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New Specialty Photo Albums For 2016
Friday 15 July 2016   —   Category: Shooting
Since introducing my first photo album on this Web site — Silver Falls 2006 — at the end of that year, my col­lec­tion of pictures has relentlessly increased to the current count of 7,231 photos in 249 albums. As the number of images has grown, so have the possibilities for grouping those photos into interesting subsets.

A number of years ago I started creating specialty albums which feature a certain type of image, like macro shots, panoramic photos, square pictures, color-splash images, and more.

Most of the time I make new versions of these albums each year, just to keep things organized and to prevent the albums from getting too big. But I have also created more than a dozen conglomerate ‘super-album’ — which have ‘(All Years)’ in the album names — so that certain types of photos can be grouped together no matter what year they were taken.

So now the time has finally come to release a handful of specialty albums for 2016, even though the year is already a bit more than halfway over.
Sometimes the best way to present a photo is as a black and white image. However, in some cases it can be a pity to lose all of the color. Thus the pop­u­lar­i­ty of selective-color processing.

So far this year, most of the pictures in the Colour Splash 2016 album were tak­en in June during a stop for breakfast at the McMenamins Zeus Café in down­town Portland, Oregon.

It was only last year that I created my first color splash album, so between these two albums that’s all there is, so far, for selective-color processing.
Square Images 2016 is my fifth annual album which presents — you guessed it! — all the square images I’ve taken this year.

As photographers have knows for many dec­ades, the 1:1 — otherwise known as square — aspect ratio can be very appealing.

When processing a photo, one technique to im­prove the image is to utilize cropping. Some­times there are areas of the photo which are dis­tract­ing and need to be cut out. In other in­stanc­es, the shape of the subject is better presented by chang­ing the aspect ratio of the photo to 1:1.

You can see all of my nearly 400 square photos in the conglomerate Square Images (All Years) super-album.
Back in 2014 I began making annual albums which contain photos I took in my house or on my property. The fol­low­ing year I started taking so many pictures in my kitchen that I had to spin them off into a number of separate food-​related albums.

For 2016, food and cooking still dom­i­nate my at-home photography. Those pictures can be found in the Gourmet Chef Wannabe 2016 album.

For all of the other photos I have taken at home this year, which are not very nu­mer­ous so far, I have set up the Home­made Images 2016 album. Hopefully I’ll get some more pictures in there before the end of the year. Nevertheless, for this season of my life the kitchen is where the action is at when it comes to home photography!
Sometimes a single picture is just way too small to capture the expansive scene be­fore you. At such times, a panoramic photo is necessary in order to convey some sense of what you are seeing. As a continuation of my occasionally indulging in this type of photography, I’ve recently added three new panorama albums, both annual and conglomerate.

Over the past ten years I have taken all sorts of panoramic photos in all sorts of places: Western Oregon, Eastern Oregon, the Oregon Coast, California, Wash­ing­ton, and most recently, the city of Portland.

There are panoramas from mountain tops and from valleys; panoramas of floods and of deserts; panoramas of man-made objects and of nature; and even a number of 360-degree panoramas from scenic viewpoints. Whatever your panoramic needs, you’ll find it in the new conglomerate Panoramas (All Years) super-album.

These panoramic photos are scattered amongst many different albums which cor­re­spond to the particular outing I was on when I took them. Each year (more or less) I have been gathering the panoramas from that year into a virtual album, so that they are easier to find and all in one place. In 2015 all of the panoramas were taken in Portland, so I have added the city name to the name of that album. Right now there are only three images in the new Panoramas 2016 album.

Out of my 150-plus panoramas, a small handful of them, mostly of waterfalls, are oriented vertically. In order to make those easy to find as well, I have also just created a separate Vertical Panoramas (All Years) album.

Well, that pretty much wraps up all the recent, smaller specialty albums for 2016. For the bulk of my pho­to­graph­ic work this year, be sure to keep an eye on my Portland, Food & Cooking, and McMenamins Passport Adventure collections.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 579
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Reader Comments
On July 17, 2016, Amber Zara wrote:
Your idea of making picture collection is great, all we do is to gather and take family pictures, birthday wedding planning, we never think it for our trips, great idea. I will try this on my next trip.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 579
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