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McMenamins’ Pair of Ruby’s Spas
Tuesday 25 April 2017   —   Category: Outings
As I was looking over my articles recounting my Mc­Men­a­mins Edgefield visits and my McMenamins Grand Lodge visits, I realized that I had not said much about the Ruby’s Spa located on each property. Today’s article will rectify that omission.

The first Ruby’s Spa & Salon opened in 2006, six years after the opening of the Grand Lodge property where it is hosted, in the western Portland metro suburb of Forest Grove.

The second Ruby’s Spa & Salon followed a year later, seventeen years after the opening of the Edgefield prop­er­ty where it is hosted, in the eastern Portland metro suburb of Troutdale.

Both locations offer a wide range of services, including, for women, facials, massages, manicures, make-up, waxing, hair styling, and more. Men are served as well, with hair cuts, facials and pedicures. Even children can come for a haircut. Edgefield offers intraceuticals treat­ments as well as additional men’s services like shaves and waxing.

The Grand Lodge soaking pool and the Edgefield soak­ing pool both feature a salt-​based system which keeps the water sanitary without the excessive use of chlorine. The resulting benefits include reduced chlorine odor, eye irritation and hair damage. According to Mc­Men­a­mins:
“Many people previously convinced that they had an allergic or other aversion to chlorine found no such problems after experiencing a salt-​based system. A salt system allows us to more precisely control the sanitizer output, often requiring lower levels to achieve water purity. The mineral salts have many health benefits of their own.”
Perhaps because the Edgefield Ruby’s is located in a separate building and not in the main hotel, a tiny Tea House Bar is accessible from the pool. The photo to the right shows the Tea House Bar from outside the pool area.

In the Grand Lodge, the Doctor’s Office Bar and Bob’s Bar are both located in the basement of the hotel, along with Ruby’s. The Grand Lodge soaking pool is situated a short walk away, up on ground level.

During my last visit to the Grand Lodge I was not able to take any pictures of the soaking pool because there were a num­ber of people in it and I wanted to respect their privacy. Therefore, I have included the photo to the right which I “borrowed” from the Web.

So which Ruby’s Spa & Salon should you visit? Well, it depends if you want to go east or west. Edgefield is located at the eastern end of the Portland metro area, about 13 miles away from down­town. The Grand Lodge is located on the opposite side of the metro area, about 20 miles west of downtown. In the end, may­be you should visit both properties!

As for me, I have no intentions of using any Ruby’s services, except perhaps for a dip in a soaking pool. Although their prices may be in line with the going rates, their spendy, fancy treatments are for people who have a lifestyle higher than what I can relate to. No, this coun­try bumpkin in the big city is going to keep his body hair, trim his own nails, and get $15 haircuts at Great Clips, thank you very much!

I have collected all of my photos from the two Ruby’s Spas into a new ‘virtual’ album. With the creation of the Mc­Men­a­mins Ruby’s Spas (All Years) con­glom­er­ate ‘super-​album’ I have reached a new milestone: this is my 300th al­bum of photos on this Web site!
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 646
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