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A Gourmet Egg Muffin Sandwich
Friday 7 October 2016   —   Category: Cooking & Food
Eleven months ago I vowed that I had made my last homemade breakfast sand­wich, and that in the future I would be sticking with McDonald’s unsurpassable Sausage McMuffin with Egg and hash browns.

After nearly a year of keeping that vow and enjoying numerous Sausage Egg McMuffins, I must confess that I have once again broken my promise. This morning I woke up with a brilliant idea for a type of breakfast sandwich that I had never made before, nor ever had at a restaurant.

Previous attempts at homemade egg sand­wiches have been what I might call “ blue-collar ” constructs: big, heavy, and able to feed a man doing physical labor. Ingredients included thick slabs of bread, copious cheddar cheese, abundant fatty meat, and condiments like mustard, mayonnaise, and / or aioli. For me, not only were they too much, they also didn’t have the taste I was hoping for.

So this time around I took a different approach. Instead of an industrial-strength sandwich, I went for something more delicate, with ingredients somewhat on the gourmet side — along the same lines as my gourmet prosciutto and feta omelette I made a few months ago.
I decided to use an English muffin rather than sliced bread, so the first step was to figure out how to make the fried egg fit on such a small, round piece of bread.

I don’t own an egg ring ( yet ? ) but I did remember that last year, around the time that I was reorganizing my kitchen, I had purchased a 3.5” cast-iron skillet which I had never used. Now was the time for its maiden flight!
I cracked an egg into a small glass bowl, then used a fork to break and mix the yolk. After melting a bit of butter in the skillet, I poured in the raw egg.

Like I said before, 3.5 inches is the per­fect-​sized skillet for this sandwich. Too bad the smallest burner on my stove is 5.5 inches!
I fetched two English muffin halves and a slice of prosciutto from the freezer. The meat defrosted quickly by setting it on a small plate which I placed on top of the toaster while the frozen muffins were thaw­ing and toasting. Once they were done I piled on some creamy, tangy goat cheese.
After cooking the egg on both sides, I transferred it to the sandwich, and then splashed on some Tabasco sauce. Fin­ishing my photography, I placed the oth­er muffin half on top and enjoyed my breakfast.

This was by far the best fried egg sand­wich I have made in recent memory. But even though this may sound shocking, I still think the McDonald’s version is tops!
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 595
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