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Backyard Sun and Shadows
Monday 6 June 2016   —   Category: Shooting
A few evenings ago, when I went into the kitchen for a late snack, I was looking out the window and saw a lovely sight in the backyard, which you can see for yourself in the photo below. Be sure to click on it to enjoy a larger version. The contrasts of light and shadow, color and shape, were dazzling.

As on numerous previous occasions, I felt too lazy to run upstairs to grab my camera and capture this enchanting im­age. But eventually that little nagging voice convinced me to do it.

I tried various f-stops from f/8.0 to f/2.8 in order to experiment with different depth of field ranges. In just a few min­utes I was done with my pho­to­graphy, so I headed back to my home office to ex­am­ine the results in the computer.

I didn’t care for the large depth of field at f/8.0 which made the shadows on the fence be in sharp focus. On the other extreme, the shot at f/2.8 didn’t have enough depth of field for even the entire purple plant to be in focus. Eventually I decided I liked best the image taken at f/4.0 because the plant was in focus while the shadows were still fairly out of focus.

I’m glad, once again, that I didn’t give in to my laziness, but took the time to capture a beautiful scene which I will enjoy for years to come. It may not be an award winning photo, but it has a number of aspects that are worthy of attention and admiration.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 570
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 570
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