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A New View of Portland’s Homeless
Monday 19 June 2017   —   Category: Other Photographers
If you have been following this Web site for any length of time you should be well aware that I have been positively passionate about Portland for more than two years now.

At the same time, I have been deeply troubled by the homeless crisis in Portland. I have taken a tiny little step towards helping them by donating monthly to the Portland Rescue Mission. And a couple of times I have bought some food at a grocery store for a homeless person.

Recently the PetaPixel Web site published an article entitled Portraits of Portland’s Homeless: Eyes as the Window to the Soul by photographer Pedro Oliveira. He writes:
In June 2015, I started a personal project casing lives of real people like you and me, who had plans and dreams, but for whatever reason ended up on the streets or shelters. My ultimate goal is to increase awareness of homelessness issues, which seldom have our attention, and which include the social barriers homeless people face that often turn them into virtually invisible human beings.... Throughout these two years I have learned a lot, have become emotional a lot, and have hopefully educated people about homelessness, reminding us all that most of us are “just a few pay checks away” from homelessness ourselves.... If you want to see the beauty of a person, forget their clothing and look into their eyes.
Don’t miss all the remarkable photos from this project, Careful: Soul Inside, on Pedro’s Web site.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 664
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 664
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