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A Frigid January at Portland’s Japanese Garden
Thursday 26 January 2017   —   Category: Outings
Ten days ago I explained that I had wanted to go take pictures at Portland’s Japanese Garden the day after more than a foot of snow fell at the Garden. In that article I had lamented:
“The very snow which was going to be so awesome to photograph was also the very same snow which caused the Jap­a­nese Garden to close its doors. Because of the subfreezing tem­per­a­tures, the snow was not going to be melting any time soon.”
During the next week after the snow storm it rained quite a bit, with a warmer rain that was certain to melt the snow. Therefore, when I arrived at the Garden two days ago, a full fortnight after the storm, I was very surprised and happy to find that there were still some patches of snow here and there.

As you can see from my photos to the right, by framing the scenes just right I was able to make it look like there was more snow than there actually was. In fact, the Garden was fairly snow-​free, which sometimes made it a challenge to compose a wintery-​looking image.

By the time I had examined the entire Gar­den, I was done. I had gotten the best pic­tures possible, and my inspiration had run out. But that was time and effort enough to get some satisfying shots.

I took a total of 75 photos during the 75 minutes I was there. The best 17 are now on display in the new Portland Japanese Garden, Jan. 2017 album.

For details of my past Japanese Garden outings, see the list of articles. And for all of my photos taken at the Gar­den, see either the list of albums, or the con­glom­er­ate Portland Japanese Garden (All Years) super-album.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 621
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