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The Year In Panoramas: 2017
Tuesday 18 September 2018   —   Category: Outings
If you have been reading my articles regularly, you will know that I have lamented too many times over the past couple of years about how far behind I am in processing my photos and writing articles. Indeed, I am so chronically backlogged that earlier this year I started posting a small selection of photos on my Instagram feed.

As I have been looking through the photos I still have to process and share on this web site, I was noticing that I had a fair number of panoramic shots. Because I am so far behind in presenting my photos and adventures from 2017, to say nothing of 2018, I eventually had the idea to share those panoramic photos before I actually got around to sharing all of the other pictures from those outings.

I have gathered my best panoramas from last year into the aptly named Panoramas 2017 album. These 35 images will give you an incomplete yet interesting look at some of the places I traveled to during 2017 that provided panoramic views worth capturing. Highlights include:
  • Portland Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden   
  • Seattle
  • McMenamins on the Columbia in Vancouver
  • Seal Rock
  • Fort Rock / Christmas Lake Valley Basin
  • Shell Beach in California
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 718
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