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Wednesday 23 January 2019   —   Category: Equipment
After drooling over an Olympus 12-100mm f/4 Pro lens (24-200mm equivalent) for nearly a year, I rented one to try out during a four-day outing to Washington State in August 2017. The more I used the lens the more I fell in love with it!
Tuesday 1 January 2019   —   Category: Thoughts
Being hopelessly backlogged, the utility and immediacy of Instagram, an ever-deepening passion for cooking ... various influences are converging to propel me into a new season of life. What effect will that have on this Byrd Photo Web site?
Wednesday 7 November 2018   —   Category: Cooking & Food
It seems like this gourmet chef wannabe is turning Korean: Korean tacos, Korean kimchi, Korean wraps, Korean pineapple boats, Korean sandwiches, and even Korean tteok-bokki and garae-tteok — kimchi and Korean fusion cuisine have taken over my heart and kitchen!
Sunday 4 November 2018   —   Category: Cooking & Food
They say that variety is the spice of life. Then how much more will a variety of hot sauces spice up your eating?! During the past couple of years I have been experimenting with making a number of different Mexican and Korean hot sauces.
Wednesday 31 October 2018   —   Category: Cooking & Food
After hating barbecue sauce and pulled pork all my life, I finally discovered how delicious they are, while eating at various restaurants. Since then I have been making numerous meals with pulled pork and my own homemade barbecue sauces.
Wednesday 24 October 2018   —   Category: Cooking & Food
Right after enjoying the new Carl’s Jr Baby Back Rib Burger last summer, I attempted to make it at home. Not only was I trying to imitate their burger, I was also trying to make the picture of my burger look like their glamourous publicity photo.
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