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Sharing My Gourmet Chef Wannabe Recipes
Thursday 28 September 2017   —   Category: Cooking & Food
Around mid-2015, for some mysterious reason, I had aspirations to become a wannabe gourmet chef and beer connoisseur. All of a sudden I had an interest in trying new foods and beers, both at restaurants and at home. And for the good food I discovered eat­ing out, I eagerly wanted to figure out how to make the same dishes at home.

Because my other passions are photography and blogging, it was natural that I would document my epicurean and culinary adventures with pictures and articles ... and recipes.

On my gourmet chef wannabe adventure I have shared more than twenty downloadable PDF recipes, scattered over nu­mer­ous articles and photo captions. Now, I have gathered all those recipe links onto a single page, so you can find them all in one place. In addition, I have set up an easy Web address for getting to that page:

For photos on this and related topics, be sure to check out these albums:
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 685
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 685
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