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A Winter in the Kitchen
Tuesday 13 February 2018   —   Category: Cooking & Food
In my last article I mentioned some rea­sons why I have not been posting very many articles for the past few months, particularly because of a winter’s spring cleaning. But I had forgotten to mention that I have also been spending a con­sid­er­a­ble amount of time in the kitchen these past months, pursuing my gourmet chef wannabe hobby. The more time and effort I devote to cooking, the less I can work on processing photos and writing articles.

My fourth annual Gourmet Chef Wan­na­be album starts off with a lone photo of Yukon Gold potatoes in a bowl. Un­for­tu­nate­ly I am more than a year behind in processing my food and cooking pic­tures from 2017. Tragic but true!

Therefore, it is probably going to be a while before these potatoes have the company of other 2018 food photos. But you never know. As I explained over a year ago, I’m so far behind that it is more enjoyable for me to not process and present my photos in chronological order. So there should be more pictures in this album before we reach 2019!

To feast your eyes on additional photos from my kitchen, be sure to check out these albums from past years:
The entire collection from this and previous years can be found all together in the conglomerate Gourmet Chef Wannabe (All Years) ‘super-​album’.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 705
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 705
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