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A Homemade Korean Taco Wannabe
Friday 18 March 2016   —   Category: Cooking & Food
On the way to the second half of my Burnside Street hike in September 2015, I had a unique and de­li­cious grilled Korean beef short rib taco at the Yard House in the Pioneer Place mall in down­town Portland, Oregon. For more details of my photographic exploration at the mall, see Portland’s Pioneer Place Mall.

Some time later I decided to try to im­i­tate the Korean taco at home. After soaking pork tenderloin overnight in a Korean barbecue marinade, I fried it quickly with some oil at high heat in a cast-​iron skil­let, then placed some hot meat in a soft, warm, small flour tortilla.

Instead of taco sauce I used Thai sweet chili sauce. Instead of lettuce I added canned soybean sprouts. I topped my taco with pepper jack cheese, diced green onions, and diced dried red chili peppers.

In addition to a side dish of white rice, I also shredded some cabbage and carrots, and then steamed them for about 10 min­utes in some Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki Sauce.

Unfortunately, the results fell far short of the Yard House taco. The canned soy­bean sprouts were horrible — not at all crunchy, and with a strong, un­pleas­ant taste. I didn’t particularly care for the Thai sweet chili sauce either — it’s too sweet and garlicky. And the dehydrated red chilies had the con­sist­ency of thin strips of leather!

On the positive side, the veggies in the soyaki sauce were great. I’ve got a num­ber of ideas about how to improve the Korean taco for next time. Once I get a chance to give it another try, I’ll be sure to report back.
My second attempt at Korean tacos came out better! See A Homemade Korean Taco Redux for all the juicy details!

For a list of all the articles and photo albums resulting from my exploration of Burnside Street, see Portland Burnside Adventure Wrap-Up.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 532
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