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Portland Washington Park Quickie
Tuesday 8 March 2016   —   Category: Outings
When I drove to the Japanese Garden — in Portland’s Wash­ing­ton Park — to attend their O-Bon Festival in August 2015, I arrived more than an hour early due to parking considerations.

On previous visits to the Park I had explored many of its at­trac­tions: the zoo, the children’s museum, the International Rose Test Garden, and of course, the Japanese Garden. But I had never really walked around the non-attraction parts of the Park, which consists of hundreds of acres.

Seeing that I had some time to make good use of before the O‑Bon event, I did some limited exploring, camera in hand as always. After a short walk, I was pleased to discover a couple of monuments which had been created to celebrate the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition in 1905. These included the Saca­jawea and Jean-Baptiste sculpture (pictured right) and the near­by Lewis and Clark Memorial Column.

During my fifteen-minute excursion, I took thirteen photos. The best seven can be seen in the Portland Miscellaneous 2015 album. For pictures from another short Wash­ing­ton Park ante-​Japanese-​Garden outing, see Portland Rose Garden Quickie.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 525
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 525
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