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Twilight Portland Roses
Sunday 11 December 2016   —   Category: Outings
When I arrived at the Japanese Garden, in Portland’s Washington Park, for their Sep­tem­ber 2016 moon-viewing event, I was kind of on the early side. In order to pass the time, I headed down the stairs to walk around the International Rose Test Garden in the twilight.

The roses in the first photo to the right are so vivid that you might be thinking that I photoshopped them out of reality. But the truth is, that is what I saw, that is what at­tract­ed me to them to take the pic­ture in the first place. And in Photo­shop, I actually had to tone down the in­ten­si­ty a bit, because straight out of the camera it was kind of too much!

Last year a couple of visits to the Rose Garden resulted in 43 photos in the Port­land Rose Garden 2015 album. This year I didn’t spe­cif­i­cal­ly make any trips to the Garden — I merely happened to stop by briefly before outings to the Japanese Gar­den. Therefore I don’t have nearly as many pictures this year as I did last year.

The four resulting photos from this first stop in September can now be viewed in the new Portland Rose Garden 2016 al­bum. In the somewhat-near future I will be adding a handful of images I took in the Rose Gar­den parking lot during my October visit.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 611
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 611
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