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An Oregon City / West Linn Pub Crawl
Wednesday 15 August 2018   —   Category: Dining Out
In my last article I wrote about exploring Oregon City on foot in May 2017. That article covered all the non-dining lo­ca­tions I walked by that day, while this follow-up article surveys all of the res­tau­rants I visited during my outing.
My first stop was Yvonne’s, on Main Street, where I arrived at 7:00 just as they were opening.

I chose this restaurant for a few reasons: it had fairly good reviews, it’s pretty much the only place open for breakfast in the Oregon City old town, and it’s the name of my French-​speaking Swiss mother-​in-​law.

I’ll let you be the judge of which factor was the most influential!
The inside of Yvonne’s was nicely dec­o­rat­ed and had a welcoming feel. As the first customer, I had the place to myself for a little while.
At $3 the tea seemed too spendy, so I paid 50¢ more for a decent-​sized glass of orange juice that was very nice and tast­ed freshly squeezed.
I had a relatively small breakfast since I was already planning on stopping at a few more restaurants throughout the day.

My notes from that day read: “The bis­cuit was good, crunchy on the outside, with a homemade feel. The sausages were nicely plump, but slightly un­der­cooked. The eggs were good as well, and even better with my beloved Tabasco sauce. I liked the presentation of the food, with paprika and parsley on the corners of the plate.”
Before I left I popped into the restroom. The nice décore at­tract­ed my photographic eye. So I took a picture, inspired by the quirky book The Best Places To Pee: A Guide To The Funky & Fabulous Bathrooms of Portland.

For my other bathroom shots, if that’s your kind of thing, see the entire growing collection!
As I was wandering around town after breakfast I passed by Oregon City Brew­ing Company. I didn’t stop there, as it wasn’t yet open, but it looked interesting from the outside.
Their huge sign is a reminder to always read the fine print!
For lunch I went to The Highland Still­house on the corner of South Mc­Lough­lin Boulevard (Oregon Route 99E) and South 2nd Street.

The next photo below shows just part of their extensive patio seating.
For details about my previous (first) visit to The Stillhouse in April 2016, see the article A Beer, Schnitzel, Bread Pud­ding, Whisky Day.

Photos from that visit, including some good shots from across the street of the horseshoe shaped, 1,500 foot wide, 40 foot high Willamette Falls, can be seen in the Oregon City 2016 album.
Here is another section of patio, as seen from the table I was sitting at.

The next photo shows the view looking from my table in the opposite direction.
From near to far, the sights include:
Although the Highland Stillhouse has a quite large selection of whiskey, their tap list was thin pickin’s.

I ended up with a pint of Kilted Pilsner, from Belhaven Brewery in Scotland. I could not find this on the brewery’s list of beers, so I don’t have any details about it except that the menu said it was 5% ABV.

My notes from that day read: “Not very good pilsner ... watery without a great taste ... was this Budweiser? I would definitely not order it again.”

There are other pilsners I’ve had that are WAY better.
Fortunately, the meal was much better than the beer. After some deliberation I chose the grilled flat iron steak.

My notes from that day read: “The meat was flavorful and fairly tender, and top­ped with mushrooms and a tasty sauce. The carrots were perfect ... not too hard, not too soft, drenched in butter. The mashed potatoes were good as well, especially with the extra sauce. All in all truly scrumptious!”
After walking back to the center of town I stopped by the McMenamins Oregon City Pub, located in a historic church building on the corner of McLoughlin Boulevard and 9th Street.
After McMenamins obtained ownership of the building they added a nice patio in the back.
Like many other McMenamins locations the inside is cozy and comfortable, with lots of wood.
During my visit I sipped a pint of their Farmstead Wheat. Ac­cord­ing to the brewer:

“This crisp, easy-​drinking American Wheat beer is comprised of fifty percent malted wheat that’s rounded out with Pilsen and Vienna malts. Generous flavor and aroma additions of citrusy hops give this beer a bright nose with flavors of fruit and bread.” Meas­ure­ments: 5.2% ABV • 23 IBU

My notes from that day read: “Nothing else on the tap list seemed interesting, and my notes reminded me that this was a good beer, so I enjoyed it a second time. I like it!”
Also like most other McMenamins venues, the McMenamins artists have covered the walls with their unique style of art for which McMenamins is famous.

Before I left I made sure to get the location stamp in my McMenamins Passport.

Once I had walked back to my truck I drove across the Willamette River to get to my last stop, the McMenamins West Linn Pub located in the historic Wil­lam­ette district of West Linn, on the north­west bank of the River.
Although it is in a much newer building than their Oregon City Pub, it has the same inviting atmosphere with lots of wood and artwork.
This pub is one of the small number of McMenamins locations to feature a huge wall mural. This one, inspired by the book Golf in the Kingdom, was painted by McMenamins artist Scott Young.
Three samples of McMenamins beers that I tried, none of which I cared for. See the caption for this photo and the following two for details about the beers and what I thought of them.
Because none of the beer on tap tickled my taste buds, I got a pint of tried and true McMenamins Black Cherry Cider ... re­fresh­ing and delicious!

Another stamp in my Passport was delicious as well!

During this Oregon City / West Linn pub crawl I took a total of 83 pictures. The best 46 are now on display in the new Oregon City Pub Crawl 2017 album.

See the Oregon City 2017 album for the other photos I took that day in Oregon City.
For more tales about other locations, see My McMenamins Passport Adventure.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 716
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