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A Tin Shed / Oxbow / Ox Box Portland Day
Friday 24 August 2018   —   Category: Dining Out
Last month I dropped off my wife and daughter around 8:00 AM at the Portland airport. Then I was off to experience a few places I had never been to in the Portland metro area.
First things first: it was time for a good breakfast! After researching a number of eastern Portland restaurants, I chose the Tin Shed Garden Café for its great re­views and unique menu.

It is located in a building that, in keeping with its name, looks like a tin shed, on the corner of NE 14th Place on Port­land‘s trendy Alberta Street.
I got a table in the enclosed patio area, which you can see under the sloping roof in the right side of the above photo.

The tea was kinda spendy, so for only 25 cents more I ordered a glass of orange juice that seemed fresh squeezed.
The “Good Dog” I enjoyed for breakfast consisted of pork sausage, jalapeño, bell pepper, onion and egg scramble, with Tillamook cheddar, salsa fresca and chi­pot­le aioli.

My notes from that day read: “I chose to have it served over cheese grits (po­len­ta). It was killer ... truly scrumptious!”
Next it was time to walk off my filling breakfast to make room for a late lunch.

From the Tin Shed I drove 24 miles east, and a bit south, to Oxbow Regional Park on the Sandy River near Gresham, on the eastern edge of the Portland metro area.

I found some shade in which to park my beloved Tacoma, and then set out to explore part of this 1,000 acre natural area park.
For part of the hike I was on a trail bordering the Sandy River, where I took most of my photos, including 27 pictures to create two 180-​degree panoramas.

A smaller version of one of the panoramas is shown below; click on it to see the full-​sized image.

The rest of the trail went through the forest, where I took a few more photos, including the one to the right.

After getting hot and sweaty on the trail it was time to head back into the city for some lunch before they closed at 2:00.
Ox Restaurant, one of the most popular dining spots in Portland, is only open for dinner, but during the summer they run the lunch-​only Ox Box pop-up in their parking lot.

I arrived at Ox Box, which is only two miles from the Tin Shed where I had breakfast, around 1:20.
Ox also has a small bar in a separate building on their property called the Whey Bar. I had to go inside to pay for my meal and get something to drink.
Just outside the Whey Bar is a patio dining area, where I had my choice of tables because I had arrived after the noon lunch crowd.
The reason I chose to eat at Ox Box was to try their Argentine choripán, which first came to my attention via an Instagram post. Once I saw that beautiful sight, I just knew that I HAD to have one!

This simple South American sandwich consisted of house-​made chorizo sausage and house-​made chimichurri verde on a light, crunchy bun.

My notes from that day read: “This sandwich was so awesome that it was definitely worth going out of my way to have one. I just wish I didn’t live 75 miles away!”
Since I was going Latin American with the food, I decided to go that route with the drink as well. It was my first time sipping a Mexican Tecate beer. It was OK ... not bad but nothing great ... it was good to have tried it once in my life.

Between my hike at Oxbow and my lunch at Ox Box, it was a double ox day in Portland!

All in all I took a total of 70 photos. The best 13 from my hike can be found in the new Oxbow Regional Park 2018 album. The best 15 from the two restaurants have been gathered into the new Oregon Pub Crawl 2018 album.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 717
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 717
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