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Positively Passionate About Lamb (Meat)
Saturday 28 April 2018   —   Category: Cooking & Food
In past articles I have stated numerous times that I am positively passionate about Portland. It was in that city that I started to become positively passionate about lamb (meat) in early 2016. During that year I had lamb in a handful of dishes at different restaurants. But in 2017 the passion increased as I began to bring it on home to my own kitchen.

As part of my continuing gourmet chef wannabe adventure, I made seven dif­fer­ent lamb dishes during 2017. In this article I will be sharing about the first dish, and in the next article about the other six.
Grilled Lamb Kibbeh with Yogurt Dipping Sauce
and Orange-Cumin Cabbage, Carrot and Radish Salad
I came across the three recipes for this meal on, one of my significant sources for new dish ideas.

For the veggie part of the meal, Orange-​Cumin Cabbage, Carrot and Radish Sal­ad, I started with diced red cabbage, grated carrot and sliced radishes.
To flavor the salad, I ground some whole coriander and cumin seeds in my won­der­ful granite mortar and pestle.
In addition to the freshly ground spices I added vinegar, olive oil, dried cilantro, sugar and honey, orange juice, cayenne pepper and salt.

I decided to throw in a handful of chop­ped walnuts as my own contribution to the recipe.
The yogurt dipping sauce was not a complicated affair. To a quantity of plain yogurt I added garlic, parsley, oregano, marjoram, mint, cayenne pepper, sugar and salt.
The kibbeh was a mixture of ground lamb, bulgur wheat, tomato, onion and seven spices: cardamom, cinnamon, all­spice, sumac, mint, cayenne pepper and salt.

The photo to the right shows all the in­gre­di­ents mixed together before the lamb was added.
When I was finished making the kibbeh it was half ground lamb and half all the other ingredients. As a result the patties were hard to grill because they were del­i­cate and crumbly.

It would have been easier to cook them in a skillet on the stove, but the barbecue imparts such a wonderful flavor that I just couldn’t resist.
The patties were especially hard to turn over. It seemed that as they lost moisture they became even more crumbly. Live and learn!

Some people say that lamb meat has a strong taste that puts them off a bit. I haven’t really noticed a strong dis­a­gree­a­ble lamb taste, only a strong delicious taste!
Sorry ... I forgot to take a picture before I started eating. As you can see, I put one of the patties in half a pita and then added some of the yogurt sauce. On the side was the exotic salad.

The lamb pita was pretty good, but I did not really care for the salad. I was will­ing to give it a shot, but unfortunately I do not like some of the dominant flavors in it, like cilantro and cumin. So the sal­ad is definitely not a keeper. As always, YMMV.
All told I took 58 photos while preparing this meal. The best 12 are now on display in the new Lamb Cuisine 2017 album. In my next article I share briefly about each of the other six lamb dishes I made in 2017.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 710
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