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My Five New McMenamins Photo Albums
Monday 27 February 2017   —   Category: Miscellaneous
Over the years I have created more than a dozen conglomerate ‘super-albums’ which collect certain photos from multiple al­bums into a single album for easier viewing. If you would like a fuller ex­pla­na­tion and some examples, see my article Four New Con­glom­er­ate ‘Super-Albums’. You can also see a list of all the super-​albums.

So far on my McMenamins Passport adventure I have visited enough of their 116 venues to get 66 of the 100 location stamps I need to complete the Passport. But I have had time to write articles and process and post photos for only about half of those visited locations. Nevertheless, up until today today I have writ­ten 26 McMenamins-​related articles, and shared 517 Mc­Men­a­mins-​relate photos in 16 different albums.

I now have enough McMenamins photos that I thought it might be useful to create some super-​albums containing select col­lec­tions of photos gathered from all the McMenamins albums.

When I visit a McMenamins location, I take pictures outside the building, inside the building, and of the food and drink I enjoy there. If there is live music I will try to get some shots of the musicians as well. All of these diverse photos from a single large location, or from a handful of smaller venues, are all dis­played together in a single album. Therefore, all of the McMenamins beer pictures I have taken, for example, are spread out a­cross all the McMenamins albums. But what if I wanted to see all of the beer photos gathered together? Well, there’s an album for that! Announcing the new McMenamins Beer (All Years) conglomerate super-​album!

Because glasses of beer can look similar, I have helpfully put the name of each beer under each thumbnail photo. For a different look at the same subject, you will also want to check out the complete, detailed, sortable listing of all the McMenamins beers I have tried. Beer isn’t the only type of liquid refreshment I have enjoyed at McMenamins. Nu­merous times I have also tried various ciders, wines, cocktails, spirits and teas. All of these non-​beer drinks have been gathered into the new McMenamins Drinks (All Years) conglomerate super-​album. Of course, McMenamins venues are not just watering holes — they are also res­tau­rants and pubs. I have had quite a few good meals, snacks and desserts at various McMenamins ven­ues. Now you can see all those photos in one place in the new McMenamins Food (All Years) conglomerate super-​album. There is more to McMenamins than epicurean delights. The artwork created by their dozen or so artists is not only copious but beautiful, entertaining, and sometimes even stunning. Why make all that culture hard to find by leaving it hidden in dozens of sep­a­rate albums? Hidden no longer, it is now available for browsing and admiration in the new McMenamins Artwork (All Years) conglomerate super-​album. Last but (perhaps) not least, there are the photos I have taken of musicians performing live at various McMenamins venues. There are not too many pictures in the new Mc­Men­a­mins Music (All Years) conglomerate super-​album as of right now, but there will definitely be more in the future.

In fact, that is how it works with all of these super-​albums. As soon as I post new a McMenamins photo album, any relevant pictures which fit into any of these five conglomerate albums will automatically be included, so that these super-​albums always stay up to date. Enjoy!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 629
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 629
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