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Moonstruck’s Oregon Craft Brewers Truffles
Sunday 18 June 2017   —   Category: Cooking & Food
For Father’s Day in 2016, my family gave me a 12-​piece Oregon Craft Brew­ers Truffle Collection from Portland’s Moonstruck Chocolate Company.

Seeing that today is Father’s Day 2017, I figured it was about time to get those photos processed so I could tell you about the chocolates.
The Moonstruck logo reminds me a bit of the Jethro Tull logo. Probably just a coincidence.

On another side of the gift bag was a pretty big claim. Would the chocolates live up to the hype?
If you have been following this Web site for any length of time, you will already know that I’m quite fond of beer.

I also really like chocolate, even though I don’t mention it very often.

So combining beer and chocolate had the potential to be truly scrumptious. A match made in heaven?
As you can see, Moonstruck provided a multi-​step unboxing experience.

I wonder if that is supposed to build anticipation?
The 12-​piece Oregon Craft Brew­ers Truf­fle Collection contains three each of four different beer-​infused chocolates (from left to right):

Rogue Ales Hazelnut Brown Nectar Deschutes Brewery Black Butte Porter
Moonstruck sure did a good job making the truffles look special. I particularly liked the realistic bottle-​cap-​look at the top, complete with the brewer’s name, logo and the type of beer used.

Over the following week I tried one of each flavor. I’m sad to report that I did not like any of them.

I think that beer tastes way better when not mixed with chocolate. And that chocolate tastes way better when not mixed with beer.
Combining these two wonderful tastes did not result in anything wonderful. To the contrary, I had to force myself to finish the four truffles I tried.

After that unappetizing and disappointing trial run, I gave the remaining eight truffles to my daughter, who took them to share with her colleagues at the birthing center where she was an in­tern. The midwives loved them!

Click on the photo to pause the image swapping. Click again to resume. Click here to see a larger version of the photo.

All 9 pictures from this chocolate unboxing experience are now on display in the Moonstruck Chocolate 2016 album.

When walking along Portland’s NW 23rd Avenue in late 2015, I stopped at one of the Moonstruck stores. I took a photo of the exterior, and made a sequence of photos of the display case inside the shop.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 663
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