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McMenamins Roseburg Station Brewpub
Tuesday 12 September 2017   —   Category: Dining Out
On the way back from visiting Cal­i­for­nia’s Central Coast in December 2016, as we were traveling north on the I-5, we stopped at the McMenamins Roseburg Station Brewpub in Roseburg, Or­e­gon — the southernmost location in the Mc­Men­a­mins Pacific Northwest brew­pub empire.

As with numerous other McMenamins properties, this pub is located in a his­tor­ic building — in this case a Southern Pa­cif­ic railroad depot built in 1912.
This was the view from our table. As is also common with many other Mc­Men­a­mins venues, unique and curious light fixtures abound.

None of us were very hungry so I or­dered an appetizer of soft pretzel sticks with a cheese and ale fondue that we could all share.
I was more
eager to get
this stamp
than I was for
the food and
drink! More
details about
that below.
The service was kind of slow, but when the dish eventually arrived, the three pretzels were in various stages of cold, like they were straight out of the fridge or freezer. Bummer!

The waitress took the plate back and after another while brought a fresh batch which were really hot. Well, I guess these things happen.

To wash it down and refresh my gullet I had a Spearhead Molly ale. According to the brewer:

“Molly is the fictitious matron of the Roseburg Railway Station Pub. The short, stout woman lavished employees and patrons with decadent pies and tarts that were second to none. Molly’s tarts and temperament were as sweet as her wrath was fierce. Many illegal games of boxcar poker came to an end with a brawl between players, but Molly would step in to knock the unruly offenders over the head with her rolling pin. It was her sweet disposition and smooth character that earned her respect, but it was her sharp and powerful presence that earned her the nickname “Spearhead Molly.” Like its namesake, Spearhead Molly has both sweet characteristics and a powerful bite. It’s an American Brown Ale with a smooth, nutty palate and a crisp hop finish.” Meas­ure­ments: 5.7% ABV • 29 IBU

My notes from that day read: “A brown ale much like my favorite Moose Drool, but a bit lighter. Nice ... I would get it again. Brewed on site.”

As I have mentioned previously, in order to get a McMenamins Passport stamp at their hotels, but at a handful of other locations as well (like Roseburg Station), you have to see what the current clue is, find the object at that venue which matches the clue, and then take a selfie with the object. This “dis­covery hunt” is all part of the Mc­Men­a­mins Passport adventure

So after our snack my wife and I wan­dered the building, trying to match a photo to the clue: “Jack and Fred Dent (father and son).” It wasn’t much to go on, but we finally found a photo that seemed to match (the top picture above our heads), so I took a low-​quality selfie with my iPad Mini. As I have said be­fore, seeing that I hate the self­ie craze, it is very ironic that in order to get certain McMenamins Passport stamps I have to take a selfie.

Because the Roseburg Station is the only venue in that Passport section on page 21, we received our prize right away: matching t-shirts, as shown to the right. Whoop-​de-​doo!

We didn’t stay very long and I did not take very many photos, but the 3 worth sharing have been added to the Mc­Men­a­mins Miscellaneous 2016 album. Thus ended my McMenamins (and non-​Mc­Men­a­mins) outings for 2016. Onward 2017!
For more tales about other locations, see My McMenamins Passport Adventure.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 681
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