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Positively Passionate About Portland!
Thursday 19 May 2016   —   Category: Shooting
As I joyfully announced in my last article, I have finally finished processing and presenting all of my photos taken in 2015 — five and a half months into 2016. So to celebrate this momentous oc­ca­sion, and my 555th article on this blog, and to turn the page from 2015 to 2016, I want to take a short look back upon the photographic year.

The most significant development by far was that in 2015, I be­came positively passionate about Portland! I don’t know if it was something I ate or drank, or if I was bitten by something, or if a fairy sprinkled pixie dust on me, but there was a major shift in the focus of my photography at the beginning of last year.

During the previous years I had been primarily exploring the natural side of Oregon, with many trips to the Cascades, the Oregon Coast, Eastern Oregon, and many locations in between. From June 2011 through February 2015 I posted 63 articles about my Oregon out­ings. In­clud­ing a few more-​recent trips outside the Portland area, I have a total of 3,153 photos in 93 albums taken all over the state.

Using the wonderful tools which Google Earth provides, I have been able to doc­u­ment the 95 non-Portland Oregon lo­ca­tions where I took all of the above-​men­tioned photos. Better yet, I was able to save that information so that it can be shared on this Web site. See my article Photo Outings All Over Oregon, Part 2 for more details and a link to the down­load­able map information.

During those years Portland was not on my photographic radar at all — it was merely a place to go shopping or take the family to the airport. But in March 2015, I made my first planned photo outing to Portland — see Dying to Photograph a Cemetery.

By the time I had finished exploring Portland’s NW 21st and 23rd Avenues on Thanksgiving weekend, I had gone on 24 photo outings in Portland during 2015 — that’s an average of about one trip every two weeks. Considering that from my house in Albany to Portland and back is about 150 miles, that’s a lot of time on the road!

Those 24 outings resulted in 51 articles and 1,812 photos in 37 albums. Not bad for just one year! Breaking it down fur­ther, I made six visits to the Japanse Gar­den, created 230 black and white Port­land images, and stitched together 21 Portland panoramas.

Part of exploring and discovering Port­land has been exploring and discovering the food of Portland. This has been an entire experience in and of itself! Last year I had a wonderful time enjoying the foods and drinks of Beervana, as you can see for yourself in the Oregon Pub Crawl 2015 album.

This exploration of Portland’s res­tau­rants, pubs and breweries led to my sec­ond major obsession of 2015: a new-​found passion for cooking and pho­tog­raphy in the kitchen. With the help of a few Portland-​based chef-​authors, first I started experimenting with homemade pretzels, which quickly led to more cu­li­nary adventures with duck eggs, hen eggs, Himalayan salt blocks, various sauces and spreads, artisan bread, artisan pizza, and more!

All of my gourmet chef wannabe cu­li­nary successes and failures during 2015 resulted in 44 articles in the Cooking & Food category I created last year, and 124 photos in the Gourmet Chef Wanna­be 2015 album. My best 50 food shots for the year are proudly on display in the Best of Food & Cooking 2015 album.

My photography for 2016 is continuing full speed ahead in the direction I set last year. Practically all of my pictures this year have to do with Portland, or food (and drink), or both at the same time! And even though I have just finished proc­ess­ing my huge backlog of photos from 2015, I already have a fairly large backlog of 2016 images to sort, edit and present, although it is only May.

In order to make all of my Portland and Food & Cook­ing articles and photos easier to find, I have created two new index pages which, for the first time, list both photo albums and articles on the same page. I’ve also created two new, easy-to-remember Web addresses for accessing them.

The new Positively Passionate About Portland! index can be found at

The new Wannabe Gourmet Chef and Beer Con­nois­seur index can be found at

Well, this article brings my photographic year of 2015 to a close. The current year promises to be another exciting, artistic, delicious adventure. I’m looking forward to sharing all the details and images with you, step by step, during the coming months!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 555
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