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Letting the Creative Juices Flow
Friday 29 September 2017   —   Category: Cooking & Food
Once in a while a brainstorm hits and I have an idea for a new dish. Because I have enough experience under my belt as a gourmet chef wannabe, my cooking instincts are getting stronger and more refined.

With this growing sense of ability, it is fun to let the creative juices flow and make up a new recipe on the fly. In July 2016 I had a sudden inspiration, so I went with the flow to see what would result.

In years past, if I wanted a cream sauce for a dish I would open a powdered mix and add milk. Making such a sauce from scratch was a mystery to me. But over the past couple of years I have been learning, experimenting, and figuring it out.

After making a ghee and flour roux I added milk, chicken bouillon and white wine. I flavored that mix with Worces­ter­shire sauce, prepared horseradish, Ta­bas­co sauce, Dubliner cheese, and a number of different dried herbs. Then I added crimini mushrooms and diced pork ten­der­loin which I had roasted sep­a­rate­ly in a cast-​iron skillet.

While the sauce was simmering I fried zucchini with Weber N’Orleans Cajun Seasoning and a bit of extra virgin olive oil over high heat in the same cast-iron skillet.

Once it looked roasted, I added chunks of red onion, turned off the heat and continued to let the veggies cook with lid on. After a little while the zucchini was tender and the onions were still crunchy ... perfect!
And while the veggies were roasting, I boiled some extra-​wide egg noodles. Once everything was done it was time to put the meal together.

First I put a generous helping of noodles on a warmed plate. Then I layered the zucchini and onions over the pasta.

To complete the pièce de résistance I ladled an ample amount of the pork and mushroom cream sauce over the noodles and veggies.
Everything turned out really good ... tru­ly scrumptious ... definitely a winner!

Be sure to download the Pork and Mush­rooms in Horseradish Sauce recipe PDF.

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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 686
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