. 1 Aug 2016Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    Now this is a good rye beer! It’s infinitely better than the Ryeled Up rye beer (see below) I had last week at White Eagle. I would have this again! It seems to have a bit of a citrus taste ... I guess that is the IBU 62.
123) Crystal Hammer #3
5.9% ABV • 64 IBU • 
“We’re constantly looking at our beer recipes to ensure that we’re making the tastiest brews possible. The Crystal Hammerhead is an example of this examination. This beer will be a work in progress, changing slightly each time we brew it. We want you to be a part of this exciting process! Feel free to fill out a comment card or find us on Untappd.”
  1. 20 Mar 2018Zeus Café @ Crystal Hotel, Portland, OR
    This seems pretty close to regular Hammerhead, maybe just slightly more citrusy ... it’s pretty good, but not sure I would get it again. Maybe regular Hammerhead is better ... well, maybe #3 isn’t so different after all ... I would need to try them side by side. And then there’s Crystal Hammer #2!
137) Bel-Ore IPA
6.3% ABV • 66 IBU • 
“Two worlds collide in this hybrid brew. An original Belgian yeast strain meets a standard Pacific Northwest IPA. Light in color, this beer is hoppy with a lot of character. Centennial hops do most of the work while Simcoe hops were added as a dry-hop addition to enhance the citrus. Classic Belgian flavors of bread, cloves and spice work well together.”
  1. 17 May 2018Murray & Allen Pub, Beaverton, OR
    This was pretty good ... I didn’t notice the Belgian yeast flavors. It reminded me of Sunflower IPA, bitter hoppy and not fruity hoppy ... nice! I would get it again.
119) My Mind Is Ramblin’ Double IPA
8.6% ABV • 66 IBU • 
“This beer might make your mind ramble a bit. Using Citra, Amarillo and Meridian hops in the boil, and dry-hopping with the same combination, we’ve acquired hints of grapefruit, lemon, mixed berries and melon. The addition of Caramel Munich Malt brings a rich orange color to the beer, with a nice malty flavor that helps balance the big hop flavor in this Imperial IPA.”
  1. 17 Mar 2018Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    Tried a sample. Not so great ... too hoppy or fruity or bready or sweet or something ... I couldn’t quite identify it.
126) Hammertime
5.6% ABV • 67 IBU • 
“If you’re a Hammerhead fiend, then get ready for a new twist on our beloved flagship pale ale. Brewed with the same malts as Hammerhead, this new take on the recipe features a whole new lineup of hops that provide a touch more bitterness. This beer dances on the line between Pale and IPA and is a very tasty reimagining, in tribute to the original classic.”
  1. 28 Mar 2018Fireside Bar @ Old St Francis School, Bend, OR
    Original Hammerhead is MUCH better ... this does not seem hoppier, it seems weaker or waterier ... very disappointing ... I would not get it again.
120) Sinister Hops IPA
6.3% ABV • 67 IBU • 
“It’s not as sinister as you may think. We used a simple grain base of Superior Pilsen and Crystal 15 malts with Centennial, Mosaic and Meridian hops in the boil and dry-hopping. You’ll notice fruity, tropical citrus aromas with an earthy pine flavor and hints of berry and mango. This IPA is almost troublesome it’s so well-rounded.”
  1. 17 Mar 2018Wilsonville Old Church, Wilsonville, OR
    Tried a sample. Pretty much a typical moderate IPA, along the lines of Sunflower IPA ... it was OK, but not what I’m looking for right now.
130) Beans and Biscuits IPA
6.5% ABV • 78 IBU • 
“Sometimes when the cupboard is bare, beans and biscuits are a welcome sight. If there were no other beers available, an IPA would also be a happy find. This medium-bodied American standard is a golden hoppy beer with a certain zip, tang, pow.”
  1. 7 Apr 2018McMenamins on Monroe, Corvallis, OR
    This beer has a unique taste I can’t quite place. They used Pilsen malt in the brewing ... which fits, because this beer seems like a hoppy Pilsner. This is the kind of IPA I like ... bitter-​hoppy rather than fruity-​hoppy. But it’s not too bitter ... there’s a pretty good balance. I can’t believe I like an IBU 78 beer! It has a strange name but satisfying taste ... I would get it again.
114) Spring Run IPA
6.0% ABV • 78 IBU • 
“The huge berry and pine flavor in this IPA comes from heaps of juicy hops, radiating over a light malt body. This is one perfect beer for spring.”
  1. 10 Mar 2018Elks Temple, Tacoma, WA
    Pretty good ... along the lines of Sunflower IPA ... it doesn’t seem as hoppy as the 78 IBU would suggest ... I would get it again. I sipped on a pint during the Cosmic Tripster Party #7 in this unrenovated seven-story historic building ... an awesome sneek-preview with some great beer!
139) Eyetooth IPA
6.5% ABV • 90 IBU • 
“Eyetooth IPA hearkens back to the day when IPAs were bitter and copper-hued, and elk had tusks. Well, not that long ago, but this IPA is for those of you who’ve been longing for a beer with a great aroma that gently scrubs your mouth.”
  1. 17 May 2018Imbrie Hall @ Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, Hillsboro, OR
    Nice! It doesn’t seem like an IBU 90 ... I can’t believe I am drinking and liking a beer with such a high IBU! It is somewhat like the Bel-Ore IPA I had earlier in the day. I would get this again.