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Curtains and Reflections
Tuesday 27 March 2012   —   Category: Shooting
The windows in my home office face east and south. Even though each window is outfitted with a good-quality blind, light still seeps in through the cracks and around the edges, especially when the full sun is shining on them. Because of how my desk is situated, and because my primary computer screen is a very reflective, glossy Apple 24-inch LEC Cinema Display, this light causes a lot of glare on the screen, which can at times make it very hard to work.

For a couple of years I have been wanting to hang some drapes over these windows to block this bright light, but have just never got around to it (those elusive round tuits are VERY hard to find!). Yesterday I finally got fed up, and headed down to the new Walmart in town to see what the possibilities were. I was very pleased to find some suitable curtains quickly and easily! Happy birthday to me (two days before I turn 50)!

I spent some time in the afternoon putting them up, and now the glare-on-the-screen problem has been solved once and for all! I've taken a shot of my redecorated office so you can see for yourself.

As I was pondering the great reflectivity of my glossy Apple computer monitor, it suddenly came into my mind that I could use that ultra-reflectivity to my advantage. I turned on my desk lamp, set up my camera with a wide-angle lens, sat down in my desk chair, and fired away. As you can see, the screen is quite reflective — and so am I!

I’m very happy with how this photo turned out. Seeing that I’m a computer professional (even though I've been unemployed for over two years now), it’s fitting that my self-portrait is a reflection in a computer screen. And in light of my passion for photography, it’s very cool that you can see a relection of the camera in the screen — and that you can see parts of my photo prints hanging on the wall. You can click on the photo to see it larger.

So here’s to reflections: those we want to get rid of, and especially to those we can make good use of!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 64
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 64
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