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Tryon Creek State Natural Area
Saturday 14 April 2012   —   Category: Outings

As I reported earlier, last weekend I attended the semiannual Nature Photographers of the Pacific Northwest (NPPNW) meeting — held this time around on the campus of Lewis & Clark College, just up the I-5 in Portland. The main speaker for the event was professional photographer George Lepp.

When I was looking at a map of the area, I noticed that very close to the college was Tryon Creek State Natural Area. I had never heard of it before, and thought it might be a nice place to visit that day, if I had time.

A little bit later, I popped over to the Wikipedia Web site, and when I glanced at the “Today’s featured article” section, I was shocked to see that it was the entry for Tryon Creek State Natural Area! Now, is that a bizarre coincidence, or what? ARE there such things as “coincidences?” Hmmmm....

When the seminar ended a bit after 5:00 PM, I drove down the road to the state park, grabbed my fairly-new Canon S100 camera, and went to see what I could see. The light was a bit dim, and it was somewhat muddy on the trails. I don’t think this is even close to being the most interesting state park in Oregon, but it does have the distinction of being the only one within a major metropolitan area. Indeed, once in the forest, you feel far removed from downtown Portland, rather than being a mere six miles away!

So even though it was kind of a boring forest compared to other places in Oregon, I tried to keep my photographic eyes open for interesting subjects. I made it a point to take a shot of each type of wildflower I came across, but some did not come out good, because focus is always an issue with macro shots. I didn’t have my DSLR camera and tripod, but only a point-and-shoot. Still, in the end, it’s the photographer’s skill that makes the picture more than the type of camera.

I wandered around the trails for nearly an hour and a half. It’s a large park — 645 acres — so I wasn’t able to see even half of it. I did get some interesting shots, the best 20 of which have been collected into the Portland Tryon Creek 2012 photo album.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 81
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 81
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