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National Popcorn Day
Thursday 19 January 2017   —   Category: Cooking & Food
I love popcorn! As Barney sang, it’s fun to make and fun to eat! I typically have two big bowls of the crunchy, fluffy stuff per week. It goes great with a beer and my latest science fiction novel.

So as you can imagine, I was thrilled to dis­cov­er recently that January 19 is Na­tion­al Popcorn Day. What better way to celebrate this quintessential American delicacy than to have another big bowl of popcorn tonight — even though I al­ready had a big bowl of it two nights ago?!

Popcorn is more tasty than photogenic, so I have not taken many pictures of it. The first image to the right is one of my two popcorn photos, taken in September 2015. The oth­er is a high-magnification photo taken in November 2012 with a Yasuhara Nanoha 5x ultra-macro lens I had rented for a few days. This is a pop­corn kernel which did not pop com­plete­ly, but only cracked open slightly.

Just a couple of days ago there was an ar­ti­cle on PetaPixel which combined close-up photography with slow-motion pho­tog­ra­phy. Entitled Watch Popcorn Explode at 30,000fps Super Slow Mo­tion, what you see is exactly what the title says!

You will want to check out the entire Peta­Pixel article because there are two videos, one at 15,000fps, and one at 30,000fsp. Actually, I think the 15,000fps one is better, so for your convenience I have included it below:
Happy National Popcorn Day!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 619
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 619
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