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Rain, Rain, Go Away!
Sunday 15 May 2011   —   Category: Thoughts
This t-shirt might be exaggerating somewhat, but not by too much! It’s now the middle of May, and we’re in our eighth month of rainy weather here in Oregon — since October 2010! Kinda puts a damper on those photographic nature hikes! Quit raining on my parade!

I've had my new Sony Alpha α55 camera for two-and-a-half months now, but I've hardly touched it — the last thing I want to do is to take it outside and ruin it in the rain! At this point, there’s no end in sight for the cold, gray, wet Oregon weather. I suppose it has to end one day, unless this t-shirt is correct after all!

My photographic finger is getting itchy ... I've got it on the shutter button ... I wanna push it, push it, PUSH IT!

Of course, there ARE places in Oregon where it doesn’t rain so much. Basically, the further east you go, the drier it gets. But it can be a long, long drive that far east. From Albany to Sisters is already two hours, and that’s not very far east at all. I would probably have to spend some nights in a hotel. Hmmmm ... I’ll have to look into the possibilities.

Actually, I DO like living in western Oregon — so I had just better shut up and enjoy the wet Oregon weather! But now that I have a compelling reason to go outdoors more often, it’s making it harder to bear the nine-month rainy season. Oh well....
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 9
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 9
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