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Hoodoo Ski Area Photo Outing
Saturday 21 April 2012   —   Category: Outings

This is the first photo album I've made from the 2,200 photos I took on my recent trip to Southeastern Oregon. In order to get from the Willamette Valley in Western Oregon to the other side of the state, you have to cross the Cascade Range of mountains. Because this was my first time traversing the Cascades during the winter (well, it’s actually spring now, but the mountains are just as full of snow as they are in the winter, and you are still required to carry chains just in case), I decided to stop at the Hoodoo Ski Area near the top of Santiam Pass, just off the U.S. Route 20 I was already traveling on — no detour required!

My short stop was rewarded with great views of Three Fingered Jack, Mount Washington, the geologically-fascinating Hayrick Butte,, and even the Three Sisters (well, at least the North and Middle Sisters). It was a bit cloudy, but that provided ever-changing patterns of mist swirling around Three Fingered Jack. That’s one reason I took so many pictures up there — every few seconds, the view around Three Fingered Jack was different!

There was still quite a lot of snow on the ground, as you can see from the few photos I took of my truck. I even packed some snow into a small ice chest to keep my drinks cold, because the ice I had put in the night before had already melted. That Hoodoo snow kept my water ice-cold all through the day and into the evening! Cool!

I also took a lot of photos of Mount Washington, trying numerous angles, compositions, focal lengths, and aperture settings — the various combinations of which resulted in an assortment of pictures of the mountain, each with a slightly different look and feel. You may feel that there is some repetition in this section, but look carefully and you will see that each photo reveals another aspect of Mount Washington’s character and surroundings.

Many of the photos of these two peaks did not have much color in them, so I converted fifteen into black and white, to give them that classic, Ansel Adams look. All told, I took 168 photos in the Hoodoo area in a bit less than two hours. I've narrowed it down to the 23 best pictures, and put them into the Hoodoo 2012 photo album.
For a complete list of all the blog entries and photo albums resulting from my trip to Eastern Oregon, be sure to check out the April 2012 Eastern Oregon Photo Outing Recap
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 86
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 86
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