Brian's Photo Blog — Article 546
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Bathtub Shadows and Light Redux
Friday 29 April 2016   —   Category: Shooting
It was almost exactly three years ago that I first posted an article about in­ter­est­ing shadow and light, reflections, and various geometric shapes which I no­ticed while passing through my bath­room.

Since then, I have taken a number of addition photos and posted additional articles, all involving intriguing scenes in the bathroom, with dramatic lighting provided by the skylight window in the bathroom ceiling — including the pic­ture shown here which I took yesterday.

It seems strange that a bathroom would be such a great location for photography. It is the skylight which makes all the difference; which is to say, it is the interesting lighting which transforms an otherwise boring image into an exciting one.

Each year I create a special Black and White album to showcase that year’s monochrome images. With this photo I am inaugurating the Black and White 2016 album. It is somewhat empty right now, but by the end of the year I am ex­pecting it to contain a significant number of images — last year’s album had just over 300!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 546
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 546
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