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Catlow Valley Photo Album
Friday 4 May 2012   —   Category: Outings

On the west side of Steens Mountain, south of the Blitzen Valley, is the Catlow Valley. While the Blitzen Valley is marshy and fairly narrow, the Catlow Valley is high desert, much bigger, and about 400 feet higher in elevation.

Catlow Valley was never a destination for me, merely an area to get through on my way to more interesting places. I drove through this valley twice during my three days in Eastern Oregon: once in a southerly direction to get to the east side of Steens Mountain via Fields; the other time in a westerly direction towards the Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge.

As soon as you leave the Frenchglen Hotel, heading south on Oregon Route 205, you make a steep climb up the rim of the Blitzen Valley. At the top, which is the very northern reaches of the Catlow Valley, there is a spread-out grove of trees, which seems to be home to some deer, for I saw them in this area more than once during my travels. I was able to get some good shots of them (with my camera, of course!), before they ran away.

Despite the rainy weather, I took 72 photos in and around this valley, which I have narrowed down to the best 14 for the Catlow Valley 2012 photo album, including one sunrise panorama — thus completing the fifth album of photos from my April 2012 trip to Eastern Oregon.

P.S. Happy Star Wars Day!
For a complete list of all the blog entries and photo albums resulting from my trip to Eastern Oregon, be sure to check out the April 2012 Eastern Oregon Photo Outing Recap
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 94
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 94
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