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A Mother’s Day Cinnabar Moth Spotting
Tuesday 10 May 2016   —   Category: Shooting
Early on Mother’s Day I noticed that the bird feeder in the back­yard was empty, so I went into the garage to grab a stepladder and the bag of bird food.

When I opened the side garage door to go outside, my attention was arrested by a black and red moth on the door — I had never seen a cinnabar moth before. Suddenly my bird-feeding mission seemed much less urgent. I ran to another door (lest I disturb the moth), hurried upstairs, mounted my macro lens on my camera body, and rushed back down to the moth which, fortunately, was still there.

The lighting was pretty dim, but I did’t want to be bothered with the hassle of using a tripod. Because I have had great results in the kitchen when shooting at ISO 1,600, I decided that hand-​ held at a high ISO was an OK compromise in this situation.

Of course, using a tripod would have given better results. But then again, the additional time and commotion of setting it up close to the moth could have meant that it would have flown away before I had taken any photos. Indeed, after getting my shots and then filling the bird feeder, when I was starting to go back through the door the moth did flitter away without even saying adieu.

Over the course of a year I tend to take quite a few pictures at home, but these days I’m in the kitchen for most of my at-home photography. For those cooking and food related images, I’ve created the separate Gourmet Chef Wannabe 2016 album. For all of my other non-kitchen photos taken at home this year, I’m inaugurating the new Homemade Images 2016 album. As of today it contains only one photo — the cinnabar moth shown above.

Hopefully I can pull myself away from the kitchen once in a while during the remainder of this year to be able to add some more pictures taken in and around my house. If not, I know there will be plenty to see in the above-mentioned Gourmet Chef Wannabe 2016 album, just like there was in the Gourmet Chef Wannabe 2015 album. And since this is the third annual Homemade Images album, there are always the photos in the previous Home­made Images 2014 and Homemade Images 2015 albums.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 550
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 550
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