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McMenamins Grand Lodge Attic Rooms Ribbon Cutting
Sunday 9 April 2017   —   Category: Outings
In August 2016 I made my first visit to the McMenamins Grand Lodge in the western Portland metro suburb of Forest Grove. On that beautiful summer day I explored the property, inside and out, enjoyed some good food and drink, and watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens outside, under the stars, with my young-​adult son who lives in the Tigard area. There is so much to see at this property, and my time was limited, so I had al-​ready planned a return visit.
A perfect opportunity to fulfill that wish came along on February 11, 2017, when the Grand Lodge celebrated the grand opening of their new attic hotel rooms. As part of my McMenamins Pass­port adventure, I made the 80-​mile, 100-​minute drive from Albany to Forest Grove to join in the festivities.

Among the many events and attractions planned for the grand opening party, the first took place at 11:45 AM with a ribbon cutting at the main entrance to the Lodge. Wielding the huge cer­e­mo­ni­al scissors was none other than Mike Mc­Men­a­min, who along with his brother Brian, are the founders and owners of the McMenamins Pacific Northwest brewpub empire.
Of course, what’s a ribbon cutting with­out speeches?

Addressing the crowd were, on the left, Peter Truax, the mayor of Forest Grove, and in the center, Howard Sullivan, ex­ec­u­tive director of the Forest Grove / Cornelius Chamber of Commerce.

Last but not least, Mike McMenamin shared his thoughts about the Grand Lodge, and the renovation of the attic into beautiful new hotel rooms.

Finally the big moment arrived ...
... Mike cut the ribbon, the on­look­ers clapped and cheered, and the Transcendental Brass Band began to play a lively tune.

The event announcement had stated that after the ribbon cutting there would be “a parade procession up to the attic, led by the Transcendental Marching Band.” So I expected the band to lead the crowd up. Instead, the crowd surged forward while the band kept playing on the porch.

Once I reached the top of the ramp on the second floor, right in front of the entrance to the theater, I stopped to let the crowd continue on. Then I realized that the band was following the crowd rather than leading it.

After the band passed by, I tagged along just behind the bass drummer as we proceeded down the hall to the attic door. Let me tell you, an eight-​piece brass band is really loud when you are right next to it in a hallway! It was great!

When we reached the door to the attic, the band turned aside and kept playing while the rest of us proceeded up the steep, narrow stairs. Once we reached the top, it was time to explore the 22 new hotel rooms, hallways, and even a secret passage.

Those photos, and the rest of the story, are shared in the second article of this six-​part series: Exploring McMenamins Grand Lodge New Attic Rooms.
I didn’t take very many pictures during the opening ceremony and procession because I was capturing it all on video instead of with still shots. Most of the images on this page are not actual photographs, but still frames taken from the video footage.

The seven video clips I ended up with totaled ten-​and-​a-​half minutes. Using my video editing skills from past years, I created a more-​interesting summary video that is only two minutes long. Click the play button below and enjoy the highlights!
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 640
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