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Eight New Annual and Multi-Year Photo Albums
Sunday 19 March 2017   —   Category: Miscellaneous
Another year, another round of annual photo albums. And with the ever-​growing number of pictures on this Web site, it is getting increasingly challenging to man­age those images and present them in a coherent and easy-​to-​navigate manner.

As of today, my online photo gallery consists of more than 8,200 pictures grouped into nearly 300 albums. Because all of that photo and album in­for­ma­tion is stored in a database, it allows me to slice and dice it in different ways so that I can present various collections of images.

One way that I try to keep things organized is to select photos from existing albums and display them in annual conglomerate albums and multi-​year conglomerate ‘super-​albums’. This groups together similar types of images, making them easier to find.

Recently I created four new annual conglomerate albums for 2017, each of which continues an album series from previous years. In addition, I have established new multi-​year conglomerate ‘super-​albums’ for four categories of photos which have seen large increases in their number of images since last year. Read on for all the details! Sometimes I take a photograph which has nice composition, but because of various environmental conditions the color or contrast does not turn out well. No matter how I try to process the picture in Adobe Lightroom, I just can’t achieve a sat­is­fac­to­ry result in color.

In order to salvage the worthwhile com­po­si­tion, I resort to monochrome proc­ess­ing. Quite often this works wonders, al­though sometimes I simply have to admit defeat and toss the photo on the virtual reject pile.

Besides the photo processing, I simply LOVE black and white photography! There is a certain beauty and majesty to a good monochrome image which the in­clu­sion of color tends to ruin.

All of the black and white pictures I take this year will be on display in the Black and White 2017 conglomerate album. For more black and white photography, don’t miss these albums from previous years:
This is the sixth year in which I have been pre­sent­ing some of my photos with a square crop. As pho­tog­ra­phers have knows for many dec­ades, the 1:1 — otherwise known as square — aspect ratio can be very appealing.

When processing a photo, one technique to im­prove the image is to utilize cropping. Some­times there are areas of the photo which are dis­tract­ing and need to be cut out. In other in­stanc­es, the shape of the subject is better presented by chang­ing the aspect ratio of the photo to 1:1.

In order to bring attention to the appeal of square photos, I am gathering them from where they appear in other 2017 albums and am presenting them in the Square Images 2017 conglomerate album. There are not very many images in this collection right now, but more will be added during the year.

Fortunately, when it comes to photography, it’s not square to be square! So be sure not to miss the square photos taken during other years:
It is March 2017, and I am a full twelve months behind in processing my home kitchen photos from 2016, and about six months behind with my 2016 restaurant shots. Therefore, for much of 2017, the Food & Cooking 2016 album will prob­a­bly con­tin­ue to grow faster than the Food & Cooking 2017 album. This un­for­tu­nate reality is not what I want, but it’s the way it is.

For more food photography, be sure to take a look at the Food & Cooking 2015 album with its 334 images. In addition, see the Food & Cooking (All Years) al­bum which con­tains my entire collection of food pictures. The adventure continues! My Mc­Men­a­mins Passport adventure, that is. After making significant progress last year, I plan on completing the remaining one-​third of my adventure in October 2017 at Kennedy School, on the two-​year an­ni­ver­sa­ry of my first visit there. At that time I will officially become a Cosmic Tripster — Mc­Men­a­mins’ term for those who have completed their Passport.

The McMenamins Pub Crawl 2017 al­bum, and the accompanying ar­ti­cles, will document each step of this year’s Pass­port adventure. Big trips are coming up, like the Old St. Francis School in Bend and all the Washington State venues, plus smaller outings to the rest of the Portland venues.

All of the resulting McMenamins-​related pictures will be scattered across various 2017 photo albums. To make these images easier to find, I have created this album as a follow-​up to the previous McMenamins Pub Crawl 2015 and McMenamins Pub Crawl 2016 albums.

For a complete listing of all of my McMenamins-​related articles and photos, see the My McMenamins Passport Adventure index page. For photos taken at all of the non-​McMenamins pubs I have visited, see the Oregon Pub Crawl (All Years) conglomerate ‘super-​album’. During the two-​year course of my McMenamins Passport ad­ven­ture, I have taken a large number of pictures while visiting their 116 venues. As of mid-​March 2017, I have visited 71 Mc­Men­a­mins venues, written 31 articles about my adventure, and have just over 600 Mc­Men­a­mins-​related photos in 26 albums.

