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A Nearly-End-Of-The-Year Progress Report
Friday 9 December 2016   —   Category: Miscellaneous
Last year I posted a Thanksgiving-day blog progress report, in which I lamented how far behind I was in processing all of the photos I had taken in 2015, both in Portland and in my kitchen. This year I think I have taken substantially fewer pictures, but I seem to be even further behind!

I suppose the main reasons is that I have had some health issues this year which have suck up a lot of time and energy. As a result, I still have photos to process from more than 20 outings from as far back as July. Even worse, I have pictures from more than 30 food events from all the way back in March. Yikes!

Part of me is tempted just to skip many of those photos and not process and share them at all. But if I do that, why did I take them in the first place? No, I think that if I took the time and trouble to take a picture, then I need to take the time and trouble to share it.

Still, I will admit that it is kind of irksome to stick to chron­o­log­i­cal order. Although I highly value such order, I think I will make it through this huge backlog faster if I work on whatever is most interesting at the moment, even though that will cause me to present the rest of my 2016 photos in random order rather than in the order that I took them. I suppose that in the end, chronological order matters a lot more to me than it does to you!

I’ve already started this deviation with my recent Discovering Larwood Bridge and Park and Transcendent Twinkie Tiramisu articles, which present photos I took this month, not half a year ago. Getting out of my self-imposed chronological straight­jacket feels quite liberating!

Although I journeyed to Portland quite a few times this year, I also visited numerous non-Portland locations, mostly while pur­su­ing my McMenamins Passport adventure. In addition, there were a number of places I wanted to visit this year, but simply ran out of time and energy. Perhaps next year those plans will work out.

I hate to think about how far into 2017 it will be before I am done processing my 2016 images. Well, at this point there is not much I can do about it. Being angry or frustrated won’t help anything, and would probably make things worse. All I can do is chip away at the backlog a little bit each day until I am finally caught up.

The two pictures on this page are just a little foretaste of the in­ter­est­ing photos I took in 2016 that are still to come. Stay tuned!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 609
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