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Broken Top Winter
Saturday 31 March 2012   —   Category: Other Photographers
Today is the 31st of March, and this is my 21st article for the month! I wonder what I was doing those ten other days? I must have been sluffing off!

As I wrote in an article earlier in the month, reading books by Oregon-trailguide author William Sullivan has been inspiring me to work out more in order to prepare for the upcoming photo-hiking season. I had also mentioned that I am currently working through one of his newer books, Oregon Favorites: Trails and Tales.

Just the other evening I got to a chapter near the end of the book in which he describes a winter snow hike that he and some friends took around the volcanic 9,175-foot Broken Top mountain in the Oregon Cascades. He recounted how the adventure was even filmed for the Oregon Field Guide (OFG) program by Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB).

It’s a fascinating story, and it got me wondering if the OPB Web site had that episode of OFG online. After a bit of searching, lo and behold, I found it! And OPB was even nice enough to enable embedding, so you can watch the nine-and-a-half-minute video right here!
Wow! Isn’t that inspiring! This video is a great example of what I’m trying to promote on my Web site: the marriage of outdoor exploration with digital imaging.

Of course, Bill and his friends are way beyond my league when it comes to physical strength and endurance, but at least I can follow in their footsteps in my own feeble capacity. And with all of his excellent hiking guides for the state of Oregon, I’ll never be at a loss for a great place to go exploring and taking pictures.

Even if you don’t live in Oregon or enjoy hiking, I have to recommend again these two adventure books Bill has written about his exploits. He is a very talented writer, so they are very enjoyable reads and great stories! May these books — and my blog — inspire you on your own adventures! As my new birthday t-shirt proclaims: The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go!
Photos copyright by William L. Sullivan from Used by permission.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 68
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