With that many images, I’m exploring new ways to organize and present them. Recently I’ve sliced and diced this collection into some new conglomerate ‘super-​albums’, as I explained in My Five New McMenamins Photo Al­bums. They are: Of course, all of the photos presented in those five albums are scattered across the 26-​and-​counting McMenamins-​related al­bums. The same goes for the McMenamins Pub Crawl (All Years) con­glom­er­ate ‘super-​album’. It brings into a single, large collection all of the photos found in the smaller annual Mc­Men­a­mins Pub Crawl albums mentioned above. I’ve been trying a lot of different McMenamins beers during the two-​year course of my McMenamins Passport adventure. In or­der to organize and present those beer experiences, I have re­cent­ly created two new conglomerate ‘super-​albums’: Mc­Men­a­mins Beer (All Years) and a complete, detailed, sortable listing of all the Mc­Men­a­mins beers I have tried.

But why should McMenamins beers get all the attention? As I wrote in Breweries and Pubs in Portland and Beyond:
According to the Oregon Craft Beer Web site, there are cur­rent­ly more than 194 brewing companies operating more than 234 fa­cil­i­ties in 72 cities dotting every region of the state. These brew­er­ies are con­coct­ing thousands of different beers — over 6,700 in Port­land alone! That’s pretty im­pres­sive!
It’s even more impressive now, exactly a year later, because Or­e­gon now has 230 brewing companies operating 261 facilities in 73 cities. And is tracking over 10,000 beers from 96 brew­er­ies in the Portland area! So many beers, so little time!

Of course, I have tasted only a tiny fraction of all the beers craft­ed in Oregon. But those which I have and taken photos of — over 30 and counting — can now be viewed and explored in the con­glom­er­ate Non-McMenamins Beer (All Years) ‘super-​album’. New beers will be added as I have the opportunity to try them. Cheers! After all this talk about McMenamins and non-​McMenamins pub crawls, and McMenamins and non-​McMenamins beers, we desperately need to discuss where to pee all that beer! For­tu­nate­ly, I have already researched some possibilities.

Back in September 2015 I went on my first pub crawl ... see My First Portland Pub Crawl — In the Pearl for all of the juicy details. While in downtown Portland’s Pearl District, I stopped by the famous, four-​story, one-​square-​block Powell’s Books on West Burnside Street.

While there I bought a copy of the quirky The Best Places To Pee: A Guide To The Funky & Fabulous Bathrooms of Portland book. It is a pretty unusual tourist guide — you might even call it weird. In spite of that — or because of it! — I received pho­to­graph­ic inspiration which I might not have found anywhere else.

Since then, as part of my effort to keep Portland weird, I have created my own series of pub bathroom photos. Until now they have been scattered across numerous pub crawl photo albums. To make them easier to find, I have gathered them together into the Best Places to Pee (All Years) conglomerate ‘super-​album’. Around mid-2015, for some mysterious reason, I had aspirations to become a wannabe gourmet chef and beer connoisseur. All of a sudden I had an interest in trying new foods and beers, both at restaurants and at home. And for the good food I discovered eat­ing out, I eagerly wanted to figure out how to make the same dishes at home.

Because my other passions are photography and blogging, it was natural that I would document my epicurean and culinary ad­ven­tures with pictures and articles. My original Food & Cooking 2015 album was reasonably-​sized for a little while, but the quan­ti­ty of photos in that album, taken both in restaurants and in my kitchen, quickly mushroomed to a difficult-​to-​manage number.

I ended up splitting that album into a number of smaller albums. I was also brainstorming for creative ways to organize my grow­ing col­lec­tion of food and cooking photos. Soon it became ap­par­ent that my restaurant photos and my home-​cooking photos need­ed to be grouped separately. I realize that it can be difficult to tell the difference between many of these albums, so here’s the low­down:

The Food & Cooking series of conglomerate albums con­tain pho­tos from both my home-​kitchen and from restaurants:
Photos taken in restaurants, pubs and bars have their own series of conglomerate albums, organized into Mc­Men­a­mins and non-​McMenamins (Oregon) collections:
Last but certainly not least, my home-​cooking pictures have their own series of conglomerate albums, which make up the content of the Gourmet Chef Wannabe (All Years) ‘super-​album’:
More photos will be added to this album — and to the current and future annual Gourmet Chef Wannabe albums — as I experiment more in the kitchen and the Gourmet Chef Wannabe series continues.
For last year’s take on this subject, check out New Specialty Photo Albums For 2016.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 635
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