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McMenamins Artists History Pub at Edgefield
Friday 3 March 2017   —   Category: Outings
In last week’s article McMenamins Artists Lost and Found, I recounted how the short biographies of Mc­Men­a­mins artists which were part of their old Web site didn’t make it over to their recently-​released new Web site, for some strange rea­son. It is beyond my comprehension why these artist bios were axed from the new site.

The front two-thirds of Blackberry Hall
The back one-third of Blackberry Hall
Painting of Frankie Baker by Myrna Yoder
Because this omission bothered me so much, I decided to track down the bios and make them available to the world once again through my Web site. In light of all this, it was an interesting co­in­ci­dence that just three days after I posted that article of 13 recovered bios, five of those very artists gave a presentation at McMenamins Edgefield.

McMenamins regularly hosts “History Pub” events at some of their locations, usually in conjunction with the local historical society. Earlier this week, on February 28, Edge­field held a History Pub entitled “The Art­work of Mc­Men­a­mins Edgefield” in their Blackberry Hall, the largest indoor event space (3,200 ft²) on the property.

The doors opened at 5:00 PM, with the event starting at 6:30. Food and drink were available in the Hall before and during the event, in addition to the on-​site Power Station Pub and Black Rabbit Restaurant.

After a nearly-two-hour drive from Al­ba­ny to Troutdale, we arrived just before 5:30. When we entered Blackberry Hall, we were shocked to find that all of the table seats, which occupied about two-​thirds of the room, were already taken. Gosh! So much for arriving an hour ear­ly to have a meal in the Hall!

So we went to have dinner at the Power Station Pub instead. My wife Catherine had big spinach salad with lots of yum­my top­pings, while I had an scrumptious steak sandwich. I washed it all down with a sea­son­al Sleepy Hollow Nut Brown beer. We were anxious to get back to the Hall before all the non-table seats were taken, so we didn’t take as much time to leisurely enjoy our meal as we should have. Nor did I take the time to photograph our meals as I usually do.

Because the Pub was holding one of Mc­Men­a­mins “Friends and Family” fundraising events, not only did my wife get a Power Station Pub location stamp in her Mc­Men­a­mins Passport, but she received an “Attend a Friends & Family Night” experiences stamp as well. I had already gotten both stamps on previous outings.

The waitress (and cooks!) gave us ex­cel­lent service, so we were back to the Hall by 6:00. The seats were filling up, but we found a couple and settled down to wait another half an hour until the event started. Before we left for the evening I wanted to try their seasonal pomegranate cider, but they weren’t offering it in the Hall at the bar they had set up in the back.

I told my wife that I wanted to stop by one of the Edgefield venues once the event was over, but she said, “Why don’t you go to the Power Station right now and bring the cider back here?” Gosh! Why didn’t I think of that?!

The presentation was pretty interesting, al­though sometimes it was hard to hear be­cause the speaker wasn’t always talk­ing properly into the mic. McMenamins his­to­ri­an Tim Hills asked questions and the five McMenamins artists, sitting at a table next to Tim, took turns replying. They also pro­ject­ed some photos on a screen, but be­cause we were sitting so far back it was hard to see them well. After an hour or so they took questions from the audience for a while.

The event wrapped up a bit after 8:00. Catherine got another “experiences” stamp for “Attend a History Pub Pres­en­ta­tion.” That brought her total “ex­pe­ri­enc­es” stamps up to four, entitling her to a $20 Mc­Men­a­mins gift card. Yippee!

Next we headed for the Edgefield Gift Shop, where I bought a 375 ml bottle of their Phil Hazelnut liqueur and an Edge­field Black Rabbit marble coaster to add to my growing collection of coasters from their hotel properties. While there, my wife received her $20 gift card.

After looking around the hotel a bit at some of the artwork, we made the long drive back to Albany, arriving home around 10:30. I didn’t take many pic­tures during the evening, and there are not enough for a separate Edgefield album, but the five worth sharing have found a home in the new Mc­Men­a­mins Miscellaneous 2017 album.
For more tales about other locations, see My McMenamins Passport Adventure.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 631
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