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A McMenamins Friends and Family Night
Thursday 1 June 2017   —   Category: Dining Out
Recently I told you about my first visit and my second visit to the McMenamins North Bank restaurant in Eugene, Oregon. Exactly a week after my second lunch there, I was back at North Bank for dinner.

Numerous times throughout the year, at various venues, Mc­Men­a­mins holds Friends and Family Night fundraisers. At such events, half of the evening’s earnings are donated to a local “good cause.” On this occasion the beneficiary was the Mc­Ken­zie River Trust.

Not only would I be helping preserve the McKenzie River while enjoying delicious food and drink, but I would also be getting one more ‘experiences’ stamp in my McMenamins Passport. Definitely a win-​win situation!
McMenamins is famous for its unusual lamps and interesting interiors which are often worth gazing at and pho­to­graph­ing. This was the view of an atrium and various lamps as seen from my table.

As always, you can click on the photo to the right, as well as the other photos ac­com­pa­ny­ing all my articles, to see a larg­er version.
Over the past couple of years I have been trying to get out of a food rut by eating more adventurously. So I decided to try a meal I had never had, nor even heard of, before: osso buco, a dish that originated in the city of Milan in north­ern Italy.

The menu described it as “pork shank, polenta, pan vegetables, and pine nut persillade.”
Once I started eating the veggies, I was in a lot of doubt as to exactly what they were. There was such a variety of colors that I assumed the dark purple ones were beets and the whitish ones were turnips, even though they didn’t taste much different than the orange vegetables, which certainly seemed to be carrots.

Seeing that I didn’t think I liked cooked beets and turnips, I was surprised at how mild and good they tasted. But seeing that I have never really tried cooked beets and turnips, I started to feel like I had misjudged them, and should have given them a chance much earlier in my life. How wrong I was!

I asked the waitress about the veggies, but she didn’t know what they were, so she went to ask the chef. A bit later she returned to announce that all of the vegetables were heirloom carrots — which I had never heard of before. The mystery was solved!
It was pretty good food. The meat was fairly tender and tasty, but there was way too much of it for me to finish. The polenta, pine nuts and carrots were all delicious, as I would have expected. I’m not sure that I would order it again, but perhaps I would since I had this meal nearly nine months ago.

I’m confused about what the thin white strands are on top of the polenta. It looks like cheese, but if so, I would have ex­pect­ed it to look more melted than it does. Perhaps it was a bit of grated white carrot for decoration? I’m just not sure.
With my special, adventurous meal I enjoyed a glass of Mc­Men­a­mins Black Rabbit Red wine, as I have on a number of pre­vi­ous occasions. It was very nice as always.

I took a total of thirteen photos that evening at North Bank. The best seven have been added to the McMenamins Eugene 2016 album, which also contains the best pictures from my previous two outings to McMenamins venues in Eugene.

In my next article I share with you the details of my fourth and final visit to McMenamins Eugene for 2016.
For more tales about other locations, see My McMenamins Passport Adventure.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 661
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