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Around the Neighborhood in 2017
Thursday 11 January 2018   —   Category: Shooting
Over the past nine years I have taken probably two thousand or more photos in my yard and in my neighborhood in southwest Albany, Oregon. More than 700 of the best images are on display in 25–plus albums on this Web site. Seeing that I go for a walk around the area nearly every day, in addition to oc­ca­sion­al extra jaunts, we are talking about more than 3,000 rambles through the neighborhood!

For many of those years I always carried a pocket camera with me on those daily walks. By the time 2016 rolled around, I was kind of burnt out on taking pictures in the neighborhood ... been there, done that. Even though I left my camera at home during 2017 as well, I still took over 100 photos that year; most of them were taken around my house in either the front or back yard. Following is a rundown on the best of those photo-ops.
A couple of days into the new year I was admiring the snow dusted, 4,097 foot Marys Peak, the highest mountain in the Oregon Coast Range, which stands 22 miles west-​southwest from the south-​west corner of my neighborhood.

I also have a similar photo from March 2013.
Within the same week a new round of snow hit the area. Here is the view from my upstairs home office of the front yard, the street, and neighboring houses.

In between this photo and the one above, my wife and I went on a two day trip along Oregon’s North Coast in January.
After walking around the neighborhood so I could physically experience and en­joy the snow, I indulged in one of my rare selfies, even though I hate selfies.
In May I encountered a vivid orangish bush during my daily neighborhood walk. The next day I took my pocket camera on the walk to get this shot.
By June, lovely flowers were blooming in the backyard.
In July, a growing garden enticed a hun­gry deer to our backyard. One evening around 9:00 I looked out my bedroom window and saw this graceful creature sampling this plant and that. I quickly grabbed my camera, and in the twilight I took about 40 shots through the window. This is the best one.
October brought the beginning of Or­e­gon’s nine-​month rainy season. With the drippy weather came the never ending beauty of raindrops.

For more photos of rain-​bejeweled fallen leaves, don’t miss the Autumn Leaves 2012 album.
Later in October there was a break in the weather, so I took one last walk (until next summer) on the Oak Creek Green­belt Trail which surrounds my neigh­bor­hood.

In the swamp on the west side I found quite a few ducks. For more duck and other photos from the swamp, see the results of this search.

Out of the 112 photos I took around the neighborhood in 2017, the best 22 are in the new Neighborhood 2017 album. For all of the hundreds of presentable pictures I have taken around the neighborhood over the years, see the Neighborhood (All Years) conglomerate ‘super-​album’.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 703
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