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First Camera Club Presentation
Thursday 15 March 2012   —   Category: Processing
In December 2011, the president of the local camera club I am a member of — the Valley Viewfinders Camera Club of Albany, Oregon — asked for a volunteer to do a presentation on Global Adjustments at the end of January. Ummm, OK. Maybe I could do that, but first I needed to find out exactly what he meant by “global adjustments.” Well, let me give it to you straight from the horse’s (president’s) mouth:
“The concept of global adjustments varies but components such as cropping, white balance, exposure, contrast, vibrance / saturation, color profiles, noise, and sharpening are examples.”
In other words, they’re changes you make to your photo that affect the entire image. In contrast, NON-global (local) adjustments would involve using masks, and / or tools that work on only specific areas of the image, like the clone tool or the blur tool, and numerous other tools one might find in an image editing program.

Well, I says to meself, I know about that! I've done global adjustments on hundreds and hundreds of photos! Sure! I’ll volunteer to give the presentation!

Because one of the requirements was to have a PDF file of the presentation notes be available to those in attendance, I put a lot of work into preparing a detailed, step-by-step, 18-page guide, including before and after shots of the 16 photos that I globally adjusted. In addition, I put together a zip file containing all 16 of the high-resolution “before” photos, and all 16 of the high-resolution “after” photos. Equipped with these two resources, a person can follow along with the tutorial and perform each step on the exact same photos that I used for the presentation, and compare their results to the provided “after” version.

Finally, the evening of the presentation came. I attached my indispensable, awesome Kensington Expert Mouse trackball as well as an external numeric keypad (so I could type in numbers easier) to my 13-inch MacBook Pro, plugged my laptop into the HDTV hanging on the wall, and fired up Photoshop.

Because I have used dual monitors (24 inch even!) on my desktop computer for years, I felt a bit cramps and claustrophobic on just a single 13-inch laptop screen. Therefore, I also brought along my iPad 2, on which I displayed the PDF notes I had created.

After some opening announcements, it was finally my turn to take the stage (figuratively speaking!), and for the next hour I breathlessly plowed my way through the material — there was so much ground to cover and so little time! As I advanced through my notes, a quick flick of the finger on my iPad screen allowed me to easily scroll through the 18-page document.

All in all, I think the presentation went pretty well, and I did get quite a bit of positive feedback. It felt good to participate, and contribute something to the camera club, rather than just sitting back and taking all the time. Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up doing another presentation sometime. Actually, I do have another topic in mind ....

You can download these two files I created for the presentation by using the following links:
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 53
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