Brian's Photo Blog — Article 67
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Photography Monthly Magazine
Friday 30 March 2012   —   Category: Books & Mags

A bit over a year ago, when I had just ordered my first SLR camera in 25 years, I started thinking about how enjoyable it would be to subscribe to a photography magazine. Back when I was an avid teenage photographer, I had subscribed to Popular Photography for a few years. Because my passion for photography was being renewed, it was time to renew a magazine subscription too!

So I took a look around at the photography magazines listed on Most of the American magazine seemed to have mixed reviews and critical customers. The British Photography Monthly looked pretty good, but through Amazon an annual subscription is a whopping $108!

In circumstances like this it is always good to investigate and dig a little deeper. Taking a look around the Photography Monthly Web site, I found that I could get an annual overseas subscription for only £40 — which works out to a more reasonable, but still kinda expensive, $65 per year. You have to make sure you follow the correct link on their Web site in order to get this special price.

Last month it was time to renew my subscription. When I tried to do so on the Photography Monthly Web site, they were going to charge me £60 for the renewal, compared to the £40 for my original subscription! I contacted them about that, saying that it seemed strange, and all they did was reply cryptically that special deals could be found if you know where to look for them — but they didn’t spell it out any clearer than that!

So once my subscription ran out, I just went through the same subscription process as the first time, again for £40. So far it seems like that’s working out fine for me.

I’m currently reading my 13th issue (the one pictured here on the top), and for the past year I have been really enjoying this magazine. Even though some of the article refer to specific places in Great Britain for photo outings, still, the principles they discuss can be applied anywhere. I guess I've had a deep interest in that island for much of my life, so the Anglo-centric flavour of the publication doesn’t bother me at all — it’s actually quite delightful!

On the Photography Monthly Web site, readers can upload their photos, and some that the editors like will appear in a future edition of the magazine! I've uploaded a handful, but no luck yet! They also have regular contests on different themes, the best photos of which, as before, will appear in the publication.

If you’re in the market for a quality photography magazine, Photography Monthly — with it’s large 8.25 x 11.75 inch pages, abundant gorgeous photos, and great articles — is definitely worth a look. I highly recommend it!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 67
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