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Black and Yellow Babies
Wednesday 16 May 2012   —   Category: Shooting
Today I was looking at the tires on my truck when I noticed a small yellow clump of something — about three-quarters of an inch long and a quarter of an inch high — hanging from the top edge of the wheel well. At first I thought it was a small piece of some sort of flower that had gotten stuck there during my recent photographic outing. But on closer inspection I realized that the individual, itsy-bitsy parts were MOVING! Yikes! Then it hit me that they must be newly hatched spiders!

I ran inside, mounted my macro lens on my camera, grabbed my tripod, and headed back to the nursery. As you can see from the resulting photo, there are dozens of baby black and yellow garden spiders — each one about one millimeter across — all piled together in a big heap. Some were crawling around, but most seemed stationary.

Are they going to make their way to the garden, or are they going to infest my truck? Or are they going to get blown away on the freeway tomorrow when I go to Salem? I hope they don’t hang around, forcing me to use a can of Raid on them — I would hate to be guilty of infanticide!
UPDATE: I have good news and bad news. I’m sorry to say that the spiderlings did not endure the freeway’s gale-force winds. Hopefully they all found good homes in the Interstate 5 median somewhere between Albany and Salem. The bright side is that I've escaped the dastardly deed of killing babies!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 98
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 98
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