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2016 Finally Over in October 2017
Monday 16 October 2017   —   Category: Miscellaneous
Well, I finally did it! After 22 months of hard work, I have at long last finished processing all my photos for 2016, and writing all of my articles about events and photos in 2016. My previous article — Home Bar Home Decorating, along with its ac­com­pa­ny­ing photo album Home Bar 2016 — were the final ones for that year.

But I have no time to celebrate. I am buried under such a humongous backlog of 2017 photos and articles that it is going to take me a long, long time to dig out of it. But one day, one photo, one word at a time and I will finally reach that goal as well. We will see if it is before or after October 2018.

Actually, there is just one last photo for 2016. One day in September 2016 I was driving through nearby Jefferson, Or­e­gon, when I noticed an ironic combination of signs as I was passing by. It really gave me a chuckle, so I just had to stop and take a picture. That’s my kind of humor!

The only problem was I had no suitable 2016 photo album to put it in. And I for sure was not going to create a new album just for one image. Looking over my options, I ended up adding it to the Portland Lone Fir Cemetery 2016 album. Seeing that these photos are all related to cemeteries, and were all taken in the same month, it seems like an appropriate decision.

Before I close, there is also one last album for 2016 that I want to bring to your attention. A while ago I created my seventh annual wildlife collection: Wild­life 2016. As with the previous albums, it is a compilation of pictures of wildlife which I happened to take on my nu­mer­ous photo outings during 2016. All of my wildlife images can be viewed all to­geth­er in the Wildlife (All Years) con­glom­er­ate ‘super-album’.

Oh my goodness! I might be channeling Steve Jobs now, because I still have a one more last thing.

Back in December 2015 I created my first Best of Food & Cooking album af­ter seeing the article The Best Food Pho­tos of the Year. I couldn’t help thinking that many of the food photos I took that year look as good, or sometimes even better, than the images that were pre­sent­ed on OregonLive.

I was right in the middle of writing this article when I realized I had not created a second annual Best of Food & Cook­ing. Well, I still had time to squeeze in a new album for 2016 before con­cen­trat­ing fully on 2017. So I went through the 372 pictures in the Food & Cooking 2016 album in search of the best 50, which have been gathered together and presented in the new Best of Food & Cooking 2016, my last photo album for 2016. And that was really the last one last thing!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 694
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