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An iPad 3 For Me (First Part)
Saturday 17 March 2012   —   Category: iPad Workflows
The leprechauns were up to their old St. Patrick’s Day tricks in the wee hours of the morning. When the family came down to breakfast, what did they find but green waffles and batter, green milk, and green orange juice! Hmmm, how can it be orange juice if it’s green? Well, at least those tricksy little leprechaunses didn’t pour their magic leprechaun potion on the guinea pig and turn her green too! Or did they?

I’m thinking that they were in such a mischievous, festive mood because they were so excited that the new iPad (unofficially known as the iPad 3) arrived at our home yesterday, the very first day it was available to the public. Now THAT'S definitely a reason to celebrate!

I bought my first Apple tablet exactly a year ago, when the iPad 2 first came out. I had actually wanted to buy the original iPad two years ago, but was disappointed that it didn’t have a front-facing camera for Skype. Because I wasn’t desperate for one, I decided to wait a year, and I’m sure glad I did, because the iPad 2 had a lot better features.

I have been using our family iPad quite a bit over the past year, and I think it is a very useful and incredible computer. I've been especially please about how I've been able to incorporate it into my avid pursuit of photography, to the point where it seems virtually indispensable. I will be sharing a lot more about all this in future articles, so stay tuned!

Is the new iPad 3 significantly better, so that I just had to get one to replace our iPad 2? No, I don’t necessarily think that it’s so much better that it’s time to dump our older iPad. I didn’t get it to REPLACE our current iPad, but to SUPPLEMENT it.

During the past year, I've hardly used my 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop at all. Almost everything I've wanted to use it for, I was able to accomplish on the iPad, which has the advantage of being smaller, lighter, easier to carry around and generally more fun to use. Plus it has some capabilities that the laptop doesn’t, like a cellular Internet connection and a GPS.

Therefore, when it recently became time to pass my MacBook on to my son for his use, and I considered what I would get myself as a replacement, I felt like, for my needs, it would be much better to get another iPad rather than another laptop. And seeing that the release of the third-generation iPad was just around the corner, it couldn’t have been more perfect timing! So the family will continue to use the iPad 2 for their homeschool and entertainment needs, and I’ll use the new iPad 3 for my needs.

In order to give my new iPad a trial run as a laptop replacement, I’m writing this article entirely on the iPad, and using it as well to add the article and images to the Web site. I’m even using the iPad 3’s new dictation feature to speak these last two paragraphs instead of typing! Way cool!!

It will be very interesting to see how the iPad works as a laptop replacement on a long-term basis. I’ll have a lot to share about that, as well as how I’m using it in my photography, in future articles. So, until then ... happy St. Paddy’s Day ... my ... Preciousssss!!
UPDATE: In a stunning reversal, I've decided to keep our older iPad 2 for myself, and give the new iPad 3 to the family! Have I completely lost my marbles? Or is there a method to my madness? Read the second part of this article to find out!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 55
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