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A Slice of Portland’s SW Morrison Street
Tuesday 17 May 2016   —   Category: Outings
Today is a very happy day for me, be­cause I have finally finished processing my last batch of photos which remained from 2015! Too bad it was five and a half months after I took those pictures on Thanskgiving weekend. Oh well, better late than never, as they say.

In the past few articles, I have written about my time in the Northwest District exploring Portland’s NW 21st and 23rd Avenues, my NW 21st and 23rd Avenues pub crawl, and gourmet grocery shop­ping on NW 21st Avenue, all of which took place on November 28, 2015.

My last stop of the day before heading home was Pioneer Courthouse Square to see the annual 75-foot Christmas tree. From the end of my urban hike at the corner of Burnside Street and NW 21st Avenue, the most direct way to get there was to head (basically) east down SW Morrison Street. It branches off from Burnside right across the street from the intersection I was at, and thirteen blocks later Morrison forms the north boundary of Pioneer Courthouse Square.
I wasn’t planning on taking any pictures until I got to the Christmas tree, but as I traversed that three-​quarters-​of-​a-​mile section of Morrison Street I encountered sights that were definitely photo-worthy.

The first one was of sunlight reflecting off a building onto the historic (built 1905) Bronaugh Apartments building (to the right in the photo), and the historic (built 1929) Neighbors of Woodcraft Building (left), on the 1400 block of SW Morrison Street, in the Goose Hollow neighborhood, just west of I-405.
On the other side of the I-405 was the next photogenic sight: the seven-story Greg Chaillé Rose mural on the west side of the his­tor­ic (built 1927) 155-foot, 13-floor Terminal Sales Building at 1220 SW Morrison Street.

If you are up on your Portland trivia, you will know that it has been called the City of Roses for over a hundred years.
Across the street from the Terminal Sales Building is the impressive and historic (built 1890) First Presbyterian Church, which occupies the city block between SW Morrison & Alder Streets, and 12th & 13th Avenues in downtown Portland.

To identify the surrounding buildings, see my Google Earth file which you can download here. Hint: be sure to enable the 3D Buildings option. For more de­tails about this Google Earth file, see A Portland Google Earth Companion.
Eventually I made it to Pioneer Courthouse Square and the gi­gan­tic Christmas tree. Although it was worth seeing, it was prob­a­bly more interesting to watch the live stream of the light­ing ceremony the evening before, which featured The von Trapp Children and others.

In the background of this shot, to the left is the 27-floor, 372-​foot Fox Tower, the sixth-tallest building in the city. To the right is the new 30-floor, 502-foot Park Avenue West Tower, the fourth-​tallest.

Well, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, this is the last batch of my photos for 2015. You can see all nine of them in this subsection of the Portland Miscellaneous 2015 album.

Now I can finally focus my time and energy on my huge back­log of pictures from 2016!
UPDATE: There is another wonderful reason for me to be very happy today. More than a year ago I started selling eight pieces of Olympus camera equipment that I didn’t need any more — see Spring Cleaning Fever for all the details. The seven items I listed on Amazon in March 2015 sold pretty quickly — within two weeks. It wasn’t until 14 months of listing my 75mm lens on Craigslist that I finally sold it ... today!. At long last I finally have closure! In the end I was able to recoop $1,800 by selling equipment that I originally paid a total of $3,155 for. Well, at least that’s a bit more than half.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 554
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