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My Two New McMenamins Web Pages
Sunday 26 February 2017   —   Category: Miscellaneous
When visiting a new McMenamins location on my McMenamins Passport adventure, I like to try a beer I’ve nev­er had before, if possible. So far I have sampled 50 different brews!

About a month ago I decided that I would like to share my McMenamins beer tasting list with you instead of just keeping it to myself. As with the rest of the content of this Web site, that involved setting up a database, adding the beer-tasting details to the database, and then programming a Web page with HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript to display the in­for­ma­tion.

Once I got a little ways into the project, I realized that I also needed a database of McMenamins location, because every beer I had was at a particular location. So, temporarily putting the beer-listing project aside, I spent some time developing a McMenamins location listing page. In an amazing coincidence, right when I was in the middle of the location listing project, McMenamins released their “new and improved” Web site. The result was that all of the URLs (Web page addresses) for the content of their site had changed, including the more the 100 URLs I had just finished adding to my McMenamins locations database. What timing!

As I recounted in the Unreliable Forwarding section of my recent article McMenamins’ Disappointing New Web Site: “I found that I had links to 221 unique McMenamins URLs, which were used 1,081 times on this site! So I spent the next two days tracking down the correct address for all 221 URLs, and then replacing the 1,081 old Mc­Men­a­mins URLs on my Web site with the new correct URLs.” In the McMenamins Locations Listing Comparison subsection of that same article, I explained the night-and-day dif­fer­ence between the McMenamins locations listing on their old Web site compared to the listing on their new site. I won’t repeat those details here; you can read and see for yourself by following the link.

The bottom line is that the old, text-based listing was far faster and more functional than the new graphics-heavy listing, which is so infernally slow that it’s almost unusable. But both the old and new listings have one thing in common: neither one lets you sort the listing of locations in any way.

Today I am happy to announce that my own McMenamins venues listing is now available, and it is superior to both the old and new McMenamins listings in a number of ways. It is more complete, listing 116 venues, compared to 65 locations on old McMenamins Web site listing and 63 on their new site. If you have been to any of the larger McMenamins location, you will know that they have more than one res­tau­rant, pub or bar on the property. For example, Edgefield has 11 subvenues where you can get some­thing to eat or drink.

Throughout the McMenamins empire of 57 primary locations, 15 of them have multiple venues, for a total of 59 sub­ven­ues. For some reason, the official McMenamins listings include only a handful of these subvenues. My listing includes all of them which have Passport stamps and / or serve food and drink. My McMenamins venue listing is sortable by five different criteria:
  • Venue: The default order is to list the 116 venues alphabetically by name.
  • Location: With this sorting, the listing is arranged alphabetically by the 57 primary location, with the 59 sub­ven­ues grouped and sorted alphabetically under their “parent” locations.
  • City / State: The 57 primary locations are grouped by the city in which they are located, with the 59 subvenues grouped and sorted alphabetically under their “parent” locations.
  • Year Opened: The 116 venues are grouped by the year they were opened. I’ve scoured the McMenamins Web site, but cannot find this date information listed together in any one place. A ByrdPhoto exclusive!
  • Passport Page: The 57 primary locations are grouped by the McMenamins Passport page on which they appear, with the 59 subvenues grouped and sorted alphabetically under their “parent” locations. Venues and subvenues which do not require a Passport stamp are listed in a separate group.
My McMenamins venue listing is chock-full of links to related useful information:
  • In the Venue Name column, if there is a link it takes you to the article I wrote about my visit to that location. I have visited more locations than are linked, but I am really behind in my article writing. After the end of my McMenamins Passport adventure, every venue will be linked to one of my articles.
  • In the City / State column, each city is linked to its Wikipedia article.
  • In the Home Page column, each venue is linked to its official home page on the McMenamins Web site.
  • In the View Stamp column, you can click on the word Stamp to see the Passport stamp I received at that lo­ca­tion. I’ve made sure to include all of the stamps I have received, even though the article for that location is not yet written.
In a previous article I announced that I had put all of the McMenamins locations into my Apple Contacts app, and then exported them to a separate file in the standard vCard format, which is compatible with numerous apps on var­i­ous plat­forms. There are still 71 entries, with names and links to all of the subvenues usually being listed un­der their parent lo­ca­tion. Follow this link to download the updated McMenamins locations vCard file.

If you really want to go whole hog, I also have available for download a Google Earth McMenamins places file. For more details about these downloads, see Organizing My McMenamins Passport Adventure. I’ve been gushing so much about my new McMenamins venues listing that I’ve almost forgotten about the Mc­Men­a­mins beer listing which inspired it! My list of McMenamins beers I have tried contains a wealth of in­for­ma­tion. In addition to the beer’s name, ABV, and IBU, each entry includes McMenamins’ description of the beer as well as my own opinion about its taste.

Also listed are the dates and locations that I tried each beer. Most of them I have sampled only once, but a number of them, like Hammerhead, I have enjoyed multiple times.

Unlike the new McMenamins Web site which uses only semi-generic photos of each beer to represent its SRM value (color), I have actual, genuine photos of each individual beer. Almost all of the photos I took myself, except for six which I had to “borrow” from the Web because I forgot to take a picture. Five of those six were small sam­ples I had tried rather than full pints. Like the venue listing, my list of McMenamins I have tried is also sortable by five different criteria:
  • Beer: The default order is to list the beers alphabetically by name.
  • Order: Beers are listed in the order in which I tried them, from first to last.
  • ABV: Beers are listed by their ABV, from lowest to highest.
  • IBU: Beers are listed by their IBU, from lowest to highest.
  • Date: Beers are listed by the date that I tried them.
  • Venue: Beers are listed by the McMenamins venue in which I tried them.
My McMenamins beer listing also has plenty of links to related useful information, all of which open in a new tab / window:
  • Click on the beer photo to see a larger version of the photo in one of my McMenamins albums (except for the five “borrowed” photos).
  • In both McMenamins’ and my comments, click on a beer tasting / making term for a fuller explanation.
  • Click on a McMenamins venue to open its official home page on the McMenamins Web site.
For both listings I have created dedicated subdomain (the part before the URLs (Web page ad­dres­ses) which are a bit easier to remember than the actual page URLs. These are in addition to the special URL I created last year for my McMenamins Passport adventure index, which I have included below as well. If you have not visited them yet, simply click on the following links which open in a new tab / window:
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 628
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