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2019 and the Future of the Byrd Photo Web Site
Tuesday 1 January 2019   —   Category: Thoughts
If you look at the index of blog articles, you will see that I posted only 25 articles in 2018. This is significantly lower than the number of articles I wrote in previous years (89, 106, 137, 74, 80, 174, 41). There are a few reasons for this decline.

I am so far behind in processing the photos I have taken and writing the corresponding articles — two years and counting! — that it is getting harder and harder to put time and effort into catching up, since it seems more and more unlikely that I ever will.

As I wrote in Why I Like Instagram After All, “In­sta­gram to the rescue! By putting a photo immediately on their Web site, I get the immediate joy and satisfaction of sharing my picture and the activity or recipe it de­picts.” In addition, I also receive more feedback (likes and comments), and more immediately as well.

I would still prefer sharing my photos and stories on this Web site rather than Instagram. But I have found that using Instagram is good enough for now, and that it is better at fulfilling my desire to share, for the reasons mentioned above.

Probably the most important reason why I have been getting so far behind is that I am finding much more life and energy by being in the kitchen than I am sitting in front of the computer. This is a big change for me, but it is important to go with the flow, and move on to the next season rather than stubbornly clinging to the past season.

I’m not totally pulling the plug on this Web site, but it is going to be on the back burner even more than before as I immerse myself fully in my passion for cooking. I plan to still post an article from time to time, but I think I will end up with even fewer articles in 2019 than I did in 2018.

Don’t imagine that I’m fed up with pho­tog­ra­phy as I was six years ago. No way! I still have a passion for photography and I’m still taking plenty of pictures, both in the kitchen and on outings.

You can keep up with my latest ac­tiv­i­ties and photos on Instagram by search­ing for @cascadiabird in the In­sta­gram app, or view it in a Web browser at
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 728
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