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Where the Wild Things Are
Wednesday 2 May 2012   —   Category: Shooting

If you have looked at very many of my photo albums, you will quickly see that I’m primarily a landscape photographer. I generally don’t go on a photo outing to specifically take pictures of wildlife. However, on occasion, when I’m out shooting beautiful landscapes, I do run across animals that I am able to photograph without too much additional effort.

On the technical side of things, as I have been creating this Web site, the photos albums on it, and the database that makes everything work, I've added certain global categories to which photos can belong in addition to the particular photo album each one is in. So far, these categories are “black and white,” “panoramas,” and most recently, “wildlife.”

For example, every panoramic picture I take can be found in the photo album corresponding to the location where the shot was taken, but I also specifically mark those pictures as belonging to the panoramas category. Using that information, I've been able to create multiple panorama photo albums, which find all the photos marked as panoramic from all of the photo albums, and presents them all together in “virtual” albums, categorized by year. So far, I've put together Panoramas 2007-2011 and Panoramas 2012.

I've done the same thing with all of my black and white photos, so you can browse the Black and White 2011 photo album, the Black and White 2012 photo album, etc.

Recently I took a look through all of my existing photo albums, and marked every photo that was of wildlife (domestic animals don’t count), so they could all be gathered together into “virtual” wildlife albums for easy viewing. At this point, you can browse Wildlife 2006-2010, Wildlife 2011, and Wildlife 2012.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 93
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 93
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