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These Are a Few of My Favorite Restaurants
Friday 15 September 2017   —   Category: Dining Out
Even though I have been primarily going to McMenamins pubs during my McMenamins Passport adventure, I still like going to other venues as well. In no particular order, these are a few of my favorite Oregon restaurants ... I have been enjoying Wiener Schnitzel with spätzle (knöpfli) and other German epicurean delights at the handful of Gus­tav’s locations in the Portland metro / Salem area for over ten years now.

As you can see in the photo to the right, it is served topped with cremini mush­rooms and Hungarian paprika sauce. Heavenly! I had this particular serving at their Bargarten in Keizer (north Salem).

Even though the veal schnitzel is my favorite Gustav’s dish, I have tried other delicious meals there as well, like cab­bage rolls and rouladen. Speaking of cabbage rolls, another res­tau­rant I have had numerous scrump­tious meals at over the past decade is right here in Albany. Last year Novak’s Hungarian Restaurant moved from their long-​time location in the newer section of town to a cozier spot in the historic downtown.

When researching the link for “down­town” I discovered that the first main photo on the Downtown Albany site is actually one of mine! You can check out the original image, read about the story behind the photo, and how it won a first-​place award. Cool! In addition to European dishes I also like seafood. Besides the international Red Lobster chain, the Pacific Northwest has its own McGrath’s Fish House. Started in nearby Salem, they currently have one Idaho, two Washington and six Oregon locations. Once in a while I like to have a meal at their nearest restaurant in Cor­val­lis, only 13 miles from my house.

Twice I have had their Fresh Rockfish New Orleans According to the menu it consisted of “a Cajun sauce with shrimp, Andouille sausage, mushrooms, to­ma­toes, scallions, and peppers served over a blackened Pacific rockfish.” It came with some veggies and I chose penne pasta, in a cream sauce and topped with Parmesan cheese, for the side, as shown in the photo above.

About a year and a half earlier, after I had tried this dish for the first time, I created my own version which I named Chunky Cajun Cream Sauce. More recently I’ve started calling it Linguiça and Shrimp Gumbo. Whatever you want to call it, I think mine is much better (IMHO)! Be sure to download a PDF of my recipe and try it for yourself. In the future I will definitely not be ordering the McGrath’s version any more, but one of their many other tasty dishes.
The best 9 photos from two meals at Gustav’s, one meal at Novak’s and one meal at McGrath’s, all last year, have been added to the Oregon Pub Crawl 2016 album, which is now complete. The best 3 pictures from a meal at McGrath’s this year have been added to the Oregon Pub Crawl 2017 album. You can see all of the McGrath’s photos in one place with this search.

The only remaining photos from 2016 which I still need to process, with their accompanying not-​yet-​written articles, are all related to my gourmet chef wan­na­be cooking attempts in my kitchen at home. I will be SO glad to put last year behind me at last!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 682
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