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A Homemade Korean Taco Redux
Saturday 23 July 2016   —   Category: Cooking & Food
Back in September 2015 I had a de­li­cious, but tiny and overpriced, grilled Korean beef short rib taco at the Yard House in downtown Portland. See my article Portland Burnside Mini Pub Crawl for more details.
It was so tasty that in January of this year I attempted to make something sim­i­lar at home. Unfortunately, the results fell far short of the Yard House taco. I don’t want to repeat myself here, so you can read all of the dismal details in A Homemade Korean Taco Wannabe.

A couple of months ago I gave it a sec­ond try. This homemade Korean taco meal included stir-fried snow peas with bell pepper and bean sprouts, and rice dusted with tumeric.

As before, I soaked some diced pork ten­der­loin overnight in a Korean barbecue marinade, then fried it quickly in a bit of oil at high heat in a cast-​iron skillet.

Instead of using the ridiculously-​ex­pen­sive thick flour tortillas I had found at Safeway the first time, I bought some modestly-priced Trader Joe’s Mid­dle Eastern Flatbread. I found some fresh bean sprouts at Market of Choice to take the place of the horrid canned sprouts.

Raw bell pepper and grated pepper jack cheese completed the toppings. And this time around I had my wonderful homemade Korean red chili sauce instead of the Thai sweet chili sauce I had used before.

The result was much better than before ... yet it still wasn’t quite there. I don’t think I’m going to be able to duplicate the Yard House Korean taco, but I have an idea for improving my version.

As you can see from the photo to the right (click to see a larger version), the taco was half empty. Instead of cooked veggies on the side, I think the taco would be much better with some iceberg lettuce inside. Not only would that fill up the rest of the taco shell, but it would add some much-needed crunch to boost the small amount provided by the bean sprouts and bell pepper.

UPDATE: A couple of years later I think I finally have this Korean taco stuff figured out — see Homemade Kimchi and Korean Fusion for all the scrumptious details.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 583
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