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Why I Like Instagram After All
Monday 7 May 2018   —   Category: Miscellaneous
Back in July 2017 I wrote a pretty forceful article about why I dislike Instagram. Therefore I never, never thought I would be writing a follow-​up article about why I actually like Instagram. How does that saying go? “Never say never!”

So what has happened for me to have such a major change of heart? Has Instagram suddenly gotten a lot better? Was I wrong about what I wrote previously? Have I lost my mind?

As I look back on what I wrote 10 months ago, I still agree with almost all of what I said. All of my reasons to dislike Instagram are still valid. So it’s not that Instagram has changed and improved.

Rather, my photographic situation had taken a turn for the worse, and I have found that Instagram can actually play an important role in making my plight more bearable.

At the end of my earlier article I lamented that I had so little time for Instagram because I was SO far behind in writing articles and processing photos for this Web site. Why devote time and energy to putting photos on Instagram, I reasoned, when that would cause my primary place for sharing photos to be even more neglected?

The unhappy reality is that I am even further behind than be­fore. The backlog of photos and articles has only increased.

However, I spied a ray of light in the gloom. I suddenly realized that the backlog and my lack of time were great reasons to use Instagram rather than avoid it.

As I wrote earlier this year in A Winter in the Kitchen, for a number of months I have been spending a considerable amount of time pursuing my gourmet chef wannabe hobby. As always, I document my culinary adventures with copious notes and plenty of photographs.

Unfortunately, a food photo I take today would most likely not be shared on this Web site for at least a year, and probably even longer. By that time it would be pretty stale news, and my joy in sharing the picture would be greatly diminished.

Instagram to the rescue! By putting a photo immediately on their Web site, I get the immediate joy and satisfaction of sharing my picture and the activity or recipe it depicts.

I have been posting regularly, sometimes daily, on Instagram since St. Patrick’s day. During that time I have found other benefits as well.

It has been an unexpected pleasure to have a number of extended family mem­bers follow me on Instagram, to have them like my photos, and sometimes leave comments. I feel like I am more connected with them than I have been in decades. OK, despite all the drivel on social media, I suppose it serves a good purpose as well.

I was really motivated to start putting my food photos on Instagram after read­ing an article on 11 Portland food Instagrammers you need to follow right now was published a week or so before I started posting reg­u­lar­ly on Instagram.

Both the great quality and the poor quality of the photos these In­sta­gram­mers were posting inspired me to share my own photos. The not so great pic­tures made me realize that my photos were actually pretty good. And the great photos being posted inspire me to up my photographic game.

Not only are the foodies I am following helping me become a better pho­tog­ra­pher, but they are also helping me be­come a better cook. The dishes they are photographing, whether taken at home or at a restaurant, are inspiring me with ideas to try in my own kitchen. Like the scrambled eggs, bell pepper and spinach on a bagel dish shown to the right, as well as the Korean pineapple boat shown above.

For all of the reasons mentioned in this article, I am liking Instagram after all. And for the foreseeable future I plan on posting food photos there quite often. In addition, when I am out and about I will likely post pictures while on the road.

You can browse my Instagram album by searching for @cascadiabird in the In­sta­gram app, or view it in a Web browser at
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 713
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