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Star Wars at McMenamins Edgefield
Wednesday 8 March 2017   —   Category: Outings
About four months after watching Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens with my son at the McMenamins Grand Lodge in Forest Grove — see my article Star Wars at McMenamins Grand Lodge — we met in December to see the just-​released Star Wars: Rogue One movie.
This time we went to the Power Station Theater, part of the McMenamins Edge­field property in Troutdale, on the east­ern edge of the Portland metro area (PMA). Forest Grove and Troutdale are on opposite sides of the PMA, and are about as far apart as two towns can be — 44 miles — and yet still be in the PMA.
After an-​hour-​and-​45-​minute drive from my home in Albany, I arrived at Edge­field around 10:00 AM. For the next 45 minutes I wandered around part of the property’s 74 acres, taking pictures of many of the same locations as I did dur­ing my first visit in June 2016. However, this time, instead of being beautified with flowers, the grounds were dec­o­rat­ed with Christmas wreaths and a gen­er­ous dusting of snow.
By the time I was done with my photo shoot I was quite cold, so I found a cozy cor­ner in the bar section of the Black Rabbit Restaurant and Bar, on the ground floor of the hotel, where I could warm up with some hot black tea.
When my son arrived around 11:00, we walked around the property a bit since it was his first time there. Even though it was cold, we enjoyed standing around a toasty fire pit for a little while. Then around 11:15 we headed into the nearby theater.

I had purchased the tickets a few weeks before on the McMenamins Web site. Be­cause the theater looked so small on the seating chart, I had chosen seats in the last row so we wouldn’t have to tilt our heads too far back to see the screen.
Once we got into the theater, I found out that my imagination didn’t match reality. I hadn’t realized that the screen was kind of small, nor that the last couple of rows were under the balcony.

Therefore we didn’t have the best view, even though the last row is only the sev­enth row. We would have been better off a few rows down, or else perhaps sitting in the balcony. Oh well, live and learn!
Here’s a shot from the ground floor look­ing up at the balcony and the beau­ti­ful ceiling, which was painted by Mc­Men­a­mins artist Lyle Hehn — a fact which I recently learned from Lyle’s own lips at the Mc­Men­a­mins Artists History Pub at Edgefield.

Since it was lunch time and the theater is a restaurant, my son got a hamburger and fries, with a Ruby Ale to wash it all down. As for me, I wanted something that would last longer and not get cold.
Therefore I got the hummus plate, with a generous serving of various raw veggies, pita bread, and cubes of feta cheese. Be­cause I actually don’t care that much for hummus, I had brought along a bottle of Tabasco sauce to help cover up the bean taste.

My meal choice ended up being a good one, as it was tasty and lasted through quite a bit of the movie. It was so filling, along with a couple of pints of Ham­mer­head beer, that I didn’t even have room for a planned bag of popcorn.
I really enjoyed Rogue One, even though it was a bit violent. I think it is one of the best Star Wars movies out of the eight so far. It was very well made, and it was great to see it together with my son.

The reason I drove 90 miles to see this movie instead of seeing it in Albany was to get the “experiences” stamp for “See a Movie” in my McMenamins Passport — part of my Mc­Men­a­mins Passport adventure.

It wasn’t until I was getting in to my truck and was about to leave that I realized that I had forgotten to get the stamp! How could I?! So I had to go back to the theater and show them my ticket in order to get my precious stamp. I would have been very upset with myself if I had arrived back home without it!

While I was there I took a total of 51 photos. You can see the best 22 in the new Mc­Men­a­mins Edgefield Snow 2016 album. For more details about my previous two-​day outing to Edgefield for the 2016 summer solstice, check out these articles and albums:
For more tales about other locations, see My McMenamins Passport Adventure.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 632
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